konoha's white fang


Naruto 30 Day Challenge

Day 8: Favorite Minor Character: Sakumo Hatake

This was a tough one, I was actually about ready to cross out minor and put supporting character instead, since by definition, a minor character is one that shows up once or twice and that’s it. While Naruto has plenty of those, none are memorable… but then I thought of a few characters that I’m curious about.

If there’s one minor character I want to know more about, it’s Sakumo Hatake. We know that he was an Elite Jounin greater than the Sannin, he used kenjutsu, abandoned an important mission to save his teammates, and his suicide messed Kakashi up big time… but we know nothing else about him.

But the one thing that really makes me want to know more is if he used summons like Kakashi’s ninken. Did he have wolf summons? seriously, is there anyone out there that heard his nickname, “White Fang of Konoha,” and didn’t immediately thing of Jack London’s novel about a wolf named White Fang? His hair color is reminiscent of Grey Wolves and his sleeve design is very native looking in my opinion. Put all these things together and you’ve got some wolfie head-canons.

Kakashi and the Inuzuka Clan

I swear Kishimoto forgot about this.

There were so many links between Kakashi, his dad (Sakumo) and the Inuzuka clan.

- The fact that Kakashi some how gained the summons of a Dog Squad

- The Fact that Kakashi had a better sense of smell than Kiba (pre-shippuden)

- The Fact that Sakumo was dubbed, “White Fang of the Leaf

These couldn’t have been coincidental.

There’s a connection between the Inuzuka Clan and the Hatake Family that was probably forgotten about. hmm any thoughts ?

I’ve had so many Kiba/Kakashi headcannons over the years because of these connections.