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Unusual Ingredients For Love Spells

I find myself getting tired of using the same ingredients for spells over and over. Of course, these staple items have been used so frequently by various people and traditions for a reason, sometimes I think it’s just fun and helpful to grow your practice by changing it up. So, here are some things I have used in works that aren’t typical in love magick. 

1) Strawberry Leaves- I find these especially helpful in spells that are trying to attract NEW love to a person. Strawberries are associated with love, playfulness, and innocence and although you may be trying to cultivate a romantic/sexual relationship, the foundation of long-lasting relationships is friendship, which strawberry leaves are great for!

2) Kool-Aid- Yes, I actually mean Kool-Aid. In love spells flavors to be used could be cherry, strawberry, or even pink lemonade. Similar to strawberries Kool-AId is associated with innocence and childlike love. If you are interested in drawing a partner to you that is playful and able to laugh at themselves this could be a great thing to sprinkle onto your candles or put in your mojo/spell bags. It also could be used like I mentioned before to ground a relationship in friendship and childlike purity.

3) Cotton Candy- Need to sweeten someone up? Cotton candy will do it for you. Using this in a work could be as complex as melting it down and using the syrup for various bottle/jar spells, or even as simple as putting it on your tongue, letting it melt, and commanding someone to be sweet to you. This could be used for new love, rekindling love, or even just keeping someone around.

4) Maraschino Cherries- These things are super sweet so using the cherry or the syrup could be used to sweeten someone or something to be swayed in your favor. Cherries are also associated with sexual desire and could be used in spells associated with that.

5) Chili Peppers- Use this one with extreme caution. I would not personally advise anyone to use these when doing one for new love but they definitely could be used to speed something up, or spice up a relationship if things are getting dull.

The CRONCH: a Dear Evan Hansen fanfiction

(Quick note before we start:
@dearevanhansenheadcanons hey! I was the anon who submitted that headcanon [i had to use anon cause my main blog, the one I’m using to submit rn is actually for study stuff. This fic is also on my secondary blog @justamusicalobsessedkid] about Jared inventing a new edible bath bomb at Lush and I actually wrote an entire story on it!! Thus, The CRONCH ~ a Dear Evan Hansen fanfiction was created. Anyway, hope you give this a quick look. Thanks!!!)


Jared Kleinman was a strange boy.
Strange, yes, but no one could deny the fact that he was intelligent in a way, particularly in anything technology related.
In his own words: “I’ve got skills, son.”
However, Jared wasn’t limited to his skills in the digital world. No one ever expected the young man to have a talent for innovation, as well.
Evan Hansen stood in the midst of shelves filled with bath bombs at Lush, waiting for his friend to finally finish his shift for the day.
“What time do you even end? Mom said for me to be with you by six-thirty. ”
“I get out of this perfume-scented hell hole at six. Why does your mom even want you to hang out with me?” Came the reply from Jared, restocking a shelf full of green and blue bath bombs.
Evan shrugged. “Because you’re my friend, aren’t you? I mean, you did tell me after we made up when the whole Connor thing was over that I wasn’t just a family-friend anymore. Also my mom’s taking the night shift again and she doesn’t want me to be lonely so I gotta stay the night over at your place, now.”
“Fine then.” Jared said, just as he finished placing all the small spherical bath bombs unto the shelf, leaving one to slip into his jacket pocket.
Evan’s eyes widened.
“You steal bath bombs?” He screeched.
Jared hurriedly made a ‘shush’ sign at the other boy and turned his head towards the room behind the main shop, checking to see if his boss was anywhere around.
He breathed a sigh of relief upon not seeing George, his boss, anywhere in earshot. He was far out the back of the shop, taking a phone call. Jared glared at Evan, fixing his glasses momentarily.
“Shut up, will you? If Cranky Old George finds out, I’m out the door.” He hissed.
“I save them for myself and sometimes even my mom likes them. Besides,” the sarcastic boy added half jokingly, “they almost look good enough to eat.”
Evan stammered, staring at the his sneakers. “S-sorry. But I-I-I mean, why don’t you just buy them?”
“Says the guy who only paid me twenty bucks to make fake emails.” Jared shot back.
“Point taken.”
The clock struck five-fifty.
Jared brushed the bath bomb dust off on his jeans.
“Stay there, I’ll just go out back and see if I still have something to do. If I don’t, the old one’ll let me go early.”
Evan nodded, turning to examine the Lush products that filled the entire shop.

Within minutes, he heard loud, angry talking coming from the back room. He gulped nervously, even considering just getting out of the shop and going to the Kleinman residence on his own, just when Jared came right out of the back room.
He had a slightly worried expression on his face as he took off the uniform all Lush employees wore, leaving it in a messy heap on the counter.
“So,” he said. “good news is I’m getting let off early today. Bad news—a customer called, complaining to Cranky Old George about me.”
Evan’s eyes widened. “What did they say?”
Jared snorted, speaking in a high-pitched voice that Evan knew he used when imitating elderly women while making flamboyant gestures. “'Hello, you know that laddie who works in your shop? The one who’s name tag says his name is Jared Kleinman? Well, you see, son, when I asked that young man for one of those water bombs of yours with hearts in them the lad laughed at me and asked if I was going to use it in the hot tub along with my hubby, as he—oh, what did that boy say, again? Ah, yes—sticks his di–'”
"Okay let’s stop there Jared.” Evan said, his face flushing bright pink.
“First of all,” he said, in horror. “you made ‘those’ jokes to a customer?”
Jared rolled his eyes. “Yes, brilliant observation from my small reenactment, Hansen. Do I really still need to repeat everything in that old lady voice to confirm for you? And don’t call them ‘those’ jokes, they’re my jokes and frankly, I’m quite proud of them.”
Evan sighed. It was very typical for Jared to be this way, but it did tend to get inconvenient from time to time.
“So what did your boss say?”
Jared scrunched his eyebrows, obviously thinking about what George had told—or more accurately, yelled at—him.
“Something about me having to do extra work or else he’ll fire me by next week. I gotta think of a new idea for a bath bomb in three days or something like that.”
“You what?” Evan rambled, his eyes as wide as plates. “That’s incredibly pressuring Jared, you know you could come up with a bad idea or not even come up with anything at all and then you’ll lose your job.”
“I know,” The other boy mumbled. “And this job is giving me my car insurance money. Can’t lose that now.”
The two reached the Kleinman household, with Evan in a state of mid-panic and Jared in worry for the future of his car insurance.
Mrs. Kleinman smiled at Evan the moment he stepped into the door with Jared. “Hi Evan, dear. Your mom called, said you’re supposed to stay here for the night.”
Evan nodded just as he and Jared began ascending up the stairs that led to the house’s second floor.
The worried boy dropped his bag on Jared’s bed, pacing around the room nervously. “What are you gonna do? You have, like, three days to just suddenly come up with some brilliant idea or you’ll get the boot.”
“Calm yourself, Hansen. I’ll think of something sooner or later.” Jared replied.

However, it wasn’t until during dinner when Jared finally got a good idea, which—strangely—came to him mid-sip of a glass of Kool-Aid.
His eyes widened as he jumped up from his seat so quickly he nearly knocked his glasses off his face.
Evan looked at him in concern. “Jared, what are you—?”
“Mom, do we still have Kool Aid?”
Mrs. Kleinman looked confused. “Yes, why?”
She received no answer from Jared, instead the boy rushed into the kitchen, grabbing an unused bowl from the side of the table.
Mrs. Kleinman looked at Evan, who looked as equally perplexed.
“Excuse him,” she chuckled, tilting her head to try and catch a glance at what her son was up to in the kitchen. “Jared really is rather… Odd.”
Evan managed a small smile. “I know.”
Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Jared was acting completely on impulse. He pushed the thick-framed square glasses that framed his eyes up his face, flinging open the doors to the Kleinmans’ small pantry. His eyes scanned the shelves packed with bags and boxes, reaching out every once in a while to rapidly grab an item from inside. Once he decided he had everything, he set to work.
Eventually, Evan popped his head into the kitchen, checking on Jared.
“Your mom’s wondering what you’re up to.” He said, watching Jared press a sand-like mixture into spherical molds.
Jared shook his head in reply, tossing his head to the side for a moment in an attempt to brush away the few strands of hair that fell on his face without using his hands, still busy packing his creation.
When he had finished, he tossed the bowl and the spoon he used into the sink and flashed a mischievous grin up at Evan, who had been watching his friend the entire time.
“What did you just—?”
Jared chuckled excitedly. “Patience, Hansen. You’ll see.”

The next day, Jared Kleinman stood in the back room of Lush, facing his boss a little too confidently.
He brought a paper bag with him, filled with the little things he had spent around an hour making and a water jug.
Jared stuck one hand into the bag, gripping around for one of the spherical bath bombs he had made.
He beamed at George, who had began scrutinizing the young boy the minute he stepped into the shop on that day.
“May I present to you, Sir, my creation—a revolutionary breakthrough that will surely make our sales skyrocket.” He said enthusiastically, holding the bath bomb in front of George.
The older man laughed, almost in pity. “A bath bomb? Mr. Kleinman, Lush has plenty of those. I simply don’t see how this’ll be able to be 'a revolutionary breakthrough.’”
Jared laughed cockily, to George’s annoyance.
“Sir, you don’t see how my bath bomb can can be insanely cool,” He paused, chuckling, before adding “much like me.” under his breath.
Jared raised the red bath bomb to his mouth, grinning at George.
“You have to taste it.” He said, before taking a huge bite out of the bath bomb.
If Jared hadn’t caught George’s attention earlier, he certainly had now.
“Edible.” He chuckled, offering a new bath bomb to George. “They’re edible.”
George sniffed the bath bomb tentatively, before taking a small bite out of it.
It tasted wonderful, not to mention the sound it made when bitten into it was loud, noisy… Just like biting into a wafer bar but much louder. Just like crunching on trail mix, but instead of just a soft crunch, the sound was more of a loud cronch.
George was amazed. He had never seen or tasted anything like such in his life. “What—what is it made of?”
Jared smirked, seeing the amazement on his boss’ face.
“Baking soda, corn starch, powdered sugar, and critic acid for the base.” He said, taking another bite of his bath bomb. “I added Kool Aid in different flavors to give it that color and the way it tastes. Finished with rock fizz candy and edible glitter, too.”
Jared placed the water jug on the desk and uncapped it.
“Oh, and did I mention—” he said, dropping another bath bomb into the water, watching as it slowly dissolved just like a normal bath bomb would.
“You can also make a drink out of them” Jared concluded, taking a sip out of the now purple colored drink.
George shook his head in bewilderment.
“Mr. Kleinman,” he started, in pure disbelief. “This is… Amazing. You have made such a wonderful contribution to our store. I will pitch your edible bath bombs as an idea—with all credits to you, of course—and hopefully in a month or two we’ll see your bath bombs soon lining one of our shelves.”
He smiled up at his employee, reaching out to shake Jared’s hand. “I really cannot believe you created this… Figured everything out all by yourself.”
“Well,” Jared allowed himself to admit. “I still haven’t decided on what to name it. I was thinking to just sell the pink ones and name them Kinky Pinks but I felt am unavoidable shame for the other flavors that customers might also want to try.”
Luckily for him, though, George had it all figured out.
“Not a problem, Mr. Kleinman. I have a name that might just be fitting for your product…”

A month and a half passed. Lush was booming with new customers.
On a display in the middle of the store, bath bombs in every color stood out from the rest, accompanied with a sign that read:
”NEW!! the CRONCH: an edible bath bomb experience, brought to you by Lush, concept developed by our very own employee— Jared Kleinman"
To this day, Jared works at Lush, dashing around the store to attend to customers. A certain proud habit of his that developed over the days was that while assisting people, Jared would make his way over to the Cronch’s shelf and grab a bath bomb from it, taking a huge bite of it in front of the customers, who would look at him with expressions of disbelief and amazement.
This certain effective 'marketing strategy’ (as George called it) did cause Jared to be the victim of many jokes and pranks, though. A notable prank his coworkers pulled on him was done during April Fools, when they decided to switch up bath bomb displays without informing Jared—placing his edible bath bombs on a different shelf and actual bath bombs on the one his product used to rest on.
Sure enough, Jared didn’t notice the switch and just as he was entertaining a customer, he took a huge bite out of a real bath bomb as his coworkers—looking on earnestly from the counter—all burst out laughing.
He couldn’t deny the fact that he may have enjoyed the actual bath bomb, however. Even though he wouldn’t quite admit it to many.

On a particularly busy day at Lush, Evan dropped by to check on his friend again.
He smiled at Jared, who shot him a quick smirk as he took a bite out of another edible bath bomb.
“Loving the cronch, Jared?” He asked jokingly.
Jared grinned mischievously, winking. “You gotta love that cronch.”

(Small note: the recipe for the edible bath bombs [tHAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!] came from my amazing friend– who can literally search for, and successfully find, anything on the internet. You know who you are. Thanks, buddy. Sincerely, me, A)


1 pkg Kool-Aid mix, any flavor
1 cup sugar
3 cups milk

In a large bowl, whisk together all three ingredients until sugar and Kool-Aid mix is dissolved.

Pour into a shallow dish, cover and then place in the freezer for about 2 hours, or until mostly set.

Place the partially frozen sherbet back in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer until smooth.

Refreeze in the covered, shallow container until set. Set the sherbet out about 10-15 minutes prior to serving to make it easier to scoop.

anonymous asked:

I am a PR Account Executive for an inner city non-profit, and FUCK you for saying PR is all a game. You're scum. We dedicate our lives to bring attention to their plight, and you degrade an entire industry because you're mad Darren and Chris won't bend to your expectations. Disgusting.

Well well. Mad much? Someone sounds bitter. Amazingly enough I don’t think I personally have said anything one way or another except that pr is a game. Yet you seems to think that I want to dictate how Chris or Darren should act? *goes back and looks* funny I don’t seem to have anything I personally posted that says anything about forcing Chris and Darren to behave as I see fit. Sounds to me that whatever it is that you believe, something has you doubting and so you get bitter.

I mean far be it for me to say oh yeah the pr looks amazing when you have public relations shots after repeated snaps of a certain female with her real bf “Oh Ben look at her” and butt naked in lingerie on snap (i know nipples when I see them, I have a set myself)

Let’s see since you want to go there, I’ve started not 1 but 3 non profits. One feeding homeless and needy families in my community where we provide meals every weekend as many of these families depend on schools to provide two meals a day during the week to their children, another providing children entertainment while they receive chemo and other therapies (multi state project), and my personal favorite a shoe project. Everyone thinks of coats but rarely think of the fact that many children in this country do not wear shoes that fit and many women and men do not have proper shoes for interviews or their work environment. (We also try to provide several suits each month for interviews for adults)

I am very well aware that pr is a game. How else do you think we are able to get the donations we get? How else does one sell themselves to companies for product hauls and testing. How else does one end up being the face of a product?

First thing I learned at disney and warner brothers is pr is end all. It’s not about what you do but what you can make others believe.

Sounds like someone is trying to be all up in the kool-aid without knowing the flavor.

But please tell me again how I don’t understand prs game.

anonymous asked:

It's a reference to the 1978 cult mass-suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. Jim Jones, the leader of the group, convinced his followers to move to Jonestown. Late in the year he then ordered his flock to commit suicide by drinking grape-flavored Kool-Aid laced with potassium cyanide. In what is now commonly called "the Jonestown Massacre", 913 of the 1100 Jonestown residents drank the Kool-Aid and died... You're at a party and it just came to mind tbh.

jm: i kn ew that but w h y

What it's like to have a colonoscopy

For many, the concept of a colonoscopy is hilariously degrading. My husband’s best friend had one once before we knew each other, and they loved to joke about the personally violating anal probe. I don’t even know where to start with them on that, but I’d bet you could ask Joe now about colonoscopies and his opinion would be a little bit less humorous. You know, I’m inclined to laugh about it, but not in a South Park-aliens-anal-probe kind of way. I’ll put the rest of this blog, including the results and “what this means” under the link below. 

My intention is to make others feel comfortable with the concept of a colonoscopy. I’ve had four to date, and they want people with my age and condition to have one every year. If anyone comes across this on Tumblr, feel free to send me a message with questions.

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40 Random Things About Me

1. Do you like blue cheese? -Only with chicken wings!

2. Coke or Pepsi? -Pepsi. Coke is a bit heavy for me.

3. Do you own a gun? -No, even though I’m an adult, my mom would still kick my ass

4. What flavor Kool-aid? -ANY 😍

5. What do you think of hot dogs? -Eh… I think they’re okay, but they’re not something I eat often. Plus it poses as a huge choking hazard for children.

6. Favorite tv show? -The Proud Family and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends 😊

7. Favorite movie? -Lights Out and the Spongebob Squarepants Movie

8. What do you drink in the morning? -Orange juice.

9. Can you do a push-up? -I FUCKING WISH

10. Favorite jewelry? -Necklaces or chokers.

11. Favorite hobby? -Sketching, studying med terms, walking/jogging, cooking… A lot to list.

12. Do you have ADD? -I have a somewhat short attention span, but not short enough to be classified as attention deficit.

13. Do you wear glasses? -Yes, I’m blind as hell.

14. Favorite cartoon character? -Cheese from Foster’s Home.

15. Three things you did yesterday? -Talked to people, hacked up a lung, and slept. A lot.

16. Three drinks you drink regularly? -Fruit juices of many varieties, water, and gatorade.

17. Current worry? -Waiting for my girl like 💁

18. Current hates? -The fact that I’m sick but I’m too stubborn to stay home.

19. Favorite place to go? -This gorge out of the city. Away from civilization.

20. How did you bring in the new year? -I believe I brought it in well! I had a wonderful year thus far 💖

21. Where would you like to go? -I would kill to go to Centralia, Pennsylvania (look it up, it’s pretty cool!)

22. Name five people who will do this? -Anyone willing would do it!

24. Favorite color? -Purple or blue.

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? -YES especially after I’ve shaved my legs. Fantastic feeling 👌

26. Can you Whistle? -Yes I can 😊

27. Where are you now? -At home. Waiting to go to work.

28. Would you be a pirate? -And get scurvy from lack of vitamin C, a condition that was common among pirates? No thank you.

29. Favorite Food? -Almost any kind of meat and seafood.

32. What’s in your pockets? -A pen. You never know when you need one.

33. Last thing that made you laugh? -My baby cousin after she kissed my cheek 😂😍

34. Favorite animal? -Wolf and fox

35. What’s your most recent injury? -Scars on my legs. They’re healed now though, I don’t get hurt too often.

36. How many tv’s are in your house? -Four.

37. Worst pain ever? -Menstrual cramps, especially the first day. That shit can be crippling 😭

38. Do you like to dance? -I do! Used to take ballet as a child, and that’s how I developed my love for dancing 💕

39. Are your parents still alive? -Both are quite sick, but both are still alive, thankfully.

40. Do you enjoy camping? -YES 😍 Haven’t gone in years, but I’d like to go again.

Hannibal Recap: Digestivo

Previously on Hannibal Recap:

The episode opens with the corrupt Italian police force, led by Commendatore Benetti, busting into Sogliato’s apartment where Hannibal is sawing open Will’s head. Hannibal seems a little surprised to be suddenly inundated with police officers, but his reaction is less like he just got caught sawing open someone’s head and more like someone interrupted his dinner, which I guess is ACTUALLY THE CASE.

Hannibal reluctantly puts aside the saw and gets on his knees, while Jack identifies himself and asks for help. But “helping” is not on Benetti’s ‘To Do’ list. The officers knock Hannibal over the head, hog tie him, bag Will’s head, and decide what they’re going to do with Jack Crawford.

They do that and get promptly shot by Chiyoh.

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Bryke's "Hetro Lenses" comment and the Bryke Kool Aid

If you haven’t read my commentary/response to Bryke’s post read it first then come back here.


Anyway I wanted to address two things, Bryke’s “Hetro Lenses” comment and the people who are defending this post saying shit like “Well it’s Bryke’s show they can do what they want who are you to judge them!” and “Stop hating progression guys!”

First of all in regards to the stupid “Hetro Lenses” comment let me just say this, I didn’t despise the scene because of my sexual orientation I dislike the scene because it felt forced and poorly written.

Bryan stop making up excuses for your shitty writing and just learn how to except criticism, you and Mike seem to be living in this fantasy world where you only hear what you wanna hear and ignore everything else. You probably surrounded yourselves with yes men and ass kissers during production because you’re not used to responding to people that don’t like your work.

Playing the homophobia card is a fucking childish cop out because you’re basically telling everyone who’s criticized you that the reason they hated the final scene between Korra and Asami was because they were too hetro to understand how LGBT people act and I cannot even begin to describe how fucking stupid that sounds. Because guess what? I’m straight and one of my closet friends is pansexual so don’t you fucking sit there and tell me I could never understand LGBT culture because of my heterosexuality.

The problem here isn’t homophobia the problem is your shitty writing because like I said in my response I could not buy Korra and Asami as a couple because the interactions between the two were so poorly written and forced they became unintentionally laughable. For example the “bonding” scene in the car at the start of Book 3 that was so cheesy that I could not stop laughing at how bad the writing was. And the dinner scene with Mako and Wu came off as trying way too hard to imply that the Korra had feelings for Asami.

And I’m sorry but no matter what you say I cannot forget the fact that Korra stole Asami’s boyfriend from her at the end of Book 1 and didn’t bother telling her about it. Not to mention the fact that in Book 2 not ONCE did Korra ever come up to Asami and ask if she was okay with her dating her ex. Korra just comes off as someone who puts her own needs above those that she’s supposedly in a relationship with. For example when Mako came up to her with proof that someone was trying to start a war between the north and south tribes how did she react? By completely ignoring Mako’s evidence and continuing to be one sided in her views. Hell she went behind the president’s back and tried to get Iroh to support her in her quest for war!  

Plus while we’re at it why was Asami even at Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding when her father just died not too long ago? I mean Hiroshi died trying to save his daughter’s life you’d think Asami would do everything in her power to get the city to acknowledge his sacrifice but nope she’s at Varrick’s wedding because…..reasons.

And again the problem with the scene is that Asami is the one who comes up to Korra at the wedding to open up to her not the other way around, she might as well have come up to her and said “Can I get you anything mistress?” because that’s what her character became at that moment a handmaiden who’s only purpose is to be at Korra’s beck and call.

Believe me when I say that The Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship in Batman the Animated Series was less one sided than this and that’s saying a lot!

But anyway if Bryke want to play the homophobia card and pretend that the people criticizing their shitty writing are all homophobes then by all means go ahead all it does is show the world how they are unable to handle any form of criticism be it negative or otherwise.

And as for the people defending Bryke let me just ask you this when The Last Airbender movie came out back in 2010 and you were all rightfully pissed off at it did a little voice in your head come in and say “Well who are you to criticize M.Knight! It’s his movie he can do whatever he wants with it! You being a fan of the original cartoon doesn’t entitle you to jack shit!” if the answer to that question was no then congrats you understand the difference between a constructive argument and a cop out argument.

See the people drinking the Bryke Kool Aid fail to understand that just because something catered to them doesn’t mean that it’s above criticism. I’ve tried time and again to like The Legend of Korra but I just could not meet it halfway and just because I enjoyed Book 3 doesn’t mean that it’s above criticism and it doesn’t mean that just because I enjoyed one season of a show doesn’t mean that I’m gonna recommend it to my friends.

Also I hate this idea that just because the final scene was “progressive” that we should automatically forgive the show for its faults, well no I’m not gonna do that because if I don’t say anything about how bad the writing on Korra was and how poorly handled the final scene was then what’s to stop future shows form making the same mistakes? As a writer you need to put writing above everything else, world building, character relationships and story arcs will come naturally to you if you focus on making your writing as good as possible. This is something Bryke didn’t do in the finale, they put more effort into how the final scene will play out than they did anything else. Like for example Mako didn’t learn anything, Bolin and Opal’s relationship was wrapped up quickly, Tenzin and his family became background characters, Lin and Toph’s relationship was ignored, Katara was nowhere to be seen and the fact that Zhu Li would marry someone who treated her as badly as Varrick did over the years really goes to show you that Bryke could not write believable relationships to save their lives during Legend of Korra’s three year run on the air.

But according to the Bryke apologists we’re supposed to forgive all that because Korra and Asami got together in the end, yeah sorry just because two females got together in a children’s show doesn’t mean I’m gonna automatically drink the Bryke progression flavored Kool Aid.

And if you wanna label me an Avatar Last Airbender fanboy then by all means go ahead because I honestly could care less what the Bryke apologists think of me.

Like I said in my response to Bryke’s post, they knew they had a bad finale on their hands so they decided to have Korra and Asami  get together in a pitiful attempt to pander to one side of the fanbase and toot their own horn about how “progressive” they are.

I look forward to reading all your angry responses Bryke apologists.

🍦sorority sugar super cute & simple bid day snacks!🍦

Bid day party food should be fun, extra cute and easy to handle while socializing with the chapter and the new members! I always think of preference night and bid day edibles as being clever and coordinated with the theme. These are some quick and easy adorable foods to take your special sorority events to the next level of cuteness! 

🍦12 Recruitment & Bid Day Fabulous Foodies:🍦

  • Sisterhood Rooted in Love: Wash & dry small clay pots (optional: line with a paper napkins), add your favorite ranch dip or hummus and cute baby carrots. Perfect for a garden/flower theme.

  • Phiesta Fun: If you are hosting a fiesta themed bid day party, serve 5-layer Mexican dip in small cups for delicious and easy eating. Layer refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, mild salsa and cheese. Top with diced tomatoes, green onions and a tortilla chip. Serve more chips nearby on the buffet table.  

  • Ice Cream Flower Pots: Wash and dry small clay pots. Cut a piece of pound cake to fit the bottom of the pot. Add your favorite ice cream flavor almost to the top. Garnish with crushed cookie pieces to look like dirt and gummy worms. Add a straw and bright flower accent. 

  • Mini Watermelons: Cut limes in half, scoop out the pulp and discard. Make strawberry Jello-O (add pureed strawberries if you wish) and allow to firm up for about an hour. Stir and spoon gelatin into the lime rinds. Refrigerate until firm - at least 3 hours. Carefully half the rinds again and sprinkle with black sesame seeds. 

  • Petite Rice Cream Cones: Mix a large batch of Rice Krispies Treats according to the directions. Allow the mixture to cool enough to handle. Spray a cookie scoop with non-stick Pam and mold the Krispies mixture into a mounded shape resembling a scoop of ice cream. Melt almond bark or Candy Melts and drizzle the candy over the scoops of rice cream. Top with sprinkles and a round piece of candy. Place extra candies in the bottom of the cones to weigh them down. Dip the edges of the decorated rice creams in melted candy and glue to the top of the small cones. 

  • Popsicle Brownies: Bake large trays of brownies, or purchase pre-made brownies from the bakery. Cut into ice cream bar shapes, insert popsicle sticks and place on wax paper. Melt colorful Candy Melts in the microwave and coat the sides and tops of the brownies. Garnish with sprinkles before the candy melt cools. 

  • Sweet Strawberry Fruit Cups: Extra special fruit presentation for extra special sisters. Use the largest strawberries you can find. Hull the strawberries and scoop out the center. Cut the bottoms flat so your strawberries will stand upright. Fill with finely chopped fruit mixture of your choice. Cherries, mangos and peaches for example. Garnish with a sprig of mint. 

  • Cookie Cutter Tea Sandwiches: Instead of plain cucumber sandwiches for preference night, use cookie cutters to cut your finger sandwiches into creative shapes. This makes your sandwiches even more attractive and memorable. Great for a bid day party buffet too. Works for any simple sandwich filling. 

  • Dipped Oreos On A Stick: Easy and fun to eat! Insert long lollipop sticks into the creamy center of Oreo cookies. Melt your favorite ready to frost cake icing in the microwave. Dip cookies either half way or fully in the melted icing. Garnish with sprinkles before frosting cools. Add food coloring to plain white icing to match your party theme. 

  • Sandwich Stack On A Stick: The cutest way to serve sandwiches ever. Buy wooden kabob skewers. Cut bread and cheese into fun shapes with mini cookie cutters. Layer the bread with cheese, turkey, tomato, lettuce, more cheese and bread. Fun and festive!

  • Dipped Marshmallow Treats: One of the prettiest and easiest sweets you can make. Insert candy sticks into jumbo marshmallows. Melt ready to frost icing in the microwave. Dip marshmallows part way into the melted frosting and garnish with sprinkles. 

  • Pink Chocolate Popcorn: For one batch of popcorn, mix together in a microwave safe bowl; 1 tablespoon shortening and 1 (0.14 ounce) packet of strawberry-flavored Kool-aid mix,   Melt in microwave for 1 minute. Add 1 (12 ounce) bag white chocolate chips and 2 drops of red food coloring. Continue to melt the mixture another 2 minutes. Pop 2 bags of plain microwave popcorn and place in a large bowl. Drizzle the melted mixture over the popcorn and stir carefully. Sprinkle with pink sanding sugar. Serve in bright solo cups tied with bows. Increase ingredients for serving a large group. 

• Also check out the sorority sugar Recruitment & Sisterhood Non-Alcoholic Drink Guide

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play dead

On those days when your smile looks like a hammered bluebird,

play dead.

When life becomes nothing more than a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos where there are no white plastic balls bouncing around for the hippos to eat,

play dead.

When someone tells you to follow them on Twitter or Instagram or Twittergram or Instatwat or whatever the next big, insanely narcissistic form of social media is,

play dead.

When you feel The Grim Reaper picking through the garbage can of your heart, looking for bottles and cans,

play dead.

After someone utters the oil spill “I love you,”

play dead.

When you’ve forgotten who you are, or what you’re doing, or how to love yourself,

go for a walk.

Continue on the walk until you find a dead animal flattened in the middle of the street.

Observe it. Study it while ignoring the static of flies.

Notice how the dead animal doesn’t look at anything/anyone.

This is important.

Curl up in a ball on the side of the road and practice this. Perfect this.

Now notice how beautiful the dead animal is. And the dead animal is beautiful because it is alone, because it is not letting anything/anyone inside it.

Aloneness is the key.

Aloneness is the secret sauce on the cheeseburger of your life.

Cover yourself in secret sauce and play dead.

And just when you think you can’t play dead anymore, play dead'er, because the further you remove yourself from people the easier it is to learn to love yourself again.

Isolate yourself from the dead boys and dead girls, from these creatures compiled of nothing more than pop culture crumbs, masquerading as the alive.

Because they aren’t alive.

No matter how big they smile, no matter how loud they laugh, no matter how many rooftop parties they go to, they are all the same, boring mannequin-person.

They have all spent years/lifetimes murdering their eccentricities.

Run away from them.

Drink from the Kool-Aid flavored water fountain of yourself and taste how delicious you are alone without any added flavoring of people.

Remember who you are.

Remember what makes you unique.

If you ever want to feel alive, and if you ever want to make it out of this alive, and you can, then play dead.

Play dead, play dead,

play dead.

How rappers should be viewed according to black tumblr
  • Old School/Golden Age rappers (Run-DMC, Eric B & Rakim, Slick Rick, A Tribe Called Quest, etc...): Who's that???
  • Legends and Icons (Jay-Z, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, etc....): Lazy and/or salty has beens who drink too much respectability politics-flavored kool-aid and have forgotten their roots
  • Mainstream stars (Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Drake, T.I., etc....): Misogynistic assholes who pander too much to whiteness and shouldn't be trusted
  • Non-black rappers (Eminem, Macklemore, Joell Ortiz, Far East Movement, etc...): Culture appropriating criminals who are completely at fault for the downfall of hip hop. With the exceptions of Paul Wall and Riff Raff. Any black person who doesn't completely agree is a race traitor that must be stoned on sight
  • Female rappers (Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, Lil' Kim, Azealia Banks, etc...): Convenient when a point needs to be made, totally irrelevant otherwise. It's even acceptable to throw them under the bus for trivial matters from time to time
  • LGBTQ rappers (Angel Haze, Cakes da Killa, Mykki Blanco, Big Freedia, etc...): Only exist to serve one purpose: Macklemore bashing
  • Socially conscious/Political rappers (Lupe Fiasco, Common, Wale, Mos Def, etc..): Deluded, bootstrap-spewing, ankh-toting uncle toms
  • Alternative/Indie rappers (Hopsin, Childish Gambino, Danny Brown, OFWGTKA, etc..): Sell-outs who disregard their blackness for not making conventional sounding rap music
  • Trap/Ratchet rappers (2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Chief Keef, etc..): Delicate flowers who must be worshiped like holy deities and protected at all costs

anonymous asked:

I know these rumours have been around before, and Datalounge continues its postings. It's been rumoured Luke might be his partner and he has dropped off. Some of this begins to make sense. What is your viewpoint?

All of it makes sense depending on what flavor Kool-Aid one uses to fill in the cracks. I’m only sipping Caitorade, not Gaytorade or Berry Blonde #47.

Red. Blue. Purple.
—  These are the common color adjectives that replace the flavor adjective when describing the flavor of a pitcher Kool-Aid. Color signifies the flavor. Purple=Grape. Red=Fruit Punch. Blue=Blue raspberry. Ex-“What kind of Kool-Aid y'all got?"  One would then respond "Red” for fruit punch.