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"Sell Your House If You Love Japan" – Kook Jin, Hyung Jin Squeezing Japanese Members Dry

News – Overall Japanese leader Rev. Song’s words at Meeting of Japanese National leaders on March 27 2011 (Osaka, Fukuoka), March 28 (Tokyo, Hokkaido)

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Rev. Song is the Korean leader sent by Kook Jin Nim in charge of Japan. First, a summary of his speech. Not for the faint of heart or the hypocritical.

- Church members are responsible for the terrible disaster in Japan
- If you say one wrong word, history can go in the wrong way
- Don’t do prayers to show off – Heaven will not receive them
- We never know when we will experience the same thing again
- Even if the grass is greener on the other side, don’t look over there
- The way of good is to go to Heaven through the tunnel of grief
- There are many people who let things go through one ear and out the other
- The churches in Japan have to bring 11, 15, and 17 times bigger [financial] results than before
- Mentioned generous contribution to the Red Cross
- Told members to give donations of repentance
- Misfortune can turn into a blessing
- God has been enduring a lot
- Stroke of good luck amidst misfortune
- Even the words I say in a sudden moment are not my words.
- This is not the end.
- God says that by bringing 11, 15, 17 times more [financial] results the disasters will end with this
- Tsunamis are more terrifying than earthquakes
- You can’t think that you survived [the tsunami/earthquake]. Make the donations by selling your house
- Build Cheon Il Guk and then you can die
- Say that you will die after building Cheon Il Guk even if a tsunami comes
- God told me that Japan’s misfortune will turn into a good fortune
- Many people seem to have died in the tsunami
- People who are willing to die will be saved, and those who squirm and struggle to live will be killed by a tsunami. Even if they’re not killed by a tsunami there’s many other ways to be killed. Always be prepared when walking the way of the Will
- Now Japan is entering a phase in which it is calming down
- 40,000 people have to set the standard of being patriots – Standard for True Parents’ day and the standard of extending the period [of sending in donations] for 11 days
- Make regular people participate too
- Construct a tower of dedication where the tsunami past by
- It’s a piece of cake. So easy.
“Patriot’s dedication” donation: 1,100,000 yen (13,500 US dollars) per family.


I am church member in good standing; I’m not someone against True Parents. But I write here anonymously because there’s nowhere else to go. The church is reaching a ridiculous point in its history and there’s really nowhere to go to complain about it. I read the news about Japan and thought it necessary to transmit to others.

Is it right for the Unification Church to demand 1,100,000 yen to our members when Japan faces the most difficult crisis in its recent history?
Kook Jin Nim, Hyung Jin Nim: You talk nicely and put on a nice show, but who is violating human rights in this situation? Who is squeezing the blood out of the church members? No matter how much you go to the members and clean their feet and cry on their shoulders, you are still pushing them to sell their houses to fill the donation quota. Earthquakes, tsunamis, vast national devastation, irreparable economic damage, nuclear radiation is not enough suffering for you? Of course we are all “sinners” and should be ashamed of it. But why not do something about it?
Is the construction of the Cheon Bok Temple really providentially that important that it needs this sum of money to be wringed out of Japan at this time? Did True Father authorize this irrational push, or was it the idea of other people?

Kook Jin Nim is proud of giving 1.7 million dollars of church money to the Red Cross. Every church website from Korea, Japan, America, is proudly showing that off. I resent that.

Take a second to think that actually it’s just a drop in the bucket, no, a drop in the ocean of money that Japan gave to the Church. Billions and billions of dollars year after year. How can they push for this donation “tsunami” on top of the crisis they just had? Just take a look at this “patriot dedication” donation: The goal is that 40,000 families in Japan donate 13,500 dollars each. It comes out to 540,000,000 US dollars. That’s squeezing 540 million dollars from a nation that just went through a horrible crisis. They’re asking people to sell their houses and die for Cheon Il Guk.

In this perspective the donation to the Red Cross hardly seems like something worth mentioning or something to be proud of. If I were the Red Cross I wouldn’t take money which most likely came from the Japanese UC members. While it may be noble, the “Japan UC member’s human rights” charade feels completely inappropriate.

From this day on I am not going to support the church with my donations. They don’t deserve it any more.

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Kook Jin Moon and Hyung Jin Moon plan to “Arrest and Execute” their mother, Hak Ja Han, leader of the FFWPU

        Hyung Jin Moon, left, and Kook Jin Moon in the Sanctuary Church

In the October 31, 2016 video at 55:23 Kook Jin Moon declares
“The tradition of Kingship is very clear, in that case where the Queen Mother tries to usurp the throne, it’s the King’s responsibility to arrest her and execute her. That’s the king’s responsibility.” 

He further explains that Adam should have got rid of Eve. King Hyung Jin Moon makes no attempt to disagree with his brother Kook Jin’s death sentence on their mother, Mrs Moon, Hak Ja Han.

Complete video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6Or6tHmjf4

In the November 20, 2016 video Hyung Jin Moon declares
55:00 Now what did the Han mother do? Think about it in legal terms, what did she do? The messiah has given the scriptures, he has given what will represent his curriculum and his word. We are a nation of Cheon Il Guk, which is not an actual sovereign nation yet but it will come in the future. But think about what she has done on a legal level. She has gone and desecrated all those national treasures. Do you understand what I am saying. Now, legally what would happen? You have to lock her up, even though she is you mum, you have to lock her up… In a real nation what the Han Mother has done is beyond criminality. She has not only desecrated national treasures, she has not only desecrated museum pieces, she has not only desecrated UNESCO Heritage Sites per the greatest. What else has she done? She has usurped the throne. Now let me ask you in the States, in Britain if you usurp the throne, will you be locked up? You will be beheaded. In a real nation if you usurp the throne, and say the king has already determined his next king, his successor and heir and representative body. And “No, I don’t like that. I am going to change that” you are considered a usurper. And if you try to politically do that, you will be locked up. You are committing treason, you are a traitor to the nation. You are committing crimes against the nation and humanity. Think about that on the national level….

58.25 Hyung Jin talking about his mother: “We will be righteous men and righteous women, and we will not stand for that behavior. You are committing international cosmic crime – and your punishment will come. It will come.”

Kingdom Riches by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon
– Unification Sanctuary, Newfoundland PA

Complete video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZmHcXVtd20

Please note neither video has have been watched in their entirety by HWDYKYM. There may be other relevant statements.

Kook Jin, second left, owns companies that manufacture a range of weapons

These two of Hak Ja Han’s sons, Hyung Jin Moon and Kook Jin Moon who live in Pennsylvania, have no legal powers to arrest or execute anyone but that does not mean that they will not do something. Hyung Jin and Kook Jin have publicly declared that they will execute their mother. This was said in front of the perversely named “Sanctuary Church” congregation on October 31st and further threats were issued on November 20th by Hyung Jin. These threats have been streamed on YouTube and Vimeo. 

Sanctuary Church members seem to have given their silent consent to kill the woman that they once called “True Mother”. Some years ago they had promised to protect her with their lives. 

Sanctuary Church members have switched allegiances from Hak Ja Han to King Hyung Jin Moon and his wife Queen Yeon Ah Choi. 

Hak Ja Han, the widow of the self-proclaimed messiah Sun Myung Moon, may be coming to Washington, DC, in the not too distant future. There should be concerns as to what might happen.

Hak Ja Han spoke to the Korean press and stated she is the “Only Begotten Daughter” and “Messiah with no original sin”

There has been a history of brutality around the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification:

Revering Soon-ae Hong, a convicted killer, and Hyo Jin Moon – who may have committed murder.

Hyo Jin Moon is rumored to have held a loaded handgun to Peter Kim’s head at East Garden and threatened to pull the trigger. Why?

Tahk Myeong-hwan was murdered four weeks after Sun Myung Moon spoke about him as an opponent.

Tahk Myeong-hwan was offered a bribe of $450,000 to discontinue research into the Unification Church

Tahk Myeong-hwan was attacked with car bomb

28年間、統一教会やKCIAと戦った卓明煥の証言   /  Tahk Myeong-hwan fought against the UC and KCIA for 28 years (until he was murdered by two cult members).

統一教 實相 虛像

“In Korea, one even senses a fear, like one induced by the Mafia, among the opposition, and … outspoken opponents speak of death threats.” Prof. Sontag, 1976

In 1975 Korean Unification Church members physically attacked many Christian pastors

The Mysterious Death of Robert Boettcher in 1984

The house of Mr Justice Comyn was destroyed by arsonists just after the UC lost a massive libel case in London…..

Donald M. Fraser’s house was attacked by an arsonist just after his investigation into the Unification Church. It was only saved by good fortune.

Moonie “Dirty Tricks” against Donald Fraser

UC members sent more than 200 text messages to Cho’s cell phone, saying, “We’ll kill you.”

Moon’s followers poured a pot of urine and feces on the head of a Seoul University Professor of Religion.

Abducted and beaten up by the Unification Church in Korea

Prime Minister Kishi of Japan, organised crime and the Moon involvement in Japanese politics gained protection for the UC

1. Freedom of the Press in Korea – Unification Church style

2. Freedom of the Press in Japan – Unification Church style

Preston Moon violence at the New Yorker Hotel