konpira fune fune

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Well, I don't think that any of the games were that sexual, really, they actually sound fun, especially when you think about the fact that alcohol is involved ^^. It's innocent flirting at best, who doesn't do that at parties? Are they played often? I know that there is an entire list of ozashiki-games, but I only ever see footage of konpira fune fune, tora tora and sometimes tousenkyo and rock paper scissors.

Konpira Fune Fune, Tora Tora, and Jankenpon are all common games that everyone knows and are spoken about publicly. Games like Dontaku-san and Jugoya Otsuki-san are “remembered” games; that is, games that are passed down from senior geiko to their juniors through word of mouth over time. In Japan they’re seen as a bit risque as what they consider sexual is very different from what Western people do. So, when you see videos of the common games it’s because that’s what’s seen as “presentable” in public. There’s a strict code when it comes to what can be shared and what can’t be from an ozashiki, so what you only see is a very small part of what actually goes on.  

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Other than Tora Tora and Konpira Fune Fune, what are some other games that geimaiko play at an ozashiki? Thanks! :))

There’s the classic Jankenpon (rock-paper-scissors), Truth or Dare (it’s a party game everywhere lol), and there’s some others that are a bit more “adult” like Dontaku-san (Doctor-san) and Jugoya Otsuki-san (Full Moon on The 15th Night).