Mod Ene and Mod Shintaro covers the fast kagepro song
They cried



This is the third party in the event of “Kagerou Days” and also the ninth and final member of the team. 

Song by Jin

PV by Shidu

translations were not credited in video and I don’t want to assume it’s the user who posted it, so thank you whoever did it.

Tomorrow: #10 Shinigami Record

50 Vocaloid Songs I Enjoy

If you are ever bored and in need new songs, here you go!

(First 15 are part of a series; Kagerou Project)

{♫ Jinzou Enemy Mekakushi CodeKagerou DaysHeadphone ActorImagination ForestKonoha’s State of The World Kisaragi Attention Children RecordYobanashi Deceive ♫ Lost Time Memory Ayano’s Theory of HappinessOtsukimi Recital Yuukei YesterdayOuter ScienceSummertime Record Shounen Brave ♫ } ♫ Perfectionist ComplexLost One’s WeepingRolling GirlBlushifying Phenomenon 100% Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder World is MineThere’s Suppose to Be A Cheat Code for Happiness I Fall Down… and Stay Down I’m Sorry for Liking You Terror(ism) ODDS&ENDS Tokyo Teddy Bear Sweet DevilMozaik RoleFreely TomorrowInokori SenseiLove is WarNonsense Speaker Abstract Nonsense Drowning in a Wave of SadnessRotten Girl, Grotesque RomanceHello How Are YouDrop Pop CandyAi DeeSelf-harm Colorless ECHO Kuru Kuru Pa!Cherry Blossoms Before Dawn SenbonzakuraMasked bitcHPink Stick Luv! ERRORTwo Breaths WalkingLeave In The Summer, Yet You’re In My Fluffoughts ♫

Sorry if some links are wrong, I was rushing~


Konoha no Sekai jijou (Konoha’s state of the world)