I spent this past October and first half of November rebuilding the mechanics of this amazing piece for the American Museum of Natural History. It’s been around for about 10 years, and has seen it’s share of hacks, kluges and “there, I fixed it!” moments. It was about to head off to Singapore when the museum decided it needed a Kontraptionist tune-up. New bearings, new linear slides, a new motor, and countless cleanups, helicoils, bushings, shoulder bolts and more were added to bring this monster back to life once again. Enjoy the video. I have some other more pro footage I shot which I’ll try to upload soon as well - Photos of the innards are also on their way.

Guess who’s back. Los Angeles just got a lot more awesome. CNC power to the rescue. Now, this isn’t some kind of commercial for Laguna. Turns out this machine required a full de-braining and a complete controller retrofit and internal PC board design to meet the stringent K-Lab standards of quality and reliability, and the results are satisfactory for the price. Now if I can figure out a replacement for these horrible hold down clamps it came with, we’ll be in good shape. Bring it on, LA.