kool aid dye

LADY PENELOPE: teenage nightmare

punk bad-bitch penny for my tbirds high school AU, this look particularly inspired by some stuff by @missy-poppins91, my partner in lady-p-feels.

ex-cheerleader penny C-W spends most of her time smoking in the girls’ toilets, glaring and doing anything she can to escape the creighton-ward reputation. no-one knows just why she ditched the perky blonde ponytail for bleached out locks and a kool-aid dip-dye, and everyone’s too scared to ask.

Crayola lipstick? No problem, Crayola crayons are non-toxic and most lipsticks contain lead anyway. 

Kool-aid hair dye and blush? Cool, it’s been done for decades. 

Mayo and olive oil hair conditioner? Kinda smelly, but just fine. 

Oreo mascara? NO. Bacteria love sugar and your eyeballs are lined with very vulnerable mucous membranes. Your eyesight is more precious than an impractical DIY cosmetic. 


and here is a height-chart/icon set of the main players in my  thunderbirds are go high school AU ! under the cut are all of their character bio’s.

now. what am i gonna do with this AU? more art? fanfiction? a rock opera? absolutely nothing at all? who knows! we’ll see where the future takes us.

i kind of need to steady on with all the AUs, really.


brains. penny. kayo. marion. moffie. ned. john. scott. virgil. gordon. alan.

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Here they aaaaare <333 the brown ones are just tea, and then I have some lighter and darker purples, and some transitionals just for fun that ended up  soaking my microwave… physics!

This is a close up of the lighter purple ones. They’re kind of dingy looking in this photo especially in the weird bathroom lighting but aaagh I love it, the way the colors are all marbled and tye-dye-ie. They’re exactly like I pictured they’d turn out!

although the water they left behind was inexplicably green. Like, even now they’re dripping green water. I don’t understand.

YAY CHEERS <3 gonna try and install them on monday!