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1.I wanna get Better - Bleachers2.Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
3.Slow - Lido x Halsey4.Stubborn Beast - Bears Den
5.Everlasting Light - The Black Keys6.Lets Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats7.Is There Somewhere - Halsey8.Do You Wanna - The Kooks
9.Empty Gold - Halsey10.Hold My Liquor - Lorde11.Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy13.Paris - Magic Man14.Breaking Up My Bones - Vinyl Theatre
15.Giving up the Gun - Vampire Weekend16.Mad sounds - Arctic Monkeys
17.Rum Rage - Sticky Fingers


The Witcher Fan Arts & Portraits

#1 Geralt of Rivia by leopinheiro

#2 Yennefer Portrait, #3 Geralt Portrait and #4 Triss Portrait by Yama Orce

#5 Ciri by aynnart

#6 Blood Bath - Ciri and #7 Ciri by Carlo-Marcelo

#8 The Witcher: Geralt of Rivia and #9 The Witcher: Emhyr var Emreis by Kooks

#10 The Witcher 3 by Max Grecke

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You get a tattoo like this and a ’do like this, and wear a shirt where the tattoo shows, and you walk into a room of people and feel the animosity, the disapproval, the how-dare-you. You can feel it coming off them like heat off a stove. And the thing I want to ask them is, how have I deserved this, what have I done that so offends you? I have not asked you to cut your hair this way. I have not asked you what you thought of it, or to approve it. So why do you feel this way towards me? If you can’t get past my ‘too—my tattoo—and my 'do—the way I got my hair cut—it’s only because you have decided there are certain things that can be done with hair and certain things that cannot be done with hair. And certain of them are right and proper and decent, and the rest indicate a warped, degenerate nature; therefore I am warped and degenerate. 'Cause I got my hair cut a different way, man? You gonna really live your life like that? What’s wrong with you?
—  Harry Crews, Getting Naked with Harry Crews: Interviews