The Konstantinovichi ~ Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov of Russia,his wife Grand Duchess Elizaveta Mavrikievna Romanova of Russia (Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg), and their eight children:
Prince Ioann (1886–1918)
Prince Gavril (1887–1955)
Princess Tatiana (1890–1979)
Prince Konstantin (1891–1918)
Prince Oleg (1892–1914)
Prince Igor (1894–1918)
Prince George (1903–1938)
Princess Vera (1906–2001)
They had another daughter,Natalia who died in infancy.


The sons of Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich. 1870s

-Grand Duke Nicholas Konstantinovich (1850-1918)

-Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich aka KR (1858-1915)

-Grand Duke Dmitri Konstantinovich (1860-1919)

-Grand Duke, Vyacheslav Konstantinovich (1862-1879)


The Konstantinovichi children and their friends trying to recreate the famous portrait of family of Emperor Pavel I., in 1909

  • Prince Gavril Konstantinovich as Tsarevich Alexander Pavlovich, future Alexander I
  • Prince Ioann Konstantinovich as Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich
  • Prince Georgiy Konstantinovich as Grand Duke Nicholas Pavlovich, Future Nicholas I
  • M. A. Gering as Empress Maria Fyodorovna
  • Prince Oleg Konstantinovich as Grand Duchess Ekaterina Pavlovna
  • Countess E. G. Karlova as Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna
  • P. Ermolinskaya as Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna
  • Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich as Emperor Pavel I
  • N. Ermolinskaya as Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich
  • Princess Tatiana Konstantinovna as Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna
  • Baroness M. P. Korf as Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna

Wonderful headers for some of the chapters of “Romanov Autumn” by Charlotte Zeepvat. The chapters featured in this post:

  • A Place of Peace and Beauty
  • Fast Women and Slow Ships (Grand Prince Alexei Alexandrovich)
  • Autumn in the South
  • A House Divided
  • The Harsh Light of Day (Grand Prince Dmitri Pavlovich)
  • Surviving (Princess Catherine Yourievsky)
  • The Beloved Grand Prince (Grand Prince Pavel Alexandrovich)
  • To Belong to the Family (The Konstantinovichi)
  • Escape from Ekaterinburg
  • The Lost Tsar

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Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich´s youngest surviving child, his daughter Vera, had remained with her mother throughout the uncertain days of the Revolution, finally escaping with her to Sweden. Thus began a nomadic existence, moving to Belgium before finally settling in her mother´s native Germany, where she lived through the difficult years of the Second World War. Of all the Konstantinovichi, she had lost the most: her father, four of her six brothers, and her uncle Dimitri. For many years, as she later admitted, she was haunted by the “monstrous” events of the Revolution. “For many years,” she recalled, “I used to have the same dream, as if I stood with my back to a pit and they were going to shoot me. That was a terrible dream, but my awakening was not less terrible than the dream itself, because I was constantly afraid to open my eyes and see that they had really come to take me to the execution.”

Greg King & Penny Wilson: Gilded Prism