kook out


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung


I can’t stop laughing 😂

What if...

What if we unconsciously choose our ultimate biases based on some of our features we recognize in them… ‘like bias like fan’.
Write in tags some of yours and your bias’ similar features, i really want to know if this theory makes sense 🤗

Anon: What’s your opinion on V/min interactions vs Ji/kook interactions?

Oh god, the Most Perfect Triangle, my absolute favorite. Where do I even start? I adore them so much for different reasons, based on their personalities and how they mesh with each other, their interactions, etc. But I guess the easiest way to explain the fundamental differences between them, from a shipper’s perspective, is this stereotype that I read from another K-fan:

In Kook/min, Jungkook gets everything he wants.

In V/min, Jimin gets everything he wants.

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If you stay just know I’ll love you, if you leave just know I’ll miss you, and when you’re gone just know I’ll always remember you.


CEO kook better watch out the PR executive TaeTae is pretty chummy with his precious secretary ChimChim~ 

You guys seem to like the office au and therefore to celebrate the VMin avalanche that came with this era V M I  N!!!!!! ლ(ಠ v ಠ ლ)

btw i got tired half way so it got sloppy don’t blame me i suck _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ I also need to practice these two i’m like the worst at drawing the 95z


watch out kook your title of bun is being challenged


school kids a playlist

a study mix for when you need to block all the noise and just focus.

. robbers (acoustic) // the 1975
i wanna be yours (acoustic) // arctic monkeys
iii. sugar we’re going down (acoustic) // fall out boy
this is gospel (acoustic) // panic! at the disco
v. tonight you’re perfect (acoustic) // new politics
vi. blank space (cover) // imagine dragons
vii. seaside // the kooks
viii. ribs (layered) // lorde
ix. borrowing // halsey
x. head.cars.bending (layered) // the 1975

This is my dream… Haha