That empty feeling.. The shop is clearing out, and will be empty by December 1st.. which means:

It’s available for YOU on December 1st!

So here’s the deal. It’s about 1200 square feet. It’s got heat and air conditioning. It’s about 35’ square with a little side room ( I have a computer, coat rack, mini fridge and shelf full of dingbats) and it’s also got it’s own private bathroom.  It’s got a ground floor roller door to the courtyard, and you can back a car/small truck down most of the time, right to the door of the shop. I managed to drive a small forklift in and out, but it’s not really an appropriate shop for anything heavy-duty, since the courtyard is long and skinny and cobblestone, so rolling carts and forklifts have a VERY hard time.  The shop has 8 foot ceilings, save for a giant beam down the middle.  There are NO windows, and ventilation isn’t a strong point, but it can be done.  It’s a cave, really.  Electricity is 60 amps of single phase 220V (and of course standard 110V outlets too) so you can run SOME machines. The meter is set up as residential, which is good for you.  Internet is borrowed from the neighbors over a wired Ethernet DSL connection. You gotta throw the dude down the hall a $20 every now and then, and it’s cool. You get a postal mailbox up front, UPS delivery kicks ass (guy’s name is Jay) and that’s pretty much it. It’s quiet down here, and the neighborhood is nice.  It’s fairly close to the Greenpoint G and the Vernon Jackson 7. I was paying $1200 for rent, but the landlord will want more because I made him buy the central heat and AC that I had installed. I don’t know the exact figure.  The price might seem cheap, but as nice as it is down here, it’s NOT prime real estate, so don’t let anybody tell you it is, and it’s kind of a bitch to rig big machines in and out of here.

I personally think that this place would make an awesome darkroom, but there are a million other possibilities too. Call Marty Kennedy (the landlord) at 917-262-9017, and tell him you’re a friend of mine (Andy) and you want to look at the old “Robot Studio”

Good luck.


The K-Lab is MOVING! The old digs just weren’t doing it any more. As endearing as they were, with their 8 foot ceilings, cobblestone driveway, mud, floods, and complete lack of windows and ventilation, it just seemed like the time was right to get a little more space….so here it is. We got a nice new fork lift, big tall ceilings, a real roller door right to the street, proper heat, and WINDOWS!! We hope to be up and fully running by the third week of November, with smaller machines coming online earlier. We’ll have more room, stock more material, real electricity, and be able to bring in bigger projects and turn them around faster now that we have the infrastructure to work in.  Exciting stuff! Update your address books. Phone and email stay the same.

BROOKLYN NY 11211-1314


Behold, the video installation for the control room windows for The Great Shop Party of 2013, by our good friends at  Dustbunny Studios. You can probably guess the theme :-)  This triptych was back projected in to the three massive 4’ x 9’ windows of the office overlooking the shop floor in what was the most epic NYC party I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to. To all of my good friends and colleagues, thank you for one amazing night. The talent and spectacle that you all came together to create was unforgettable. 

The Tormach CNC milling machine, in almost mint original condition. This shot is ancient Kontraptionist Lab history, from back in the old shop before much of any action was taking place (and I had time for personal projects)

Today the machine is missing much of it’s paint and is covered in a thick layer of hard greasy tramp oil and metal dust, which we try to keep scraped down as much as possible. It still kicks plenty of ass though, and runs as good as the day we  got it.

Hat tip to my 2,000th Kontraptionist Lab follower!

OK so some of my followers are totally bogus - like cheap-nfl-jerseys.tumblr.com but it’s still pretty awesome.

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America! America! F-Yeah! This was a CNC test cut in ¼" Corian. The final one will be in 1/16" thick polished brass, then paint filled. It’s only about 2 ½" across. I think this is for a photo shoot of a keychain, but the actual keychain in question was of such low quality that it just wasn’t going to fly. Leave it to to the K-Lab to make it even better than the real thing.