T-SITE Interview

Q: Introduce yourself:
Junhoe: I am sexy and smoky vocal June. I like being called “sexy”, “handsome” etc 

Q: WYD Stans for “what you doing’. When asking a girl, what will you add after ‘wyd’?
Junhoe: (after thinking seriously long and hard) Let’s eat together? 

Q: How will you approach a girl you like?  
Junhoe: Similar to Bobby. Using words or actions to show how I feel. Girls, by seeing and hearing you will be able to tell immediately? "I like you” will create this kind of atmosphere 

Q: Any concert mistakes:
Jinhwan: Even if Junhoe did something wrong he acts as if he did nothing wrong
Junhoe: If I made a mistake and my expression shows it all that would be unprofessional. Being a professional, even if I made a mistake I have to have a poker face. That’s my style
other members: wow!!!

Trans by: Team Junhoe | Take Out With Full Credit


Diseño: Vitale para KOO

Diseño que combina los conceptos de sofá y mueble auxiliar.
Ganador en la última edición del Concurso Internacional de Diseño Industrial del Mueble CETEM.

Es un sistema modular que permite configurar múltiples y funcionales, dando solución a la problemática de los espacios reducidos creando ambientes flexibles y personalizados.