kool aid

See, this is why I love the ManChildTrump Kool-Aid drinkers:

Trump violated the Constitution. Hillary’s e-mails!

 Trump and his henchmen are using their own private e-mail server (exactly what they complained about Hillary doing). Hillary’s e-mails!

 Trump signed an Executive Order without knowing what provisions it contained. Hillary’s e-mails!

 Trump appointed a president from Goldman Sachs (the very company he complained about Hillary delivering speeches to) to be Secretary of the Treasury. Hillary’s e-mails!

Trump wants to make it legal for investment brokers to NOT work in the best interests of their clients. Hillary’s e-mails!

Trump’s EPA head wants to remove things that destroy our atmosphere from the list of things that destroy our atmosphere. Hillary’s e-mails!

 Yep, you Trump voters sure showed everybody else.