Birthday scenario game - Utaite ver.~

mine is ‘Rib confesses to you because they want you’
I-IT’S SOMETHING////// i made it with yanno////

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Inside, you have great compassion for poor people. Great. Does that result in you doing anything about it? Do you hear about some terrible tragedy in your community and say, “Oh, those poor children. Let them know that they are in my thoughts”? Because fuck you if so – find out what they need and help provide it. A hundred million people watched that Kony video, virtually all of whom kept those poor African children “in their thoughts.” What did the collective power of those good thoughts provide? Jack fucking shit. Children die every day because millions of us tell ourselves that caring is just as good as doing.
—  David Wong
  • MAJI LOVE2000% (ED)
  • Amatsuki, Mafumafu, Un:c, Shamuon, Yuuto, Ito Kashitaro, Kony

マジLOVE2000% 歌ってみた 【歌天使亜勇弧魔】

赤:コニー mylist/17567342
青:まふまふ mylist/22993832
黄:しゃむおん mylist/11880896
紫:伊東歌詞太郎 mylist/30406043
橙:ゆう十 mylist/19807363
桃:天月 mylist/16016171
緑:un:c mylist/11630197

Movie:すこっち mylist/28212980
illust:市ノ瀬雪乃 mylist/21686908

Artist: Kony, Mafumafu,shamuon, ito Kashitaro, Yuuto,amatsuki, Un:c 

  • Mafumafu w
  • Mafumafu, Amatsuki, Yurin, and Kony
  • Namahousou

So this was from yesterday’s nama that Amatsuki, Mafumafu, Yurin, and Kony held together w They were drawing in the beginning but later they started talking about random stuff.

(Rough translation because it’s hard to translate word by word orz)

Mafumafu: But Really… I feel a lot of people ask me “Mafu-kun you like guys right?” like seriously they say these kind of stuff and so once I asked “Eh?? Why?” and then they repiled “Because everyone says so.” Like what–

Amatsuki & Yurin & Kony: “Because everyone says so.”  wwww

Mafumafu: I never said anything like that!!!  What happened…

Yurin: Really… what happened…. That’s kinda sad w

Mafumafu: However, didn’t I go sleepover at Amatsuki’s place with Yurin–kun?

Amatsuki, Kony, Yurin: Yeah.

Mafumafu: At that time, I woke up finding out that I was holding hands with Yurin-kun who was still sleeping.

Kony: *dramatic laugh*

Mafumafu: I was just thinking this is bad—


COF’s song by Itowokashi- Unforgettable Night (忘れられNight/Wasurerare Night)-with English and Romaji Subitles

Translation collab with dylanhere (。・ω・。)

LYRICS (Kanji+Romaji+English) HERE!