And the Senju Hokage Cycle Continues

In all honesty, I’m fine with how Naruto played out. There’s just one thing I can’t let go of: the fact that Sasuke isn’t Hokage or in a major position of power. Hashirama’s true vision for the village was it being ruled by two people (him and Madara). It’s just that the people turned on Madara so it didn’t go as planned.

 When The Sage of Six Paths gave his power away, he made the mistake of giving it all to one brother. He did things differently when it came to Naruto and Sasuke. He divided the power evenly.

When they restored everyone, they did it together. They both are the heroes of the village. Uchiha and Senju..

 That’s why I feel like Naruto shouldn’t have full reign over the village. I felt that them both being Hokage would be better than either one of them doing it alone. Naruto is the wind to Sasuke’s fire. It would show just how much the village changed. They rejected one out cast which led to years of strife. By accepting one, it would truly convey that love and friendship will always prevail.

I always love the idea that like Akaashi and Bokuto hadn’t really told anyone they were dating yet. And so like one day Bokuto is changing and Konoho just smirks and says really loudly so everyone can hear, “ooh Bokuto been gettin some?” smacking the scratches on his back. And Bokuto like scrambles and freaks out Bc he forgot he had those scratches from Akaashi the other night and Bokuto doesn’t wanna just reveal it bc he expects Akaashi to not be a really public person. And everyone’s like “Oooh who is it? Who ya gettin it with recently? Feisty aren’t they with all that scratching?” and Akaashi just walks in casually like “Me”. And at first no one registers and they keep hounding Bokuto. until they notice Bokuto staring at Akaashi and everyone’s like “what?” staring at Akaashi. And Akaashi’s just like “Me. He’s having sex with me. He’s mine.” and Bokuto’s just left blushing as everyone’s just silent and Akaashi leaves saying “hurry up and change guys. Gotta get out of here tonight quick remember?”
And that’s how everyone found out they’re dating.