Late, but here I am! Tagged by @alpinjongari <3
Here are a few of my merch stuff: @mamath (the boxfox),
@vivtanner (the deer wooden charm & moleskin sketchbook sticker)
@elk64 the goldfish charm that floats from my pocket
..the rest are gifts from friends etc (or artists I don’t remember, sorry!)

konrad dragonized !and smoking blue he is!

another one for my SAURUS dragonizer project

as requested by http://konveeart.tumblr.com !!

this is konvee’s oc so everything here belongs to her ! plz do not use without permission! gough even if this is in google gough

Unofficially : the story as i imagined it is that konrad stumbles upon an magic blue dragonic orb and he can use it  to transform hence . his dragon form is fast and powerfull and mighty and  and .. ok i might have gone too far huehue 

i intended to add some dice somehow somewhere but i got excited and forgot about that .