iKON | Meeting Their s/o’s Parents For The First Time

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monsta x / ikon reaction to meeting their S/O parents for the first time :)

He has a great relationship with his own mother so the first time meeting your parents he would proabably go in with the same happy attitude that he would when going to see his mom.

“I’ll just be myself around them…won’t do any good to put on a show for them,” he said with a smile, “I guarantee by the end of dinner they’ll absolutely love me.”

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“You’re sure this is necessary?” he questioned.

“If you want to continue dating me…yes,” you replied.

It’s not that Hanbin didn’t want to meet your parents….he wanted to but at the same time he knew he was in for a long line of questioning and he wasn’t really prepared for the pop quiz. “Can’t we meet with them in a few weeks or something?”

“They’re coming into the city, just…just humor me and please meet them,” you pleaded.

He begrudgingly agreed and when your parents arrived at you house there were smiled all around but there were also nerves as your father put his had on Hanbin’s shoulder and said “I’d like to have a word.”


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The night that Jinhwan met your parents actually went better than you were expecting. Except for one thing; your sweet cuddle but kept getting yelled at by your father to take a few steps away from you.

It was only natural for Jinhwan when you were doing anything for him to be practically attached to your side his arms wrapped around you.

“How many times do I have to tell you to get your hands off of Y/N in my presence, much more of that and I’ll remove them for you,” your father said seeing Jinhwan back hugging you in the kitchen.

“Oooooh, um yes sir,” he said letting you go.

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Nerves probably wouldn’t be as much of an issue here when meeting your parents. Yunhyeong can be a very charming person so whether or not your parents are carefree people or over protective his charm could probably break through any barrier.

“Y/N must’ve learned to cook from you, right Mrs. Y/L/N…she makes delicious food whenever I’m home.”


“There’s no reason to be too scared,” you said, not only trying to convince Junhoe that everything would be alright, but yourself as well.

“Why…why do I have a feeling by the end of this I’ll be going home in a body bag,” he said.

“You won’t go home in a body bag….you might need a shrink…but-”


Arriving at your childhood home you were greeted by your father who sat down with Junhoe to “discuss” things with him.

“No sir….yes sir….um…how do I answer that sir…..”


As nervous as he was to meet your parents before you got there, as soon as your mom needed help getting things finished up for dinner and the table set and anything else he would jump in and help, all nervousness.

“You found yourself such a helpful young man,” your mother commented, “Is he always like this?”

“Whenever I need him, he’s there….”

*Donghyuk turns into smiley shy boy*


“Please…don’t be yourself…at least not this time,” you said as you pulled up to your parents house. You loved Chanwoo and his smart ass personality, you really did, especially since you were a smart ass too. But with all the playful bickering and teasing that you two did you just didn’t want your parents first impression of him was him relentlessly teasing you (with all the love in the world of course).

“What’s wrong with being myself?” he questioned.

“Oh I don’t know…I don’t think my father would like your teasing very much,” you replied.

“But I do it with love and cuddles…” he said.

“I know that, but he doesn’t…and you might not make it home in one piece…”

“This hurts my soul…”

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at yg family meetings
  • yg: so. who broke the coffee machine? i'm not mad, i just wanna know.
  • seungyoon: i did. i broke it.
  • yg: no. no you didn't. suhyun?
  • suhyun: don't look at me. look at chanhyuk.
  • chanhyuk: what?! i didn't break it.
  • suhyun: oh that's weird. how'd you even know it was broken?
  • chanhyuk: because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.
  • suhyun: suspicious.
  • chanhyuk: no it's not!
  • jinhwan: if it matters, probably not, but junhoe was the last one to use it.
  • junhoe: liar! i don't even drink that crap!
  • jinhwan: oh really? then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • junhoe: i use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. everyone knows that, jinhwan!
  • seungyoon: okay, let's not fight. i broke it. let me pay for it.
  • yg: no! who broke it?!
  • mino: sajangnim...bobby has been awfully quiet.
  • bobby: REALLY?!
  • *everyone starts arguing*
  • yg, later: i broke it. i burned my hand so i punched it. i predict 10 minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. good. it was getting a little too chummy around here.