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but paintball isnt even that hard lol you just stand there and shoot people and anyone can do it. only 12 year olds p;ay paintball lol. Pluis it's not even popular. no one cares about paintball because it's stupid and only real men play real sports like football and baseball.

I’m blown away by this anon.

Alright, sit down, shut up, and get educated.

Have you ever even played paintball? Honestly, have you?
Because anyone who has actually gone to a paintball park and played real paintball (not the laid-back version in someone’s back yard in jeans and a t-shirt) would never have such an opinion.

Whether you’re playing speedball or woodsball, paintball is not something you wanna go into half-hearted. 

You’ll use muscles you never even knew you had, and it takes a lot out of you, but you get more out of it the more passion you put in. You don’t just “stand there”, and if you do, you’ll probably get hit. And that hurts. A lot. You’ll go home with welts and bruises all over you that won’t go away for a week (assuming you suck at the game, which, based on your attitude toward it, you most likely do). You’ll be sore as all hell at the end of your first game, and it’s the most fun you’ll ever have.

It’s a game of honor, where cheating is shameful, even to your own team-members.

The game itself is tough, dirty, and complicated. It requires 100% focus, dedication, and quick-thinking.

Yes, a lot of the time you’ll see very young people playing the game, but why is that a bad thing? Besides, I’ve seen PLENTY of young kids playing paintball that are already ready to go pro, and that doesn’t say anything bad about the game itself, but that it welcomes diversity and fairness regardless of age.

It doesn’t segregate based on sex like the majority of sports, as there are plenty of teams out there that have a mix of both male and female members. Destiny is a professional all-female team, and they play against male teams as equals. They also kick major ass, and they could undoubtedly kick yours. 

This does not mean that the game is any less masculine, because that’s not what the game is about. It’s not a cock-measuring contest, it’s a competitive, fair, honorable game for everyone to enjoy as equals.

 Over 12 million people in the world (that’s 100 countries) play paintball„ and it’s one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. Real teams representing real cities and countries come together during the annual PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions) tournament that people watch live-streamed all over the world (and it’s actually going on right now. The first event was last month. Congrats to L.A. Infamous on their win at Dallas Open).

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Players put a lot of time and money into taking care of their marker and other equipment. People devote their entire lives to the game. Many of them, especially professionals, have been building their skills since they were young kids (remember the 12 year olds?) and they make money from tournaments. 

Some people actually make a living off of playing paintball. Others make a living from paintball shops and parks. 

It’s a serious sport filled with friendly and laid-back people who all share a passion for having fun.

Real men don’t judge other men based on the sport they play. 

Besides, have you seen some of the men who play paintball? 

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That’s Konstantin Fedorov of my favorite team, Houston Heat.
He could kick your ass and still look pretty doing it.

So the next time you feel the need to open your mouth about something you won’t bother to even try to understand, don’t.



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