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Paint me a future

pairing: jikook

length: oneshot, 3.2k

genre: domestic fluff, mentions of officer!kook

summary: Waking up to Jeon Jungkook every morning was everything Jimin could have asked for in life. Having police officer for a husband was fun especially when he gets to play around with his uniform.

Having Park Jimin in Jungkook’s life was as perfect as it gets.

Except for when said husband likes to scare the life out of him by asking important questions rather casually while doing tasks such as re-painting their guest room.

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Jikook Fluff Week Day One: Domestic Sunday

He wakes to the smell of linen.

Not a particularly sharp scent, and definitely by no means overwhelming. It was a comforting one that enticed him to burrow his face deep into the juncture between his pillows and get lost for days. He presses further against his surroundings, letting his hands grip the bed below him and adjust slightly with a soft sigh escaping from his lips. Jimin had forgotten that he had washed the sheets the day before, leaving him with a relaxed aura of cleanliness. The soft fabric cradles his skin, wrapping him in a blanket of warmth and filling his brain with pictures of soft tufts of cotton and silky threads.

He also wakes to an incredible amount of body heat and what felt like a pair of lips pressing to his cheeks.

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|Sugakookie fanfiction thread

MY FAV FICS…theres a lot

Title:One Thing
~This is actually so fkn beautiful 

Title:Kiss and cry
Writer: darling
omfg just..i loved this so much

Title:Future tense
i cried~fucking amazingly beautiful like u need to read this

Title:Folie à deux
i read this 3 times..its very well written..its amazing

Title:罪人 (for i have sinned)
um im going to hell but holy shit this was good

Title:Twenty first century boy  
xiajin is an amazing writer and this work has a really good message…also if you are against this kind of stuff you can fuck off my blog immediately

bellamees writes the best smut holy fuck

Title:Black silk and stitched daises
so so good

Title:The infamous ice skating date
its sooo cute

this is legit just smut.with other members being and sleeping in the same room as them.while they fuck.and i loved it~ i loved this sooo much

Title:Favourite Client
Writer:Miro(Kuro Tsubasa)
read thIS.. is fucking good like really good..its in chapters

Title:Grind on me
this is basically porn without plot..jin is mentioned but its only yoonkook

this is really fluffy 

Title:Highlight of my lowlife
best thing that happened to my life is this…its not finished though 

theres fluff and cats

Title:To be real in the night
its good…i cried 

Title:宇宙 (universe)
uhh just read it oh and pursuit^^is amazing

Title:Hello,maintenance calling
kookie breaks everything and yoongi has to fix it

awkward but cute

Title:Kiss me,kiss me
its soo cute

Title:Snowman jacket
this is also soo cute

Title:You and me are like peaches and cream
i loooooved this..its cute and funny and cute ugh

i love hogwarts aus omg and i love sugakookie so

Title:A duet in code and electron
this is the best thing ever!!bellamees fucking slays my life 

Title:In a tidal wave of mystery(youll still be standing next to me)
i cried…

Title:Save yourself
i was waiting for tlou and za yoonkook au and when i found this \^_^/

Title:Paper Shaped Stars
aaaa fluffffyyyy

yeeeeeees this is good really

Title:You shine so bright 
This is a series
Part 1:그 손을 내밀어줘, Save Me
Part 2:The Best of Me, 나 너밖에 없지
this broke me and then pieced me together…i cried,best series ever

this is soooooo good omg

Title:Sure as hell screwed over one Min Yoongi
Writer:Miro(Kuro Tsubasa)
theres trains and kook is awkward

Title:The Sugakookie alphabet
fucking good

Title:Sugakookie luv affair-Its tricky youre such a treat
this slays

Title:Vampires and Werewolves(Tokyo)
this is really well written, i enjoyed reading it,its really amazing

Title:Because its a meaningless dream anyway
i fucking cried so hard dude..happy end

There is more i will add them later!!!

Annoying tutor Jimin (but also my biggest crush)

Headcanon. I don’t even know how this appeared in my head, it just did. JK is a friend of Jimin’s brother and is terrible at math. Jimin helps him with math and he keeps being a lil shit until Jimin stops studying with him… It’s nothing much, but maybe someone will like it. :)

• „Okay now, do this equation – number five on the second page,” Jimin quickly runs his eyes over the textbook in front of him and waits for Jungkook to scribble down the numbers.

• Jungkook’s not moving in a slight way and glares at Jimin. “There’s no need. I won’t do any more exercises.”

• Jimin sighs. For almost two hours he tried to go over the math with Jungkook, and for almost two hours Jungkook tortured him the same way as he always does when they study alone. He was supposed to help both his little brother Jihyun and Jungkook, his brother’s best friend. But once again, Jihyun went on a date with his new girlfriend and left him all alone with this little punk. It was true that Jihyun didn’t need Jimin’s help as much as Jungkook – he was passing all his tests and improved significantly ever since Jimin took his time to help him with everything. Still, Jimin wished he was here, because in his presence Jungkook behaves more like a person than just an ass.

• Jimin stares right back at Jungkook, trying to control his irritation. Jungkook was just two years younger than Jimin, celebrating his sixteen birthday month ago, yet Jimin would swear he’s thirteen, tops. “I don’t care, Jungkook. But did you at least understand what we practiced today?”  

• Jungkook’s lips curls in a grimace and he groans. “No. No, because I hate fuckin’ math. And I hate you.” Jimin just rolled his eyes, same old song. “I don’t understand how Jihyun can live with you in one house! How can he even like you! You’re so annoying,” he huffs.

• Jimin is still watching him, now little disappointed, because really? Nothing fresh to use to insult him? He heard this one – about his brother and living under one roof – many times before.

• “It’s a good idea, Jimin,” his mother said. “You will help Jihyun and Jungkook can learn, too! He’s such a sweet boy.” Sweet boy his ass. Jungkook acted like sweet little angel every time he visited their house with Jihyun. Jimin’s parents loved him. Hell, even Jimin loved him at first those years ago when he met him for the first time. Jungkook was just cute. And he still is, with his big chocolate eyes, messy brown hair and smiling expression, even without actual smile. Unbelievable, how deceiving looks can be.  

• “Well maybe you wouldn’t have to spend so much time with me, if you’d check those goddamn exercises for once. But you’re still on a level of first grader, so sorry for trying to help you.”

• Jungkook flashes his eyes over Jimin’s face, almost like he was trying to stab him with bare sight. “I don’t need your fucking help.”

• Jimin shrugs, fed up with Jungkook’s attitude, and starts packing all the things. “Okay,” he says, for the millionth time in past weeks. The thing with Jungkook was that even when he was acting like little shit, his mom always paid Jimin more than enough for finding the time to tutor him, even when he helped both his brother and Jungkook at the same time. For just two hours it was nice amount of money.

• “This time I’m serious Jimin. You’re not helping me at the slightest, I don’t like you and I will find someone else!” With curious look, Jungkook waits for Jimin to react.

• “Okay,” Jimin shrugs once again before finishing packing up, says bye to Jungkook and leaves his room.

• After the door closes, Jungkook throws himself onto his bed and punches his pillow repeatedly in frustration which is not caused by math or Jimin’s tutoring.

• “So how was it yesterday?” Jihyun asks Jungkook, waiting for first class of the day to start. It’s math and they’re gonna have an exam.

• “Useless. He’s a terrible tutor and he’s so annoying. How can you stand him, being your brother?” Jungkook huffs.

• “Watch your mouth you prick,” Jihyun never understood where this antipathy for Jimin is coming from. His brother was the sweetest person to Jihyun, always helped him; was smart, funny and overall perfect. And when he explains all of the math equations to him, it really helps – that, however, doesn’t seem to be Jungkook’s case. But even though he badmouths Jimin, he never, even once, tried to find someone else to help him study.

• “I don’t want him as my tutor anymore. As much as I like you, I can’t stand your brother,” Jungkook continues and Jihyun rolls his eyes.

• “Okay, Kook. If you fail even this test, I will tell Jimin to not help you anymore. He has better things to do with his free time anyway, you know.”

• “Good.” Jungkook bites inside of his cheeks, frowning at his hands.

Not-so-surprisingly, Jungkook fails the exam, achieving five points out of thirty.

• Jihyun tells Jimin that there’s no longer need for him to help Jungkook with math, as it seems that he’s really not helping and Jungkook will find someone else. Jimin is slightly saddened – he liked the money he received for tutoring him. For a short while he can’t help but wonder if Jungkook really hates him that much – after all, Jimin never did anything bad to him.

• Jungkook gets in huge fight with his parents when they find out about his latest grade. Immediately, they find new tutor, young college student.

• Poor guy runs out of Jungkook’s room not even half an hour after he started to tutor him. Jungkook did his best to scare him off. He managed to do the same with next one, pretending he’s possessed by some supernatural force.

• He never really thought Jimin will stop tutoring him. There’s no way he will let anyone else to sit with him like that and explain all of those things to him, except Jimin. He wants him back (he didn’t want to get rid of him in first place, but it’s not like he would ever admit it to his parents or Jihyun.)

• Jimin receives a phone call from Jungkook, who politely asks him to come and help him once again, because, allegedly, “This hella guy just stopped coming.”

• Jimin doesn’t even know why, but he decides that okay, he will help his brother’s friend once again – after all, it was the first time for Jungkook to ask for his help.

• When he walks in Jungkook’s bedroom he finds him sitting on the bed, surrounded by few cans of beer and packs of salty goods.

• “What’s that?”

• Jungkook gives him uncertain look and jerks his chin towards the small empty space on his bed. “I thought I will… apologize today. Sorry, Jimin, I lied. I like it when you study with me.”

• Jimin’s not sure what to think about it, but he carefully sits next to Jungkook and takes a beer that Jungkook hands him. “How did you even get these?” Jimin asks and Jungkook just grins. “That’s a secret. Cheers.”

• So they sit on the bed, eat some junk and drink “secret” beer while chatting about silly things. Jungkook finishes his second can of the beverage just as Jimin’s telling him a story about their homeroom teacher, when he can’t help himself but kiss the older guy. Jimin just looked so… kissable at that moment, with smiling eyes, hands clutched around the can, lips wet with the beer he sipped just seconds ago.

• Jungkook’s not moving his hands at first, but then he remembers what to do and let them tangle in Jimin’s hair. His heart stops for a second when Jimin’s lips finally move against his. It doesn’t take long for Jimin to push Jungkook off.

• He’s in shock. What was that? Did he like the way Jungkook kissed him? What the fuck? Was this all Jungkook’s plan all along?

• “What the fuck Jungkook?” Jimin jumps off the bed with shocked expression and Jungkook notices the glimpse of hurt in his eyes. “Do you hate me so much you planned this as a way to… humiliate me?!” With back of his hand he wipes the saliva off his mouth.

• Jungkook feels panicked. Yes, he sort of planned this, but not to humiliate Jimin! He had no idea he will kiss him, all he wanted was for Jimin to tutor him again and for himself to stop being an ass to Jimin.

• “N-no! No, Jimin! I’m sorry if—“

• Jimin grabs his bag and shakes his head in disbelief. “You even tried to get me drunk, is that so? I can’t believe I thought for a second you’re serious about being sorry. Oh my.” Jimin turns on his heel and runs through the door. He doesn’t hear Jungkook calling for him, neither the thump of Jungkook, falling into his pillow as he did so many times before.

• Honestly, Jimin’s not sure what pisses him off more. The way he felt so comfortable with that brat after all those things he said to him in past, the naivety of his when he took the beer Jungkook gave him or just the fact that he fucking answered the kiss and almost made out with his little bro’s shitty friend (and liked the feeling of his lips on his own).

• Never before someone disrespected him this much. Jimin stormed into his house, ran up the stairs and slammed the door behind him. What the fuck. What the fuck… Did Jihyun say something to Jungkook? It was not even a year ago that Jimin came out to his family as homosexual. He thought nobody else knows – but now… No, Jihyun would never do it.

• The next day Jimin sits in his room, reading, when he hears some voices outside his door. He tries to run towards the door and lock it when he realizes that one of them is Jungkook, but it’s too late and Jungkook suddenly burst through the door, closing them behind him.

• “Jimin – just hear me out please.”

• Jimin takes small steps backwards, just to be as far from Jungkook as possible. “Get out. Get out of this room. You really don’t have any boundaries, do you?”

• Jungkook almost looks like he’s about to cry. His hands are gripping bunch of papers and notepads and he take a small step towards Jimin.

• “Get. Out!”

• “Please Jimin, I’m so sorry about yesterday, but it wasn’t like that at all! I really just wanted to apologize and ask you to tutor me again!” He nervously shifts on his feet.

• Jimin barks. “Really, that’s why your mouth was all over mine, right? As a peace offering!”

• Jungkook looks hurt now, big eyes staring at Jimin. “No. I just- okay. Okay. I just wanted to kiss you. I wasn’t thinking about it – only thought I had was how pretty you are,” Jimin laughs again, but Jungkook continues. “That is… that is why I couldn’t stand you studying with me. I think you’re too pretty and I – I don’t know why, but I think I like you.”

• Jimin glares at him, judgingly. “Nice try, you prick. Please, leave now…”

• “No. No, I didn’t tell anybody, but I’m not that bad with math,” claims Jungkook hurriedly. “I was just… trying to… I’m not good at this, it’s awkward!”

• “Oh god Jungkook, just…” Jimin’s about to say something, but Jungkook shoves all of those papers and notebooks in his face. “Look!” he says. “These are all those exercises I was practicing for last month. Just – look over them, I’m not lying!”

• With raised eyebrow, Jimin flips through few pages and his eyes jump over scribbled notes in corners of the pages like: “Jimin said A = 1,5! Remember this!!!” or “Solve this like Jimin – his way is better!”

• Jungkook’s not lying; dozens of pages are all filled with equations, numbers and notes. Jimin looks at him, confused. “What—“

• “Sorry Jimin. I don’t know why but I just… I guess I like you. Like I know it’s weird. You’re Jihyun’s older bro, but – trust me – in no way I meant to disrespect you yesterday!” Jungkook watches his shoes and slowly turns towards the door. “That’s all – I’m sorry – I get why you don’t like me…”

• Jimin thinks for a second, then walks over to Jungkook and grabs his hand. Younger male looks at him, surprised.

• “You’re a really stupid kid, you know?” Jimin stares at him but there’s no anger in his face. “You can’t act like this if you want someone to like you.”

• Jungkook doesn’t know what else to do, so he just nods.

• “I will start to tutor you again,” says Jimin and Jungkook smiles.

• “Really?!”

• “And we could maybe work on your behavior towards your crush, don’t you think?” Jimin gently grabs Jungkook’s other hand too, smiling nervously.

• On his following exam (month later) Jungkook achieves a “C” with ease. Jihyun facepalms over his excited rambling and watches him, as Jungkook types a text to Jimin.

• “Was this all really necessary? If you liked my brother, you could’ve just told me earlier…” he whines. Jungkook just punches his arm as he grins over his phone, now reading a response from Jimin. “I’m proud of you, brat ♥

MASTERLIST (PART 2/2) [back-up]


Enemies: Part One | Part Two 
A Typical Freshman’s Christmas 
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Masturbating w/ V (mild smut) 
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Dance For Me (smut) 
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Doctor AU w/ Jin 
Strip (smut) 
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Remnants & Remedies 
Late Night Visits 
The Killer 
Cursed by a Cat w/ Jungkook & V 
Did You Think This Through? w/ Suga 
Deus Ex Machina w/ Suga  
Rain (smut) 
Favors + Guilt (smut) 
Fairy! Yoonmin AU 
The Disaster w/ Jin 
Because You’re With Me (smut) 
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jungkook
4 Gold Coins For Your Trust w/ Suga
Good Impressions
Christmas Kiss
Imperfect Perfection 
A Deal With Death 
Dry Series; Jimin (smut)
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jungkook (pt 2)
Students by Day, Slyaers by Night w/ Jungkook (pt 3)
Love in Between w/ Jungkook 
Something New (smut)
Fatal Attraction
Dinner For Three w/ V (smut)
Bets & Regrets (smut)
Prevarication (smut)
Resignation w/ Jungkook
We Shouldn’t… (smut)
Drown Me
virtual days
When I Think About You…

Dry Series; Taehyung (smut) 
Forgetting Your Birthday 
Massages and Love Making (smut) 
Becoming a Father 
Mutual Love and Shy Confession 
Small Kisses 
Liquid Passion (smut) 
Threesome w/ Suga (smut) 
Masturbating w/ Jimin (mild smut) 
Hands, Stars, Flowers 
Dirty Talking (smut) 
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Over (smut) 
At The Airport w/ Jungkook 
Not Her 
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It’s Okay. It’s Not Real. 
The Tease (smut) 
A Confession 
Not Her (pt.2) 
I didn’t do it! I swear! w/ Jungkook 
Something Precious 
Just One Bite (smut) 
Shock w/ Jungkook 
A Late Night 
Ideal Girl AU 
An Attempt 
It’s The Thought That Counts w/ Jin 
Five More Minutes w/ Jungkook 
Ideal Boy AU 
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It Was an Accident w/ J-Hope 
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The Night Class
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Watch Us w/ J-Hope (smut)
It Doesn’t Matter: Part 1 | Part 2
Dinner For Three w/ Jimin (smut)

Beach Date 
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Swim Meet (*EDIT: I can’t find a link for this) 
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Dry Series; Jungkook 
At The Airport w/ V 
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Sweet Dreams (smut) 
Ideal Type: AU 
Don’t Lie 
I didn’t do it! I swear! w/ V 
Shock w/ V 
Notice Me 
Five More Minutes w/ V 
Three Damn Weeks (smut) 
Transformation (vamp!kook) 
Resistance (vamp!kook pt 2) 
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Mystery (vamp!kook pt 6) 
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Maybe w/ Suga 
Cursed by a Cat w/ V & Jimin 
Crowns & a Rose (pt 2) 
Second Chances 
Convergence (vamp!kook pt 8) 
Memory (vamp!kook pt 9) 
Action (vamp!kook pt 10) 
Truth (vamp!kook pt 11) 
Wanders + Wonders  
I Knew This Was a Bad Idea  
Crowns & a Rose (pt 3) 
The Goddamned Street Performer w/ Taehyung 
Between Sleep and a Facetime Call
Jin’s Method (smut)
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jimin
Pondering Pine
What Would Christmas Be Like Without You?
Sometimes I Wonder
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jimin (pt 2)
Students by Day, Slyaers by Night w/ Jimin (pt 3)
“and i think to myself, ‘you’re just like me.’”
Love in Between w/ Jimin 
I Didn’t Plan This w/ Jin (smut)
I Know
Your Shot
Nothing Like Us
“Pack me in your suitcase.”
To Ashes
Toes In The Sand w/ Jin
Katella Ave.

Sailor Moon and Selfies 
When Watching the Walking Dead 
Lupae Loricatae (all parts) 
Chromesthesia Drabbles 
BTS x Tokyo Ghoul (scenarios) 
Daises (business!bts) 
Boys In Love 
The Dreaded Star Topper
BTS x Hugs series
BTS x Angels series

Ask Series  
(where a person asks a question for a member and then other people request for the admins to answer the question with the other members~) 
Ideal Girl 
Ideal Girl Scenario 
Member x Trainee 3 Sentence Fics 
Ideal Boy 
Ideal Boy Scenario 

❝ I love you too, Jungkook. ❞

Plot: You’re an idol and you’re dating Jungkook. You show up at one of his fan sign and he says to everyone that you two are dating. 

Pairing: JungkookxReader 

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Deciding to go meet your boyfriend during a fan sign didn’t seem to be any more a great idea as at the beginning. The black mask covered your face and fortunately your eyes didn’t reveal much of who you were. Yet the feeling of being perpetually observed didn’t seem to disappear and so the anxiety increased to every minute that passed.  

But you haven’t seen Jungkook for weeks, and if that was the only way to change the situation, you’d be well-born to be discovered.  

“Next time I’ll close you in our room.” Your best friend muttered, as well as the leader of your group and the worst advocate in the world; making you smile amused from underneath the mask.  

“I didn’t ask you to come.. Then we repeated several times that we’re their fans, even if they discovered there I know hey couldn’t see anything strange… ”  

“YOU KNOW? I swear that if I read another article where they ship me and Taehyung I shoot myself. ”  

“What a bad thing Unnie…. In short, Taehyung is an incredible guy. ” You whispered in response, not understanding all that boredom towards that sweet and a little crazy boy. “Then he is also extremely beaut–”  

“But think of your boy!”  

“You Like him! That’s why you’re bored by the articles…. because you’re ashamed to talk to him. ”  

The slap that came soon after on your shoulder only made you entertain more, while patiently expected your turn to go to get the album signed.  

He was as beautiful as always but he seemed particularly cheerful that day, he could even not to bully his hyung and his smile could make you completely melt. It’s been seven months since you started to date and you’ve already figured out you were falling in love with him, but you were too intimidated and scared to confess your feelings. It was your first serious “relationship”, although not yet effective because he didn’t really ask you to be his girlfriend and you were both so young that you were afraid that he could run away in front of your confession.  

“Jungkook-oppa!” “Jungkook, you are beautiful!” “Jungkook I love you!”  

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misspelled every word perfectly

Pairing: Taehyung/Jungkook
Rated: T
Author: jflawless
Length: 2k

requested by tumblr user qtaetae:

you work in a dvd rental store and you’re so so so cute and i finally mustered up the courage to go in and say hi, so i was browsing around without really looking at the dvds and you came up behind me and asked me if i was getting something so i hurriedly grabbed 2 dvds beside me and handed them to you anD OH YM GOD THEY’RE PORNOS au [TAEKOOK]


Reccer’s Note:
a very cute short fic, super cute, jungkook is so shy its so adorbale - N

Blood Sucker || jjk



Excerpt: ‘ “I don’t like the power you hold over me. I don’t treat you right because your blood gets me drunker than any alcohol has ever made me.” ’

Genre: smut, angst, fluff, vampire au

Length: 1k

A/N: i havent written kook in ages and i mentioned his thighs like wayy to soon and this is why my url is what it is because my only consistent love is thighs.

“You know I could kill you if I wanted,” you looked up at Jeongguk, smirking before you continued to palm him in the darkness of the cinema to pull another low growl from his lips before he pressed them to your exposed neck.

Jeongguk’s tongue pressed into the wounds that had nearly healed causing you to hiss in pain and continue your palming with a little more eagerness, before looking up at him with wide eyes, “A human could kill me, push me in front of a bus or poison me,” you watched his hands tighten on the hand rests with anger at the thought, “you’re not special.”

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fic rec of the week | 3

Fic: Out of the Egg | Six parts, completed

Writer: @happy-meo

Member/Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Why I recommend it: I read this fic a long time ago, and I just remembered it again today :’) I remember falling in love with the concept of leader!Jungkook, dystopian themes are always so fascinating to me (also ft. a grumpy yet loyal army general!yoongi, smart ass scholar!joon plus more) ^^ I used to love all her fics (Do also check out her series Masquerade, that was my ultimate guilty pleasure fic back then, you’ll see what I mean oHOHO ;) ) But generally, I just loved Kook’s character (and Tae… poor Tae *cries*), it really did feel true to his personality irl, that cheeky yet strong man we all know and love <3

My rating: 9/10

Favourite parts: “ “Well, for those who aren’t aware, I’m Jeon Jungkook… the Leader of The Changers.“ “

“Each day was routine. Each day was a battle. Each day was a covert mission to keep yourself safe. And each day you prayed for change. Each day you prayed for a better world to come.

But a better world never came.”

ohfuckcourse  asked:

Don't know why I never got around to following you despite checking out your blog multiple times a week, but I did it. I followed and I'm here to stay. Mainly came here because you recced 'Well Done!' by annafeu and I read it and it left me thoroughly wrecked and I wanted you to know that so here I am.. You have amazing taste, wow, damn. (does this even come close to the bad!ending korean fics? even tho it was still a 'happy ending' so no nvm) Also I ♡ your analyses, they sound 100% true

If you liked Well Done! then you may also like Prey on Me by PinkBTS. They’re both beautifully written and we’re blessed to have such great writers in this fandom.

And yes, they are somewhat similar. You know when you’re reading a fic and there is that constant “will they or won’t they?” hanging in the air? And I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. Well, in Korean fics, it’s almost always definitely “they will.” Everything that can go wrong will go wrong, and sometimes that happens right in the beginning of the story. For example, they may get divorced or they’re in the process of slowly falling out of love with each other, etc. And then things just get worse from there.

Most of the time though, KM - no matter how flawed they are - somehow work it out and there is a happy ending. But other times it’s just one bitter ride from the beginning to end. It’s cathartic but definitely draining. But also oddly addicting? I don’t know, good writing is good writing.  

Family (Werewolf!Jungkook)

Plot: A relationship between hunter!reader and werewolf!Jungkook

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Epilogue

Word Count: 1225

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After a full year of dating Jungkook, six months of that year knowing he was a werewolf, you had gotten pretty comfortable being a human in a werewolf’s world. His family had already accepted you as one of their own, his pack soon doing the same, almost instantaneously. It was simple to get them to like you, all you had to do was arrive to the large plot of land with the mansion Jungkook called the pack home, a tray of cookies in your hand. You had been accepted “into the pack” the moment Jungkook introduced you, making your anxiety over them hating you bubble into confusion as to why they liked you so quickly.

“If he’s got you here, you can’t be all bad.” was their simple response and that was the last you’d heard of it.

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Imagine that Tae.Kook and Yoon.Min were dating then one day V.Min were watching tv and a partner swap show came on which made Taehyung jokingly say they should switch boyfriends. After more jokes they decide to do it and after some begging their boyfriends agree too.

The decide to switch for a week the new couples being Ji.Kook and Tae.Gi. it was cool cause they all got along already. But then they all started to fall in love with each other, and the awkward mess that follows. But eventually they all end up with the right person.

7 Years - Final - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 20

Oh my gosh. My heart was kind of aching when I was finishing this part and I’ve just realised it still is.

It’s finished.

I wanted to make it as special as possible so I made it double the length it normally is. I hope you can forgive me for taking so long to post it.

And to @tokki-mon  I am so sorry it took ages but I decided to save your suggestion until the very last part. I thought it would fit in so well. I hope you don’t think I forgot and I hope this makes you happy too.

I sincerely hope you guys enjoyed reading this story because I know I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for staying with me throughout the process and I hope you continue to stay with me for my future fics.

I love you all so much, have a great day!

Don’t be shy to drop a message or comment about anything whether it be about the ending of 7 years or just life in general because I’m always here to listen.

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“This is it. I can’t believe it’s finally the end.” This was probably the third time Areum had brought up the fact that you were now at the end of your school life. You would have thought she would be too preoccupied with her sandwich to even speak but then again, she was temporarily moving away in a matter of a month. You had already promised yourself you would try your best to make her last weeks memorable though you weren’t completely sure how.

Ji Hee piped up from beside you for the first time since the three of you had sat down.  "I’m upset we didn’t get to meet sooner Areum but I’m glad that we even had the chance to meet.“ Areum smiled  sadly and nodded her head in agreement before tucking into her lunch, Ji Hee doing the same.

You glanced around the lunch hall in search of the boy you called your boyfriend though you already knew what the outcome would be. You hadn’t seen Jungkook since your first lesson which wasn’t unusual but you half expected him to at least stay for the whole day. Apparently you were expecting too much.

Both Areum and Ji Hee had finished eating by the time you switched your attention back to them and Ji Hee suddenly stood from her seat, apologising for leaving so soon. She explained that she had forgotten that Jae Hyun had wanted to meet her during lunch to which you quickly ushered her away, a smile on your face.

"Hey, let’s get some fresh air. This is the last time we’ll have a lunch break in school.” Areum hopped off her seat and brushed away stray crumbs from her thighs before heading towards the exit with you in tow. You had ended up walking towards the back of the school building only to find a group of boys spray painting on the wall.

“What are you idiots doing now?” You stood directly behind them, arms crossed and Areum beside you, curiously peeking over their heads. The first to turn around was Taehyung, who immediately grinned at you and bounded towards you, encasing you in a warm hug. You had to stifle your laughter at the way Hoseok jumped out of his skin at the sound of your voice.

“Hey! What are you, a ninja? Why’re you sneaking up like that, I almost peed myself.” Yoongi stopped spraying the wall to pull down his face mask and give Hoseok a dirty look. “That’s disgusting…”

Either Hoseok didn’t hear Yoongi or he chose to ignore him. Taehyung shook you from side to side excitedly and began to push you towards the wall. “Look at this! We’re leaving our mark here! Come closer Areum!” At his command, Areum drew closer and stood beside you once again, taking in the words spray painted onto the schools wall.

“‘BTS are coming?’ What’s BTS?” Namjoon took a couple of steps back to appreciate their work before he glanced at you. “Bangtan Sonyeondan. It’s what we’re calling ourselves.” Taehyung nodded energetically, still clinging onto you.

“That’s kind of cool.” Seokjin stood from his position and began to rub his hands on his trousers whilst making his way towards you. “Kind of? Hey! 'That’s very cool and handsome.’ That’s what you should have said. Or at least 'Seokjin is very cool and Handsome.’” Rolling your eyes at his ego, a giggle escaped you and you ducked out of Taehyungs arms.

“That’s what I meant to say. Anyway, lunch is almost over so I’ll see you guys later.” They each said goodbye and you headed back towards the main school building with Areum. “I’m going to miss catching them breaking rules.”

You hummed in agreement with Areum as you both silently reminisced over the past year. The time had certainly flown by and with it so had your old attitude towards the people around you. If anyone were to ask you what you had thought of Jungkook and the boys at the beginning of the school year, you would have simply laughed in their faces and replied that you didn’t think about them. It was amazing how now they were some of the most important people to you whom you thought of on a day to day basis.

The bell to signal the end of lunch dragged you out of your thoughts and you turned to Areum who joyfully hugged you. “I’ll see you after school. We’re still going to the café so don’t think of cancelling. It’s our last after school trip there.” A pang of sadness settled in you before you pushed it to the side, grinning at Areum.

“Never would have thought of cancelling.” You waved her off before heading to your own classroom, dreading the end of the day and your very last hours of school.

Hours later, you found yourself sitting in the café that had been your hangout for the past two years, dwelling on all the good times you shared with Areum. “I’m glad we’re having an official leaving party in three weeks. It’s kind of postponed the feeling of actually leaving for good.”

Nodding in silent agreement, your phone buzzing snatched your attention and you took a long sip from your frappé.

A message from none other than your boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook.

'Are you and Areum free today, two weeks from now?’

Once you had finished reading the message, you returned your attention back towards your bestfriend who was looking down at her own phone.

“Hey Areum, Kook wants to know if we’re free two weeks from now.” She blinked at you a couple of times before pretending to think about her answer.

“Well, I’m not really doing anything besides packing so yeah, I guess… why?”  You shrugged your shoulders and asked Jungkook what he had in mind. All you received back was the side eyeing smirking emoji.

“He’s being secretive, so lord knows. He could be taking us to our death.” She choked on her drink and immediately began patting her back, attempting to help her recover.

“Sorry…” Areum chuckled before coughing again whilst shaking her head. “I’m sure that’s the last thing he would do. He loves you too much.” Although you knew what Areum was saying was true, you could only scoff.

“I’m being serious, he puts you above mostly everything else.”

You let a crack of a smile grave your lips. “Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?”

“Wow, Seokjins ego is really rubbing off on you, you know that right? And don’t pretend you don’t do the same.” You couldn’t argue with her there. You knew you had your moments when you spoiled Jungkook just like how he spoiled you. In your defense, he was someone that you believed needed to be protected at all costs like Jimin and Taehyung or even Yoon-

Scratch that. Yoongi is more than capable of protecting himself.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve been hanging out with him too much.” Areum smirked at your obvious avoidance to her last comment and you continued sipping your drink, trying to not make eye contact with her though it didn’t really matter if you did or didn’t.

She knew you were aware of that fact.


Two weeks came and went faster than you would have liked. What Jungkook had planned for both you and Areum still remained a slight mystery despite the fact he had unintentionally dropped a few hints. When the day had arrived, you found yourself being woken up at seven in the morning by the blaring sound of your ringtone. You blindly clawed at your desk, attempting to answer your phone as soon as possible. When you finally did manage to answer the call, your face immediately scrunched up in annoyance at the sound of Jungkook’s smooth voice at the other end of the line.

“What do you want?”

“Well that’s one way to greet your boyfriend in the morning…” Growing increasingly annoyed, you began rubbing your temple with one hand, the other clenching your phone tighter.

“Jungkook…” The warning tone you spoke his name with alerted him that he didn’t have time to joke around and so he jumped straight to his point.  

“We’re all waiting outside. Get ready.” Before you had a chance of questioning him, he hung up the phone and you forced yourself to leave the warm covers that lay on top of you. You took your time in getting ready and making yourself presentable which ended up taking about half an hour. You were sure that by now they were all getting restless which made you feel slightly bad.

Heading downstairs, you grabbed a piece of toast that your mother had left for you before turning to slip on your shoes. “Have fun with Jungkook and everyone.”

“Thanks, I wil- wait… how did you kn-” The honking of a car interrupted you and you dashed out of your front door after bidding your family goodbye.

Outside were two cars, one of which you recognised as Namjoon’s from your trip to the beach. The other was a pristine looking black Cadillac pickup truck. Another honk made you jump and you scowled at the driver of white convertible BMW, who turned out to be Jungkook.

“Hurry up Princess, what were you doing in there? Having a coronation party?” You flushed at his nickname for you and practically stomped towards the car. “I told you not to call me that.”

He smirked at you and motioned for you to get in with his head. You climbed into the back seat beside Yoongi who gave you a small smile and a quick 'Good morning’ which you returned.

“We’re going to pick up Areum now.” Making eye contact with Jungkook in the rear view mirror, you nodded your head before turning to greet Hoseok who was sat in the passenger seat beside him.

“Good morning! Wow, we’re so lucky it’s not raining today otherwise there would be no point in going to th-” All of a sudden, his seat jerked forward and it took you a couple of moments to register the fact that Yoongi had kicked the back of his seat with such force that he snapped back into place seconds after.

“Hey! Are you trying to kill me!? What if I didn’t have a seatbelt on!?” The pure fear that was laced in his voice had you stifling your laughter and Yoongi making a sound of annoyance.

“Tch, stop exaggerating Hoseok. I wouldn’t have killed you.”

“When I woke you up the other day, the first thing you asked me is if I wanted to die…”

All was silent until you burst into a fit of laughter.

“What’s so funny about Yoongi wanting to kill me!? I thought I was your favourite!” Your laughter grew louder until Jungkook decided to intervene.

“What makes you think you’d be her favourite over her own boyfriend? Does that make any sense to you?” Hoseok shot Jungkook an annoyed look which he chose to ignore.

“Maybe because I make her laugh more. Did that ever cross your mind?” Jungkook pulled up towards the front of Areums house before turning in his seat to face Hoseok.

“I make her laugh too, it’s just when we’re alone.” Both you and Yoongi watched as they threw several points at each other for the next five minutes. Deciding now was the time to alert Areum that you were waiting for her, you whipped out your phone and messaged her.

“Why don’t you just ask her you idiots.” All eyes were on you and you slowly raised your head to meet the steady gazes of Hoseok and Jungkook.


“Well, who do you prefer? Me or Hoseok?” Yoongi scoffed at Jungkooks question but watched you from the corner of his eye, slightly curious of your answer.

It was fairly obviouswhat your answer would be, wasn’t it?


Hoseok choked on air and Jungkook pulled back, making an offended face. To your complete and utter shock, Yoongi chuckle, seemingly satisfied with your reply. You gaped at him for a few seconds, admiring his handsome smile before your eyes snapped back to Jungkook, who had recovered by then.

“Jimin!? Why!?” Hoseok’s exclamation startled you and Yoongi kicked the back of his seat once again, causing him to yelp in surprise.

“Because he’s so cute and small. Anything he does is done in a cute way.” Jimin was someone who you could never imagine purposely causing trouble. However, you had no doubt in your mind that when it came down to it, he was capable of causing a dangerous amount of damage. You had seen him mildly annoyed and you hoped you would never see it again. It almost seemed like he was a completely different person what with the sudden change in character.

What were you talking about again?

“Everything Jimin does is cute? Sure, maybe when pigs fly.” Before you could retort, the car door beside you opened and Areum climbed into the seat next to you.

“Good morning everyone.” There was a chorus of greetings from the rest of you and Jungkook asked if you had all settled in to which he received a nod of confirmation from each of you.

“So I’m assuming that the rest of the guys are in the other car? Whose car was that anyway?”

“It’s Seokjin’s but Namjoon is driving it. He said he doesn’t trust Seokjin to drive because he’ll be too focused on looking at himself in the rear view mirror.” You were sure Seokjin would prioritise the lives of his friends over his looks. Namjoon had to be overreacting. Or maybe Jungkook was the one over exaggerating the story.

“If you guys were that scared of being in a car alone with Seokjin you should have just left me in there. I could care less what he does as long as it doesn’t require staying awake and witnessing both you and Hoseok argue.” That was typical of Yoongi but you had to agree with him once again. You’d prefer not to be woken up this early in the morning on a non school day. “Honestly, same.” Your reply brought a smirk to Yoongi’s face and Hoseok huffed in annoyance. Areum blinked in slight confusion having come after the whole argument had taken place.

With that Jungkook pulled out of Areums driveway and set out to todays destination, wherever that may be.

Half an hour into your journey, Yoongi had succumbed to the drowsiness that seemed to always follow him and fell asleep on your shoulder. You didn’t dare wake him due to the many stories you had heard of his temper. Instead, you decided to take a picture of this moment because never would you ever have thought that the scariest person you knew could have the most adorable sleeping face.

“Hey, send that to me after. I can use that later on.” You pursed your lips at Hoseok whilst shaking your head. “And get killed by the Min Yoongi? No thanks, take your own picture.” He seemed to heed your advice since within the next moments he pulled his phone out, stretching his arm out towards Yoongi’s face. However, before he could take a picture, a hand shot up and grabbed his own hand, locking it in place. Your eyes trailed towards Yoongi’s closed ones before glancing back at Hoseok’s startled face.

“If you even think about pressing that fucking button, I’ll kill you right here, right now.” Hoseok slowly retracted his arm and turned to face the front, not making a sound. Yoongi, surprisingly, still hadn’t opened his eyes but he did move his head from your shoulder to the head rest.

A few minutes later the silence that had ensued died away and you all broke into conversation, picking up where you had left off. This made the last half hour whiz by and Jungkook was soon parking at what seemingly was an abandoned parking lot.

“Where are we exactly?” Jungkook unbuckled his seatbelt and craned his neck in your direction, flashing that same bunny like grin he always had.

“One of our special hangouts. We come to this one a lot and just chill out for the day.” He then stepped out of the car and everyone else followed suit. Just as he had locked the doors, Namjoon pulled up beside your small group and Taehyung bounced out of the car, jogging towards you.

“Good morning! You didn’t miss me too much did you?” He winked at you whilst pointing finger guns. “I missed you tons, I almost died without your presence.”

Taehyung’s boxy grin grew more and he hugged you tightly. “You’re the only one who understands me and my personality!”

“You said the same thing to me the other day!” Jungkook’s offended voice made Taehyung pull back from you. Before he could answer, Jimin made his presence known.

“And me! You’re playing all of us, aren’t you Tae?” Taehyung began to visibly sweat and within the next few seconds took off behind a small building.

“It’s my car, I should be able to drive it!”

“And kill us all? No.”

Seokjin and Namjoon joined the rest of your group and Hoseok clapped his hands together. “Let’s go!” He started in the direction Taehyung had disappeared in and you followed behind him.

You had all set up something close to a base at the side of the building, which you discovered to be an old bowling alley. After a few hours passed by of simply trading each of your own stories and eating the different foods Seokjin had prepared, a question popped into your head. “Are there still bowling balls and pins in there?”

Yoongi glanced back at the building for a moment before nodding his head at you. “There should still be some left from the last time we came here…”

“Let us bowl!” Seokjin jumped up from his seat and marched into the building and Taehyung all but skipped in after him. Jungkook made his way towards you, sticking his hand out and you grasped it, letting him pull you up. He didn’t let you go but spun you around, very loosely wrapping an arm around the front of your neck and shoulders.

“Okay, now that was smooth.” He nuzzled your cheek at your compliment before pecking it. “I know but that’s just the beginning.” From the corner of your eye you spotted his smirk but decided to ignore it.

You’ll let him stay cocky just this once.

When you eventually caught up with the group, you found Seokjin wiping down one of the alleys with a mop whilst Namjoon collected the stray pins from the ground.

“Let’s see who can get the cleanest strike first.” Taehyung’s proposal was one everyone seemed to be interested in and you all negotiated over the order you would play in.

“I’m just warning you, I beat the almighty golden maknae so you all better watch your backs.” Areum decided to wipe the smug grin off your face with her next words.

“Well he must have let you win because I know for a fact that you missed almost every shot the last time we went bowling.” Well, she wasn’t exactly lying about that.

“That was two years ago! I thought you were my friend!?” She giggled and gave you an apologetic hug which you couldn’t reject.

By the time you had released her, everyone was ready to start and you prepared yourself for what was probably going to be the most intense bowling game you would ever play.


Your first competition had resulted in Jungkook being the victor unsurprisingly but when you all decided to play a real game, you were shocked at the fact that Yoongi had single handedly beat you all by quite a bit. It didn’t help that you played two more games only for Yoongi to come out victorious both times.

“I’m ninety nine percent sure that Yoongi has rigged this game.” Your comment received a chuckle from said boy who then shook his head.

“Nope. I like to think I have been blessed with many skills and this just happens to be one of them.”

“Bowling isn’t a skill.” His smile dropped at Taehyung’s reply and he cast him a lazy stare.

“Do you want to die? Of course it is but I wouldn’t expect you of all people to understand.” They continued bickering and you glanced at the time displayed on your watch. Almost six in the evening.

Who knew that you could spend this long bowling? You did take hour long breaks in between so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise.

A tap on your shoulder pulled you out of your thoughts and Jungkook placed a finger on his lips, grabbing your hand and guiding you out of the building.

“What’s up Kookie?” He pulled two spray cans, one white and one black, from his hoodie pocket and handed you the lighter of the two.

“Let’s leave our mark here.” You raised your eyebrow at his suggestion but couldn’t deny that his idea did sound very appealing.

“Isn’t that stereotypical? You know that whole 'leaving our names on a tree forever’ thing?” He shook the can and grinned at you, stepping towards the other side of the building.

“Who said we were leaving our mark on a tree?”

Upon following Jungkook, you found him spraying his name onto the back of the building, in big bold letters. Once he was done he spun around and nodded his head at the wall.

“Your turn.”

Staring at his name sprayed in black, you had a short mental debate with yourself which, honestly, was useless since there was almost nothing wrong with what you were doing. Stepping up to the wall, you spread your name in white beside his before adding a little heart in between both of your names.

“I thought you didn’t like clichés?”

You looked up at him with a delicate smile and scratched your cheek.

“I guess a little cliché isn’t that bad…” He returned your smile with one of his own and in that moment you were reminded that his soft smile was one of the many things you loved about him.

“So this is where you were hiding!” Jimin’s voice made you spin on your heel and you were greeted with the sight of the rest of the group, all standing with their own spray cans, even Areum.

“Thought you could leave us out?” Taehyung jumped forward and tutted at the both of you before admiring your 'work’.

“Ah, this is cute. But… it’s missing something.” He proceeded to spray his own name above yours and motioned for everyone else to come forward. Your smile widened as everyone began to leave their names around Jungkook’s and your own.

Minutes later, they one by one stepped back and Taehyung directed his next question at the both of you.

“What do you think?” On the once plain wall was an array of names each in their own unique colour and you felt a sense of pride in what you would describe as a masterpiece now.


“Don’t you think your name is too close to mine?” He began chuckling as did everyone else though Seokjin’s window wiper laugh was undoubtedly the one that stuck out the most.

By the time the sun had set and night had just barely arrived, you had all settled around a fire Yoongi had lit. You sat beside Jungkook watching the flames of the fire dance whilst distantly listening to the jokes being thrown about. That is until Jungkook drew your attention away.

“Those seven years really flew by back then. I wish I had known to enjoy them while I could.”  

Jungkook lowered his voice to avoid interrupting the conversation taking place in front of you.

“Honestly, there are better years to come. You just wait on it.”

You were sure that as long as you had these people beside you, there would only be better times.

There could only be better times.

A Bad Day | Jeon Jungkook x Reader | Ficlet

request from impossiblekimpossible:

“Can you do a Jungkook react to when ur having a bad day? Thank you!!”

pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

genre: Fluff

wordcount: 4489

synopsis: It has been an absolutely shit day for you. When you return home from work, you and Jungkook start your encounter on the wrong foot, souring your day even further - however, he quickly remedies the tension between both of you through nostalgic means.

author’s note: I hope you don’t mind, I took it upon myself to create a ficlet instead of a react, since you requested for only one member! And I hope you don’t mind the career I’d assumed for the reader. Please enjoy! :)

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Make it hurt ( Then Kiss it better)

Chapter 4

“So, when did you start drawing?” i said cheerfully, watching Jung kook as he lay on his stomach on the soft white carpet of his room, sketching happily on the huge board on the floor. 

Yoongi had picked me up after lunch and driven me to his home. After a few minutes of idle chatter with his brother, he’d disappeared, after telling Jung Kook that he would be back at dinner time. 

That was still an hour or so away. 

“when i was five.” He said brightly. “ Yoongi hyung bought me my first set of colors.” He grinned. 

I smiled. 

“I used to draw with the gardener’s son…” Jung Kook said wistfully. “ His name was Taehyung. “

I leaned forward.

“where is he?” I said gently.

Jung Kook shrugged.

“He goes to school . I can’t … because I’m sick..” He pouted. 

“You can still play with him if you want to…” i said kindly. Jung Kook bit his lips.

“What if he thinks I’m a freak?” he whispered. “ Boys shouldn’t be omegas.” 

I swallowed the slicing pain that went through my heart. 

“Who told you that?” i said evenly.

Jung Kook shrugged.

“Only weak people become omegas.” He said , biting his lips again.

I scoffed.

“I’m an omega. I’m not weak.” I rolled my eyes. He frowned.

“You’re an omega?”

“Can’t you scent me?” I said surprised. He nodded grudgingly. 

“I thought you were like Yuju, noona. She sprays perfume to smell like omegas. it makes me sick.” 

i froze.

“She.. wait.. what?” 

“She wears omega scents. She buys them from a boutique in ilsan. She showed them to me. is it true that they hurt omegas to make those perfumes? ” 

 jesus christ, what the hell was wrong with that bitch….

 “Of course not. She was probabaly joking..” i lied through my teeth. I was going to kick that twit in the fucking teeth when I saw her. 

“Anyway…i thought you wore those too..” He shrugged.

i shook my head. 

“Of course not. I’m a real omega and let me tell you, i’ve beat up more boys than your brother. “ I said firmly. 

Jung Kook giggled. 

“you’re lying.”

“Of course not! i even almost beat up your brother.” i grinned and he laughed harder.

“Hyung wouldn’t let you…” He protested and i laughed. 

“Well, what matters is that i could if I wanted to. And it not just beating up people. I could do anything i wanted. No one can stop me . Just because I was born a certain way, doesn’t mean i can’t live the way i want to live….” I said firmly.

Jung Kook stared at me thoughtfully. 

“I want to go to school too.” He said suddenly. “ But hyung thinks it’s too dangerous.” 

I hesitated. 

“Jung Kook, I can’t make promises I may not be able to keep but I’ll talk to your brother… is that okay?” I said with a smile. 

“Really? You’d really do that for me?” He looked heart breakingly hopeful and i smiled before ruffling his hair. 

“Of course i will.” 


“I didn’t know that Jung Kook’s doctor is my brother.” i said casually, climbing into Yoongi’s car and buckling myself up. He hummed and turned the vehicle on, peering back to pull out of the driveway . 

It was nearly a week since I’d first met Jung Kook and I’d been spending a lot of time with the little imp. He was a genuine treasure and I missed him fiercely evrytime we had to say good bye. 

over the week , i had developed a sort of grudging friendship with Yoongi. It wasn’t particularly affection driven. just a bit of respect and appreciation. 

And it helped that he was pretty easy on the eyes , a voice snickered inside my head. 

( shut up, hoe.) 

“Yeah… he is.. why?”

“Have you talked about sending Jung Kook to school?” i said hesitantly.

Yoongi scoffed. 

“did he beg you as well.. Don’t mind that.. he’s a kid and he doesn’t understand…”

“Precisely!! Yoongi.. he’s a kid… don’t take away an essential patrt of his childhood from him…”i protested and Yoongi growled, the sound hitting me in the pit of my stomach. I blinked as my entire body curved away from his tone, an instinctive urge to hide taking over. 

“You will not fill his head with nonsense, Min Jung… i swear to God if you give him these fanciful ideas and put him in danger ..I’ll wring your neck.” 

I swallowed , my throat dry.

“i’m sorry.” My voice came out meek, subdued. 

Yoongi took a deep shuddering breath. 

“Jung kook is the most important thing in my life. If anything happens to him, I’ll …I’ll never forgive myself.” he whispered and I nodded, vaguely aware that all I wanted to do was clamber onto his lap and nuzzle his neck. 

Oh, shit. What was happening, really?

“I’m not trying to hurt him.” i said weakly, swallowing the dryness in my throat. It felt like a struggle, trying to get my words out. 

“I know that… but he needs to be taken care of right now. Besides, can you imagine the kind of bullying he would get in school..”

“There are suppressants that…”

“He’s too young for those. And too weak. “ 

i sighed.

“What about Taehyung?” i said softly. 

Yoongi frowned.


“Why won’t you let Taehyung come play with him?” 

Yoongi tapped the steering wheel impatiently and i stared at his hands. ivory white fingers that looked oddly hypnotising against the expensive leather.

“I never stopped him from meeting Taehyung.” He said firmly. “ Jung Kook felt uncomfortable because Taehyung happens to be an alpha.” He said with a shrug.

I hesitated.


“Yes, oh. Now, I’m dropping you off , so I’d appreciate if you don’t turn my brother into a version of yourself.” He smiled a little and i rolled my eyes. 


“which reminds me… Did you tell him it’s okay to hit Alphas?” 

i blinked.


“He socked an Alpha kid in the hospital last evening. Said that you’d told him to…” 

I bit my lips to contain the smile.

“why..uh.. Why did he hit him?”

“Said he bothered him about something. That doesn’t matter! What matters is he shouldn’t be going around hitti- Why the hell are you grinning?”

“Because I’m fucking proud of him. And you should be too.” i snapped. 

“Proud that he’s beating people up?!” Yoongi stared around at me in disbelief and i rolled my eyes. 

“Proud that he’s standing up to himself! Think about it… If he was an Alpha you wouldn’t think twice about him hitting a guy… “ I accused.

yoongi sighed. He ran a hand thoruhg his messy blonde hair, exasperation written all over his face. 

He looked frighteningly like how Seokjin usually looked at me. 

100% done. 

“I don’t know what I was thinking…letting you near my impressionable young brother..” 

I grinned and poked his cheek, earning myself a snarl.

“Oh , don’t lie. You love me.”

i don’t know why i said it. But he didn’t bat an eyelash, smiling softly and shaking his head.

“Brat.” He said softly. 


“You dragged me to the store in the middle of the day to buy an iron man figurine?” Jieun whined in displeasure and i elbowed her in the ribs.

“Shut up and tell me what looks better? This three foot tall one or the smaller one with more detailing…”

“He’s not going to be able to haul a three foot thing all over the place. If he likes to sketch you should give the one with more detailing..”

“I knew there was some use in dragging you along..” I kissed her cheek and she grunted. 

“I can’t believe you’re actually eading to Min Yoongi’s house. How does stuff like this happen to you? He’s so fucking hot..” She groaned.

I rolled my eyes.

“He’s also engaged.” I pointed out.

“To the biggest wart in human existence.” Jieun muttered.

I snorted.

“Yes. But i’ve learned that people should be allowed to make shitty choices if it makes them happy and trust me the guy actually seems happy with that creature.” 

It was true. 

It boggled my mind but Yoongi seemed to genuinely care for the girl. And there was no doubt that Yuju’s world seemed to revolve around her handsome boyfriend.

“You can’t tell me he doesn’t make you feel some type of way. ‘  The Min Yoongi effect’  is what they call it in the goosip board.” Jieun laughed. 

I smiled grudgingly. 

“i won’t deny it. But yeah, i’m not an idiot. i’ve worked too hard for too long to lose it all over an alpha.” I said firmly, and it was a nice reminder. 

“Then why do you keep running everytime he texts you?” Jieun retorted. 

I rolled my eyes.

“You sound like i run to hang out with him. I go and give jung Kook company. The kid is sick and lonely.” i said firmly.

“Whatever. Just don’t get in too deep and end up regretting the whole thing. “ 


On the morning of Jung Kook’s birthday, everything went to hell. 

i woke up sweating, shaking and disoriented, completely stunned and even more embarrassed. I hadn’t had a wet dream in such a long time and i flinched in disgust when i felt the wetness between my legs, slippery against my thighs . There was a dull , stinging ache at the base of my pine, unfamiliar and not exactly unbearable but definitely hard to ignore. i stared at the ceiling for a few seconds, before dragging myself up and glancing at the calendar. 

Jieun was snoring softly , her even breathing filling the room. I squinted in the darkness, flinching when I saw the red crosses on tomorrow’s date. 


I dragged myself to the cabinet and grabbed the box of suppressants, tossing four pills into my palm and swallowing them down quickly before reaching for some water.

The scenta maskers lay in the adjacent box but i figured the suppressants ought to be enough. 

 I stayed standing for a few seconds and slowly the sweating stopped, the ache fading to a dull throb and my eyes began to focus again. 

But yet, the feeling of something not being right hung heavily in my gut. My body felt oddly weightless, my mind vaguely distracted but not by my thoughts. it was like my skull was stuffed with cotton wool, like i was trying to hear and see underwater.

 images and sound registered but made no sense. 

I stumbled a little as I stood up again, my feet trembling mildly. I moved back to the bed, staring in distaste at the soaked sheets. 

It was a while before I could get it cleaned up , tossing the sheets into the laundry basket before half stumbling and half dragging myself to the bathroom. The shower helped, bringing me back to my senses and by the time i was out, Jieun was awake. 

She gave me a look of confusion.

“why do you look like you ran up and down thirty flights of stairs?” she said mildly and I grabbed a handful of tissues from the small tin on the table, swiping at my sweaty face. 

“I think I’m coming down with a fever…” i muttered. 

“You took your suppressants right?” She said worriedly and I nodded.

“I even took an extra couple, just to be sure.” i said firmly. 

She nodded firmly. 

“Good… By the way, hwasa’s coming over to get that assignment.” 

I sat on the bed, fully intending to get up after a minute and pack for class but Jieun returned from her shower, dressed and ready but i was still sitting there, feeling a bit like like my feet had been filled with lead. 

“Okay.. do you want to , like take the day off?” Jieun said worriedly. “ You look like you’re about to fall headfirst if you tried to stand.”

I swallowed, thinking about the three papers I hjad to turn in today all of them having a say in my final grade. The final grade that would help me enter Med School. 

“I’ll be fine…” I shook my head and grabbed some more tissues, wiping away the sweat and tapping into every ounce of energy I had left, before dfragging my self to the dresser. I looked …. weird. 

I stared at my self, the sweat slicked skin and mostly an odd sort of glow. 

 omega glow.


That made no sense. I was on suppressants. But there was no denying the way i looked right now. My lips were no longer plum pink. They looked blood red and swollen, bitten red. 

I felt panic build up inside me. What was happening to me? 

When Hwasa came in, she actually froze in place, just staring at me in disbelief.

“Holy shit! Who railed you?” She whispered.

“What the hell…” i muttered, snatching the assignment out of her hands and slipping it into my backpack. 

“you smell like Alpha.”

I froze.

“What? You smell like Alpha. Like someone gave you the fuck of your life. Which one was it? i thought you repelled all of them .” she grinned , waggling her eyebrows and I shoved her out of the way before grabbing my key and stalking out of the room. 

I grabbed my phone and dialled Yoongi’s number. 

A second later he picked up.

“Min Jung?”

“Hey…I was wondering if I could drop by later in the evening because …”

“No. I’m having Yuju over.”

I blinked.

“oh. It’s okay, I can get a cab…”

“I said No. My girlfriend and i are going to be there and I’d rather you don’t come.”

Oh, wow. 


“Yoongi , you don’t have to be prize dick over it. i just want to see jung Kook. You and your girlfriend can go snog in peace. I’m not going to becoming in between you.”

He scoffed.

“As if you could….”

Jesus Christ, what the hell was up with him anyway?

“Listen , it’s Jung Kook’s birthd-”

“No, you fucking listen to me, alright! Just because Jung Kook has some weird fascination with you doesn’t mean you can just fucking walk in and out of my fucking home as you like, okay? I’m telling you you’re not welcome and Jesus, can’t you fucking get a hint?”

I gaped at the phone for a few seconds, not even sure what had happened or why. 

And the a steady beeping told me that he had hung up. 


By lunch break, the whispers were becoming hard to ignore. Most Alphas shot me looks of disgust and I wanted to burrow into the seat. My thighs hurt, my back throbbed like I’d taken a baseball bat to it and my fingers kept trembling. 

The aftermath of what had happened with Yoongi still stung. I mean, we’d almost been on the way to becoming friends, or so I’d thought. And then he’d gone along and proven just why alphas were considered dicks. 

 I was looking forward to the privacy of my room.

 I wanted to avoid the stares and the mutterings, so I took a shortcut through the undergrowth and the woods that interspersed the various dorms.

Stumbling forward and losing my footing for the third time in a minute..I finally stopped, taking a deep breath and acknowledging that something was wrong with me. I gripped the nearest tree and slid down the rough bark, whimpering at how much heat was building up inside my skull and inside my body. 

Fuck.. Fuck.. Fucking fuck.

i fumbled with the phone…barely managing to dial Seokjin before the first hot flash took over, excruciating pain and searing heat mingling and shooting up my spine till I was flat on the damp muddy ground, twigs digging into my body as i fought the tears of frustration. 

“Op-pa!” I choked out.

“Min Jung?! where are you.. what happened?!!” he sounded terrified and i swallowed , fighting to keep away the haze of arousal and dopamines that were being dropped into my bloodstream. 

“Heat… I dunno.. what happened… I took the pills… ” i managed before another shot of searing pain hit my skull.

“oh, Fucking hell, didn’t he tell you yet-? I’m going to fucking murder him.. Baby, where are you?” Seokjin said urgently and I stared around in misery, frustration building up. 

“In the woods.” I whimpered. “ I don’t even know where I am…” 

“Okay… baby there’s a tracker on it. I’m going to find you real soon, okay? Are there Alphas around?”


I’d completely forgotten about that.

i was stuck outside an Alpha Dorm in full heat.


They were going to find me. No if’s or but’s about it. it was just a question of when.

But I wasn’t an idiot. I took a deep breath.

“Jin , You need to hurry. They’re going to be able to scent me real soon. I think I’m really close to the dorms. i’m gonna try and move away, okay?”

“ Find somewhere close to flowers or honeysuckle. They’ll help mask your scent. And i want you to rub some of the damp earth on your wrists , your neck and on your mating gland. “

i blinked.

“My  what?!”

“Fuck.. it’s the small bump at the curve of your neck.. where your neck meets your shoulder.”

“you want me to rub dirt on it?”

“Damp earth…. It’ll mask the scent. “ 

 I dropped the phone when my fingers got too sweaty and my vision went fully blurred, the phone no longer visible or reachable. i tucked it into my dress pocket. I clawed at the ground, well aware that this wasn’t one of the weak little heat flashes I’d had over the year.

Standing up was hell, but i managed, vision swimming dabgerously as i spotted the dense undergrowth leading deeper into the woods. I’d never even ben there. You’d have to be suicidal to go off the paths in the woods but desperate times. 

I walked on unsteady legs for what felt like hours , but could well have been just a few minutes. I could smell honeysuckle closeby and a few turns bought me to a glade , the forest clearing up at the top to let in weak sun. I curled up into the bushes, grabbing a twig and digging into the ground . After digging up a small pile of dirt, I grabbed a handful of the mess and rubbed it on my wrist. my neck and shoulders feeling like i was burning off my skin. 

It took another hour of mind numbing pain before the scent hit me. 

Soothing and comforting. 

i wanted to sob in relief. It was Jin. 

“Op-pa…” I choked out when he came into view and his eyes softened . 

“I got you, baby girl. “ He dropped to his knees in front of me wrapping strong, warm arms around me. 

“I think i’m dying..” I rasped out, voice cracking. 

He chuckled.

“i’m sure it feels that way… Listen…I’m going to give you a sedative, okay? It’s going to help because this pain is only going to get worse and I don’t really want you to go through with it…”

“I… Why did this…?”

“I’ll explain once it’s over. Just trust oppa, okay?”


When i woke up again, it was to the steady beeping of a heart monitor. I blinked groggily, feeling like I was lying inside a swimming pool, my entire body weighed down by heavy clothes and bed covers.

I huffed, struggling to sit up. 

“Wait.. you’re.. you shouldn’t be getting up yet…”

i froze at the voice. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” I said , syllables breaking off from the strain of speaking. 

Yoongi looked a little green. 

“I’m…I’ve been here for the last fivce days.” he looked guilty as fuck and I felt foreboding rise inside me like a living thing. 

I blinked.

“What the hell?” 

“Seokjin thought I should stay closeby …. to help with… calming you down.” he reached out, as though to touch me and then seemed to think better of it, pulling away . 

I gaped at him. 

It took me a few long seconds for the implications to sink in.

My hands flew up to my neck and I felt it. The distinct indentation of twin teeth, right on the curve of my neck. 


“Minjung, wait I can explain…” 

“You … bit me.” i said , too stunned to process it anymore. 

“I didn’t want to!! I had to…. you.. you were really sick….” 

I swallowed, not able to understand or come to terms with it. 

“Did you… Did we…?” I stared at him in disbelief and he immediately shook his head. 

“No.. No.. i swear I didn’t have sex with you…. It’s …I didn’t..” He said hastily. 

The door opened and Jin appeared, momentarily freezing in place. 

“How could you do this to me?” I said softly, staring at my brother, the only man i had ever trusted in my entire life. “ You know how I feel about mating… You know how I feel about it…” 

 My life is over…

“ Baby…. i wouldn’t have done it if there were any other way. You were really sick and your temperature was so high…”

“So you nrough in an Alpha to bite me!” I snarled in disbelief. “ I’m not a fucking bitch in heat!!” 

“Min jung…”

“And even if you had to… why one earth would you pick  him??!!! He hates me… He has a fucking  fiancee!!!”

Jin bit his lips. 

“it’s because Yoongi already imprinted on you.” He said gently. 

I froze, stunned. 


“ That day… in the Music room..” It was Yoongi who replied and there was a world of hurt and regret in his tone that made me want to claw my eyes out. 

“You knew? You knew you’d imprinted on me?” i said, stunned. 

Yoongi didn’t reply and i laughed in disbelief. 

“Wait.. did  you  know too?” i glared at Seokjin and the way he looked at his feet answered it all.

“Oh my God. “ i whispered, stunned. I thought of all the stares. The way the Alphas had stopped hanging around me. If Yoongi had imprinted on me, they must’ve smelled him on me. 

I felt suddenly weak and lost. 

“i asked you…” i said stupidly. “ that day… i asked you if we’d … you said no…” i stared at Yoongi in confusion…” wy would you lie to me?” 

“Min Jung…I’m sorry…” He said softly and I couldn’t believe it. 

After everything he’d done to me, everything he’d said he was apologizing..

“Is that why my suppressants weren’t working? Is that why you made me want to use scent maskers instead? Because i was smelling like Yoongi?” i stared at Jin and he gave me a little smile. 

“You’re a smart girl…”

“Not smart enough, apparently. “ I turned to Yoongi.

“What are you goign to tell your fiancee? That you’ve got a new pet for your new home?” I sneered. “ A nice little bitch who would entertain you when you go into rut and don’t want to hrut your precious wife.” 

“Min jung..!” Jin said warningly but the tears slipped out without warning and I swiped at my eyes furiously. 

“Because that’s what i am, aren’t I? Created especially for  your  pleasure.” I said bitterly. “ How long were you hoping to do this Yoongi? Hoping to prove to me that Omegas aren’t anything more than whores. Will you do this to your precious broth-“

One minute he was in the chair, staring at me evenly and the next second he was snarling, fingers wrapping around my throat and pinning me to the bed as he straddled me.


I stared back defiantly, only mildly scared at the way his iris changed color, a deep blazing red. 

“I’m going to ignore what you said, because you’re upset. Don’t fucking bring Jung Kook into it. I never looked down on you. Never have , never will. You think i wanted to mate  you? You- the most cynical, most cruel heartless bitch I’ve ever met? You disgust me…. The way you wear your arrogance like a fucking armor. And trust me, if it weren’t for the fact that you were getting your brain fried with a fever of 45 degrees, I wouldn’t have bloody looked at you twice. 

“Yes, i imprinted on you. Not because I wanted to! And yes i lied. Because, I didn’t want to upset you. i was going to leave anyway. And once i married Rose the bond would break anyway. I  was  trying to make your fucking life easier. That’s why i went to your brother and told him to change your meds and make sure that it wouldn’t affect you in anyway….If , for one second you stopped thinking that the world revolves around you, you’d fucking know that I never wanted to prove any shit to you…. You’re not  that  important to me.!!

“So, if you want to go ahead and bitch about it, do it. But keep in mind that the only reason you’ve got a pulse to bitch with is because i overcame my own dislike and helped you fucking live.” 

He squeezed down again and i choked for a second before the hold relaxed. jkin sttod away, wisely . He stared evely as Yoongi climbed off me and grabbed his jacket.

“Get your shit together and act like a rational human and then we’ll talk.”

I stared as he stalked out , slamming the door shut behind him.