kool aid dye

How to dye your hair with kool aid (and make it stick)

Kool aid is a cheap and easy way to dye your hair, but it typically doesn’t last more than one wash. PLEASE NOTE that my eyebrows and eyelashes were NOT dyed with this method (god forbid) but I’m wearing my DIY color mascara


You will need

  • at least 5 packets of kool aid 
  • 2 tbsp of warm coconut oil OR your favorite hot oil treatment
  • 1 tbsp conditioner
  • regular bar soap (not necessary if you have freshly bleached hair)

Wash your hair with bar soap to strip all oils from it. This will allow the dye to seep in deeper. Please note that kool aid contains a LOT of citric acid, so if you have a freshly bleached scalp or sensitive skin it will burn like HELL. 

STEP ONE: Making your dye

Mix all of the kool aid into the conditioner, making sure there are no lumps. Add the oil and stir vigorously until fully combined. 

STEP TWO: Apply the dye

Use a dye applicator or old toothbrush to evenly apply the dye to your hair. Comb through. 

STEP THREE: Blow dry

Blow dry your hair until all the conditioner is dry and the dye is no longer dripping. It will be oily but should not be wet. 

Note: At this point you should use a cotton ball and some extra coconut oil to remove stains from your hairline. 

STEP FOUR: Let it sit. 

Let your hair chill out for around an hour and then rinse with cold water until it runs clear. Don’t wash your hair for at least 24 hours.

STEP FIVE: Color upkeep

poor the excess dye into a jar with ¼ a cup of conditioner for every tbsp of dye. Use this conditioning treatment for ten-fifteen minutes every week. 

anonymous asked:

Does Hanamaki dye his hair or is it naturally pink?

Hanamaki: Hey, be fair, it’s a kind of russet color when it’s not dyed.

Matsukawa: But the proof is in the Kool-Aid. The bright pink Kool-Aid, I might add.

Hanamaki, singing: I ain’t the sharpest tool in the sheeeed…

Matsukawa, immediately: She was lookin’ kinda dumb with a fiiinger and a thumb in the shape of an L on her foreheeaaadd…

Both: *retreat into the distance singing All Star*

In case you can’t tell, I’m trash. And yes, Kool-Aid dyeing is a thing. 


I make one every year, not finished yet but here it is:

[ ]1. Make a summer playlist
[ ]2. Grow my hair
[ ]3. Tan
[ ]4. Pull an all nighter
[ ]5. Nerf gun warrrrrrr
[ ]6. Go to the beach
[ ]7. Go swimming
[ ]8. Get donuts in the morning
[ ]9. Go 24 hours without technology (only exception: ONE picture)
[ ]10. Go to Disney World/Universal
[ ]11. Make shave ice/slushies
[ ]12. Go to the cinema
[ ]13. Try to get a sun tattoo
[ ]14. Watch the sunset
[ ]15. Go to an ice cream parlour
[ ]16. Make gummy bear + sprite popsicles
[ ]17. Take loaaddss of pictures (at least one a day)
[ ]18. Say yes to everything for a day
[ ]19. Have a water fight
[ ]20. How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop?
[ ]21. Climb a tree
[ ]22. Get a flower crown (or make one)
[ ]23. Roll down a hill
[ ]24. DIY a pair of shorts
[ ]25. Make colourful bracelets/anklets
[ ]26. Go to iHop for breakfast
[ ]27. Go mini golfing
[ ]28. Eat pop rocks
[ ]29. Go to a water park
[ ]30. Try Arizona Tea
[ ]31. Midnight movie
[ ]32. Blow giant bubbles
[ ]33. Sparklers at night
[ ]34. Tie dye shirts
[ ]35. Melted crayon art
[ ]36. Make a video star with friends
[ ]37. Do a photo shoot with friends at the park
[ ]38. Go to a concert (preferably a girl artist or boy band bc lol)
[ ]39. Fake names at Starbucks
[ ]40. Helium balloons and impressions
[ ]41. Squad Sleepover
[ ]42. Chalk on the driveway
[ ]43. Spend a whole day outside
[ ]44. Make at least one new friend
[ ]45. Get my ears pierced again
[ ]46. Go body boarding
[ ]47. Take a picture every hour for 12 hours (preferably 24 while pulling an all nighter)
[ ]48. Have a water/water gun fight
[ ]49. Compliment a stranger
[ ]50. Take a huge group selfie on the last day of school
[ ]51. Wear skirts/dresses more often
[ ]52. Post vines on instagram
[ ]53. Photo booth!
[ ]54. Starbucks with squad
[ ]55. Hang out with old friends
[ ]56. Make brownies
[ ]57. Go shopping in Florida and buy SHOES and cute stuff
[ ]58. Take tons of pictures with friends and print them
[ ]59. Go to Camden with friends
[ ]60. Piggyback race
[ ]61. Westfield for cute summer stuff
[ ]62. Be vegetarian for a day
[ ]63. Cute party thing with friends
[ ]64. Disney movie marathon
[ ]65. Make the last day of school perfect
[ ]66. Go a whole day barefoot
[ ]67. Do something to my hair (kool aid dye maybe)
[ ]68. Carve names into a tree
[ ]69. Make a fort and watch movies (preferably scary) with friends
[ ]70. Leave a note in a library book
[ ]71. Try a cute pintrest DIY
[ ]72. Chocolate covered bananas
[ ]73. Bake cake pops
[ ]74. Yell “ANDY’S COMING” to the Toy Story characters at Disney World
[ ]75. Reach 200 on Instagram
[ ]76. Wake up to good music every morning
[ ]77. Drive to Miami for a day (or two)
[ ]78. Get a matching outfit with the bestie
[ ]79. Prepose with a haribo ring


and here is a height-chart/icon set of the main players in my  thunderbirds are go high school AU ! under the cut are all of their character bio’s.

now. what am i gonna do with this AU? more art? fanfiction? a rock opera? absolutely nothing at all? who knows! we’ll see where the future takes us.

i kind of need to steady on with all the AUs, really.


brains. penny. kayo. marion. moffie. ned. john. scott. virgil. gordon. alan.

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Crayola lipstick? No problem, Crayola crayons are non-toxic and most lipsticks contain lead anyway. 

Kool-aid hair dye and blush? Cool, it’s been done for decades. 

Mayo and olive oil hair conditioner? Kinda smelly, but just fine. 

Oreo mascara? NO. Bacteria love sugar and your eyeballs are lined with very vulnerable mucous membranes. Your eyesight is more precious than an impractical DIY cosmetic. 

Summer Bucket-List 2014
  1. Make Strawberry muffins from scratch
  2. Go vegetarian for a week
  3. Have an 80s movie marathon
  4. Re-read a book
  5. Make chocolate chip cookies from scratch
  6. Make fried pickles
  7. Answer everything yes for one day
  8. Watch TFioS
  9. Make breakfast
  10. Learn to grill
  11. Make homemade hamburger patties
  12. Spend a day at the bookstore
  13. Go a day without your phone
  14. Befriend a stranger
  15. Go a day without complaining
  16. Stay awake 36 hours straight 
  17. Lay under the stars
  18. Go a day without makeup 
  19. Make sausage pinwheels
  20. Get CPR certified 
  21. Make stuffed jalapenos
  22. Make smores
  23.  Tie-dye a shirt
  24. Make Hawaiian Punch
  25. Make Funnel cake
  26. Late night snack out
  27. Homemade popsicles
  28. Late night swimming
  29. Grow my hair out
  30. Get a snowcone
  31. Watch a sunrise on the beach
  32. Summer job?
  33. Mix glow sticks and bubbles
  34. Make a face mask
  35. Finish Supernatural
  36. Mentos and coke
  37. Leave notes in random places
  38. Run 3 days a week
  39. Tie a message to a balloon and let it go
  40. Take a photo booth picture
  41. Go bowling 
  42. Finish Doctor Who
  43. Go to a water park
  44. Go to an amusement park
  45. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
  46. Set a dandelion on fire
  47. Kool-aid dye my hair
  48. Make a time capsule
  49. Use a fake name at Starbucks
  50. Buy an airhorn (why not)
  51. Cut a watermelon 
  52. Make a basketball shot from half court
  53. Get my cartilage pierced
  54. Get donuts for breakfast
  55. Read at least 10 books
  56. Go to the zoo
  57. Get a free slurpee on 7/11
  58. Disney movie marathon
  59. My favorite movies marathon

weedjewish  asked:

uhhhhh hi! so im goin through your fic rec tag but im a lazy person so if could you give me some sciles recs please if you have any? love your blog btw!

Hi hello thank you! Here are some favorite Sciles pieces:

  • Sometimes a piece of sun by queerly_it_is (E, 40k) It doesn’t matter how Scott asks, Stiles always says he’s fine. Scott’s not sure who’s supposed to believe it, or if Stiles just says it because it’s what he thinks he’s supposed to say. They do this now. They break and bleed and fall to bits, but so long as they say they’re okay then none of it’s really happening. It’s a nice idea. Just stick your fingers in your ears and hum really loud. The problem is that it’s not working, and Scott’s terrible at pretending it is.
  • Scott McCall’s Field Guide to Felinology by airgeer (T, 20k) Usually a problem in Beacon Hills can be tracked back to werewolves at some point. Scott would like to categorically deny any responsibility for the latest mess, but the only person who understands the words coming out of his mouth is Stiles, and making a big speech isn’t really worth it when it’s all going to be lost in translation. Still, though. Not their fault. (aka the one where Scott get turned into a cat and it’s not a big issue until it really, really is)
  • the place that’s out of view by Loz (E, 11k) “As far as I can ascertain it’s a proximity curse,” Deaton says, still leading Stiles away from Scott’s house, walking quickly enough it’s nearly a jog. “Your life-forces have been merged. As you come into contact, he weakens and you strengthen.” “Is it temporary?” Stiles asks. He feels almost normal, now. Close to himself. Sick to his stomach, but not supercharged. Deaton frowns. “I don’t know.”
  • An Uncommon Want by rrrowr (E, 31k) ”We’ve got a new one for you, Scott,” is the first thing that Erica says to him when she spies him coming through the doors of their floor. The file that she sets on the edge of her desk is thin and crisp. The folders for regular clients tend to be thicker, full of reports and request forms. ”A virgin?” Scott says, raising a brow at the green tab at the top of the folder. ”It’s your specialty, isn’t it?” Erica teases with a sharp grin. “All that comforting and coddling you do with the newbies makes you ideal.” ”Everyone’s scared their first time,” Scott responds gently as he opens the folder to get a look at his new client. Erica scoffs. “Maybe if you’re an omega.” ”Especially if you’re an omega.”

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anonymous asked:

sciles + fake relationships?

Here you go. And our Sciles tag. - Anastasia

Originally posted by wdysworld

Love You So Hard by tryslora

(1/1 I 1,181 I Explicit)

Stiles is gonna be the best fake boyfriend ever, and Scott’s not sure he’ll survive the experience.

Only Fools Rush In by daunt, rosewindow

(1/1 I 9,467 I Teen)

“Pros to taking Stiles to the Werewolf Wedding: One, I’m non-supernatural, but I know about supernatural things. Two, I own a suit. Three, I look good in said suit.“

Scott and Stiles attend a werewolf gathering and think they can totally play at being boyfriends, no problem. But Scott already has a bit of a crush on his best friend, and lets his protectiveness get the better of him, putting them in a tough situation.

Like A Stone In The Water (Turn The Pages) by dutchydoescoke

(1/1 I 16,658 I General)

Stiles got Scott into trouble. It was a fact of his life at this point. Stiles had gotten him arrested, turned into a werewolf, onto the lacrosse team, and grounded six ways from Sunday after trying to use Kool-aid to dye his hair and instead dyed the tub. And then, well. The Sheriff meant well, and Scott and Stiles knew that, but it kind of drove Stiles up the wall and he accidentally blurted out that he was engaged to Scott to get his dad to stop. Scott didn’t really mind, though. He’d done weirder things for Stiles.

LADY PENELOPE: teenage nightmare

punk bad-bitch penny for my tbirds high school AU, this look particularly inspired by some stuff by @missy-poppins91, my partner in lady-p-feels.

ex-cheerleader penny C-W spends most of her time smoking in the girls’ toilets, glaring and doing anything she can to escape the creighton-ward reputation. no-one knows just why she ditched the perky blonde ponytail for bleached out locks and a kool-aid dip-dye, and everyone’s too scared to ask.

my-nightmares-dream  asked:

How do I keep my bird stimulated? I've noticed her doing repetitive behaviors and it's worrying me. She is an 8 yr old sun conure, and I don't really have the money to keep buying her new toys. Do you have any suggestions?

If you have plain paper in the house, you could shred it into strips, tie it in the center, poof it out, hang it in the cage. Similarly with plastic straws. 

Stack paper cupcake wrappers with beads. You can do this also with playing cards.

Kool-Aid dye popsicle sticks and sting them together in the center.

I have an low budget Amazon Wish List of items I plan on purchasing a little at a time for my guys, but you might have them around the house now.

Avoid using paper towel rolls, the glue isn’t good for them. 

When you make toys, make sure there’s nothing they can get caught up in like fraying string or yarn.

Music and TV might help when you leave the house. 

Research foraging techniques too.

Hope this helps some.