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Fic I’ve decided I want to exist (but don’t currently have the brain space to write):

Obito is bored (so bored) and currently The Plan is running well without his supervision (so bored) and so he decides to take some time out of his life to go glare at Kakashi from behind some bushes. The asshole always twitches and spends the next several months paranoid, checking behind his shower curtain and throwing kunai at squirrels. It’s excellent.

So Obito moseys over to Wave where apparently some would-be dictator shipping magnate is having some Konoha nin difficulty.

Only to find out that some idiot put Kakashi in charge of a genin team??

Obito decides to hang around to watch what is surely to be a disaster. And, yeah, sure enough. Blood and tears.

And, like, it’s not like Obito particularly likes watching Kakashi be useless at something. (Yeah, who’s he trying to kid, he adores it.)

He just. Wow. Feels really bad for the girl.

She reminds him Rin. Sort of.


Not really.

Not at all.

But he thinks that maybe the superficial resemblance is why Kakashi can’t even look her in the eye.

And. Look. The kid’s obviously got promise: tree-walking on the first try?

It’d be a shame if the asshole ruined her. (Like he ruined Rin.)

So, y’know.

Obito is really doing her a service when he kidnaps her.

(Kidnap is a harsh word.)

(Obito is going to be so much better at this sensei gig. It’s going to be awesome, just you wait and see, Sakura-chan.)

So I saw all the Short-haired!Oro stuff and the idea of a SakumOro Tangled AU popped up. Only, it only vaguely (very vaguely) has bits of the movie.

Oro didn’t get kidnapped and locked in a tower. Danzo offered him a lab for crazy experiments and off he went, to a lab hidden away from the rest of the world. Thing is, he didn’t tell anyone because SCIENCE!! awaited. Danzo didn’t really say anything either because he might get Oro to do some experiments on his prodding. For the Good of Konoha, of course.

Hokage Sarutobi soon realizes that his Science Obsessed student hasn’t been seen in a while and sends for him… only to find out he’s apparently been missing for a while. He sends out search parties and stuff.

Fast forward to years later, Hatake Sakumo steals the Kusanagi (Oro’s sword that he left for Plot) from the Kingdom of Konoha. He flees, and is pursued by a very angry Sakura (who plays Maximus the horse in this AU). Sakumo goes to hide in a very convenient bunker and promptly gets KO’d by an angry Oro whose nap was disturbed.

Sakumo wakes up strapped to an operating table and is interrogated by Orochimaru, who suspects him of being sent by Danzo to assassinate him or steal his research or something? Idk. Sakumo denies it and flirts with Oro because Oro is very pretty. This is where the Tangled movie plot kind of becomes obsolete and becomes more Anastasia. Sakumo recognizes Oro’s markings as the same markings as the pic of Sarutobi’s lost student. He believes that Oro was kidnapped and locked away in the lab and Sakumo, despite being a thief, is against the stealing of people so he tries to get Oro to return to Konoha. Also, the reward Sarutobi put on the return of an alive Oro would be nice.

Oro thought his sensei knew where he was all this time but was too busy to send word or anything. So he agrees to allow Sakumo to escort him back to Konoha, still wary because what if it was just a ploy to get Oro actually kidnapped? Oh well, he can take him. Or just leave it to Kiyohime (who plays a very deadly Pascal). So off they go.

Of course, then Danzo finds out that Oro is no longer in the Lab and sends ROOT agents to coerce Orochimaru into returning. The ROOT agents happen to ambush Oro at the same time as Sakura (Sakura doesn’t recognize Oro as Tsunade-shishou’s friend for Plot maybe?). Oro is of course annoyed by all the people popping up suddenly to kidnap him, cue SakumOro battle couple team up.

Stuff happens, Sakumo is injured in one battle, taking a blow meant for Oro. That settles Oro’s attachment to Sakumo and he patches Sakumo up after the battle. More stuff happens, idk. Somehow Sakura catches up to them and tries to take out Sakumo for the return of the Kusanagi because that was her shishou’s teammate’s sword. You mean, my sword as I am Orochimaru, intervenes Oro. Sakumo is simply… ah, escorting me back to Konoha. Well. Okay then. Sakura Joined the Party.

Then they enter a pub or something and Oro finds out about the reward for his return. Oro is miffed (I like that word okay? Miffed) and thinks Sakumo is only in it for the reward and proceeds to give him the cold shoulder.

Enter bounty hunters Kakuzu and… hmm Kisame? Sure, let’s go with Kisame. Sakumo’s also got a bounty on his head (White Fang y'all), though unlike Oro’s, doesn’t matter if dead or alive. Cue epic battle scene where Oro’s hair gets shredded by Kisame. Sakura, who was “scouting ahead” to give the couple time to work out whatever tension there was, returns to witness that sacrilege. Kakuzu and Kisame are defeated by an enraged Oro teaming up with the White Fang and Tsunade’s Apprentice. Again, Sakumo almost dies protecting Oro from a blow he was protecting Sakura from (because he knows Tsunade would be pissed at him if her apprentice was injured while in his presence). Luckily, Sakura can heal Sakumo while Oro scolds him and says he can take care of himself. Cue cheesy flirting from Sakumo and fond(???) exasperation from Oro. Now onto the two KO’d bounty hunters.

Oro wants to kill them both, but Sakura recognizes Kisame as a Mist Swordsman and that Queen Mei Terumi of Kiri would appreciate the return of a living Kisame. Kakuzu… Oro wants to dissect him. Sakumo points out his current lack of a nearby lab and the problems of carrying around a dead body. Oro counters with Sealing Scroll. Okay then. So Kakuzu’s dead and Kisame is being carried like a sack by Sakura as the group continues onwards to Konoha.

Kisame wakes up and is besotted by BAMF Sakura, who convinces him that Mist is better now and that he’d be happily welcomed back. Mei is a trustworthy, for a foreign ally, she assures him. Kisame Joined the Party. Against Oro’s wishes who still wants him dead and gleefully takes petty vengeance since killing him is inadvisable.

Danzo and ROOT confronts the group on the borders of Konoha, accusing them of treason via association with known traitors (Sakumo) and enemy nin (Kisame). Cue flashy fight scene which attracts the attention of patrols nearby. Danzo escapes, but ROOT is discovered as active. Sakura shuts down the attempted arrest of Sakumo and demands to see her shishou and the Hokage.

Oro is reunited with his team (yay), Kisame returns to Kiri and comes back to Konoha as Mist Ambassador (he just wants to see Sakura again), Sakumo is pardoned and offered reward, which he refuses and tries to slink away but Oro stops him.

You dragged me out here, you don’t get to escape and leave me behind to deal with all the idiocy of people.
Aww, Lovely, just admit you’ll miss me.
Against all logic, I will. So stay.

…Well. Okay then. That just happened. Here you go??


“I-I don’t know….”

Happy KonoHaruEneTaka day~~~ 9/6   ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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that one episode where Sakura lied to Naruto that she loves him to stop him from chasing sasuke? I was wondering if you could write about sasuke's feelings towards this when he finds out( bonus Sarada finds out about it too)

thanks for requesting, anon :) sorry it took awhile to get around to!

“The Hokage said that you loved him once,” Sarada mentioned from her seat at the table. When she looked to Sakura with eyes as dark as Sasuke’s, Sakura felt her heart in her stomach.

The called upon memory made not only her heart rate increase, but her stomach tumble within her body. Sakura also felt her mind wander to Naruto and ponder on why he would be saying these things to her daughter.

I’ll take that up with him later, Sakura decided while Sarada patiently waited for an answer.

“I have my reasons as to why I told him that, sweetie,” Sakura smiled gently at her daughter. Sarada’s brows furrowed while her head cocked.

“What were your reasons, mama?”

Sakura inhaled deeply, looking for a way around this conversation but she knew that her daughter would find out about Sasuke’s adventure for revenge sooner and later. The idea of her learning later sounded much more appealing than it did of her learning now.

The older Uchiha sighed, her green painted nails tapping the wooden table lightly. “We were on a mission.”

“Was dad with you guys?”

“Not quite,” Sakura admitted and the pained looked on Sarada’s face caused her own heart to sadden.

“Well, where was dad? You guys were on the same team, weren’t you?”

Sakura could tell that her own daughter’s patience was worn thin with how this conversation was going, and before Sakura could answer, she could feel the rough and calloused fingers of Sasuke on her elbow.

“I was on a different mission, assigned to me and not your mother or Naruto.”


Sarada’s rising voice peeked Sasuke’s interest, and when he walked in on the two women that he lived with, he was faced with learning of Sakura’s confession to Naruto. 

The look in Sakura’s eyes when he entered the room betrayed the calm expression on her face. Inside those emerald eyes, he could see a simmering fire, burned out and losing the fight.

He knew his wife had her reasons as to why she did things the way she did, and the ‘confession’ that she had bestowed upon Naruto was none other than a lie. 

He remembered the day that Sakura had presented herself to him. She was alone, her chakra in every which direction, and her body anything but calm and composed, like she was in a distressed situation. 

Sasuke knew from the tone of her voice and the way she trembled from underneath the cloak that she wore, that something was off. She wasn’t herself then, and she certainly wasn’t herself now.

“It’s time for school, Sarada,” Sasuke called calmly. 

He knew his daughter wouldn’t drop the conversation. She was stubborn like her mother, and when she inquired on something interesting, she would want the honest answer.

With a small hug and a quick good bye, Sakura and Sasuke stood by each other in silence.

“I did it so I could save you,” Sakura’s voice was light and gentle. 

Her hand against his arm was even gentler than her voice, and the calm look in her eyes told him that she was being sincere. 

Ever since the night he departed from Konoha, he was well aware of Sakura’s feelings. Even when they encountered each other multiple times while he was on his journey for revenge, he could see it in her lively green eyes that she was in love with him, and only him.

Even the look that she gave him now, showed just how much love she held for him.

“I know, Sakura,” he brushed her arm lightly with the backs of his fingers. He knew just how deeply Sakura’s feelings had and will always be for himself, and when it came to small discoveries like this, it never phased him.

Instead, he enjoyed learning of his team’s experiences and missions of when he was gone. This was just another thing to add to the growing list of discoveries.

“Besides, the dobe knew that you were lying, I’m sure,” he teased lightly and to his surprise, Sakura’s cheeks were well on their way to lighting up with a rosy red, while her pink eyebrows knitted themselves together.

Sakura was flustered.

“So what!” Sakura’s voice was high pitched while her arms flailed in the air. “Just because you know Naruto so well, doesn’t mean you know everything that happened.”

And from those words, Sasuke knew exactly what happened on that day. Instead of standing by and letting his wife try to explain the situation in incomprehensible words, he poked her forehead with his index and middle finger and gave her a smirk.

“I’ll see you when I get home.”

How Not to Adopt a Child, or That One Book Tobirama Clearly Never Read

Merry Christmas, @tinytinyrobot! I hope you have a wonderful one! 

Tobirama slams out of the Administration Building in the grasp of a fit of pique he has no intentions of hiding. His chakra seethes around him, a furious tide, and the force of it cracks a wooden bench as he passes.

From behind him, through the open window of the Hokage’s office, a door crashes open, and he can distantly hear Izuna snap, “Brother! Go control your damned Senju before I literally set him on fire!”

Perhaps snarling at Izuna to get out of his way when the Clan Head only said good morning was slightly out of line. Tobirama can’t particularly bring himself to care. Being ambushed by three of the four Senju Clan elders and their increasingly frantic demands that he start planning to produce an heir managed to sour his fairly decent mood in an instant.

He had wanted, as a child, to be seen as his brother’s equal. Now that he’s receiving the exact same hounding that Hashirama was given before Tsunade’s birth, Tobirama wishes viciously that he could be rid of it.

“Tobirama!” One of the more persistent elders stalks out of the building after him, her robes flaring with the speed of her steps. Tobirama is snidely satisfied; he hasn’t seen one of the Elders move quickly since his father’s reign, and to be the one to push them out of their stately glide is more enjoyable than he expected. It does not, however, make up for the overall irritation of the situation.

“I’m going to train,” he bites out, and anyone else would take that as the threat he intends it to be, but Enko doesn’t even pause.

“Tobirama,” she says sharply, and Tobirama wonders half-idly how much Hashirama would yell at him for slapping a reverse-summoning seal on her and activating it. “You have a duty to your clan, and to the strength of your blood—”

Tobirama stops, because clearly there’s no escaping this. Even if he does manage it, next time they decide to press the point Madara might be with him, and if Madara thinks he’s holding Tobirama back in any way he’ll brood for days. There’s no way Tobirama has the patience for something like that.

“My brother has a child,” he points out, and it’s just barely civil. It is, he thinks in moments like this, very good that Madara was picked as Nidaime instead of him; Tobirama has no patience for politics, either. “Our bloodline is continuing. If that is not sufficient—”

“You know it’s not,” Enko says reprovingly, pushing her glasses up her nose with a sharp flick. “As brilliant as your brother is, you have your own skillset, and to lose that would be a low to Konoha in general, as well as the Senju in particular.”

It’s the fifth time in as many days that Tobirama has heard some variation of this lecture, and he’s irritated with it—the type of irritated that generally ends with his genin team assigning themselves missions as far from him as possible, and maybe entire graveyards rising from the dead if he’s feeling really testy.

At the same moment, a flash of dark hair and pale robes catches his eye. The son of the decimated Yashagorō Clan, the snake summoners, is just entering the square, apparently headed for the Administration Building. He looks tired and pale, worn in a way Tobirama is all too familiar with after a childhood spent at war. The boy is one of Saru’s students—Orochimaru, Tobirama thinks—but he lost his parents just a handful of days ago, on a mission that ended in disaster.

Skillset, Tobirama thinks, and then, Aha. Two enemy with one kunai.

“I see your point, Elder Enko,” he says.

There’s a suspicious pause. “Do you,” she answers, more statement than question, and her eyes narrow behind her oval glasses.

Tobirama offers her his blandest, most impolite smile. “Of course, and I agree. Such skills cannot be lost, but also may not be trusted to just anyone. However, I’m sure that you are quite aware of my attachment to the Hokage.”

“Believe me, Tobirama,” Enko says dryly, “no one has missed that detail.”

Ignoring that, Tobirama forges on. “Since I refuse to disrupt our relationship solely for the sake of an heir, we have decided to adopt.”

What?!” Madara half-shrieks from behind him.

Tobirama ignores that as well, reaching out to grab the passing Orochimaru by the shoulder and wheel him around to face Enko. “This is the boy. He will be a great asset to Konoha and the Senju Clan.”

Orochimaru blinks.

When wide golden eyes settle on him, Tobirama very pointedly looks back, trying to make the play along as clear as possible.

A beat. A pause. And then Orochimaru turns to Enko and bows politely. “Good morning, Elder,” he says. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Enko stares at him, one brow slowly sliding towards her hairline. She sighs, pinches the bridge of her nose, and then levels Tobirama with a look of deep rebuke. “I will be by in one month to see how your son is settling in,” she says meaningfully, then turns on her heel and inclines her head to Madara. “Hokage-sama. Congratulations on becoming a father.”

Madara gapes, entirely speechless. Lifting her chin, Enko sails past him like a tiny old battleship, towards where the other two Elders who accompanied her to harass Tobirama are still cowering near the main doors. She collects them the way anyone else might gather up unnecessary luggage before turning back towards the Senju’s area.

Orochimaru looks after her for a long moment, then glances at Tobirama again. “I don’t think that went as you were intending it to,” he says, far more aware than any six-year-old has a right to be.

“Enko is a witch,” Tobirama agrees, though he can’t keep all of the reluctant admiration out of his tone. Enko was one of his mother’s friends, and she hasn’t aged so much as sharpened. “I hope you’re prepared to be the Hokage’s son.”

There’s a wheeze from Madara that both Tobirama and Orochimaru ignore. “Does this mean you’re going to teach me your jutsus?” Orochimaru asks solemnly, and it’s only then that Tobirama remembers Saru talking about how his student was a genius.

Maybe this will turn out better than he anticipated.

“I will,” he agrees. “Did you have business to finish here, before we leave?”

Orochimaru shakes his head. “I was coming to apply for lodgings.”

“No longer necessary,” Tobirama assures him, and puts a hand on his shoulder to steer him around Madara’s spluttering figure. “Our home is nearby. I will take you to collect your things first.”

“Now wait just one minute!” Madara explodes.

Tobirama arches one cool brow at him, pausing agreeably. “Yes?”

Orochimaru glances up at him, then turns to look at Madara with wide, sad, solemn eyes in a pale and too-thin face.

Tobirama can actually see the moment Madara’s will crumples.

Perhaps it’s not how he expected the confrontation to go, he thinks, giving his new son an approving smirk, but it’s not nearly as much of a disaster as it could have been.

“Dinner will be at six,” he tells Madara, already steering Orochimaru towards the street. “Don’t be late.”

Madara huffs something that sounds vaguely like I’m the Hokage, you can’t tell me what to do, you bastard, but for the sake of his dignity Tobirama pretends not to hear it.

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HCs on what if Izuna lived!

Ooooo cool

Izuna Uchiha

•Well Konoha may or may not have been founded in this case. His death triggered a domino effect sort of thing for Konoha. If he hadn’t died, there’s no telling whether or not Hashirama and Madara would have clashed as intensely as they did that one time before Madara surrendered. So that’s one big game changer

•If he hadn’t died, the warring states period might have continued. And if Konoha was built at all, it would have been greatly postponed without Izuna’s death

•I could go into it BUT for the sake of these headcanons I’m going to pretend Konoha happened anyway because I think that would be super interesting with Izuna in the fold

•Madara probably would have felt more at ease with his brother at his side at first. But Izuna strikes me as the type who was like Tobirama in the sense that a Senju/Uchiha alliance did not suit his palate. He would have been constantly second guessing Madara’s decisions to make peace with Hashirama, and generally remaining in the background as a constant source of doubt and pessimism that would get on Madara’s nerve after a while

•He’s definitely causing trouble for Tobirama too, don’t be fooled. Madara and Hashirama’s reconciliation doesn’t mean Izuna and Tobirama have to get along. Izuna and Tobirama would always be at odds. Always arguing at council meetings, always glaring at each other, just being dicks to each other

•Izuna wouldn’t be as involved as he should be in Konoha affairs. He mostly sticks to the Uchiha side of the village and works on the welfare of his own clan. It’s only if Madara beseeched him that Izuna would try to participate in village projects

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Okay, I am apparently on a roll and flooding your askbox, please forgive me, I/m so sorry. But also, imagine this: in the end, Obito is freed/frees himself like a badass he is and somehow, the plot ends up back in Konoha. Kakashi: 'Well, hello again My Personal Demon.' Someone: 'Kakashi, step away form a Dangerous Missing Nin' Kakashi: '(blank), you can see my Obito!Halucination too?' Someone: "Kakashi, that is not a hallucination, or Obito (hah xD), please come over here already.'

xDD Oh, the irony. 

fic: my heart held in your hands - chapter 2

Chapter 1

summary:   The war is over and Sasuke finally comes home. But Konoha wont let a missing-nin back into their midst without leashing him first. Naruto sticks by his side the whole time.

pairing: sasuke/naruto (ninja!verse) post-698

rating: Mature

word count: 3,571

warnings: angst, hurt/comfort, panic attacks, eventual explicit content in later chapters

The inspection is more like an interrogation. Her name is Ayako. She’s been a council member for far too long. Her hair is pulled back into a bun so tightly that Naruto thinks it must be hurting her scalp.

Naruto leers in from the kitchen counter, eavesdropping.

Though Sasuke tells her exactly what she wants to hear, he still answers all of her questions with monotonous disinterest.

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The art of seduction, as only Uzumaki Hinata can do.

Warnings: Spoilers ahead! Mature rating for language and adult situations. (Read: shmutty shmut shmut and sexayyytimes youhavebeenwarned)

She had never seen him so angry.

Tension hung heavy in the air as Hinata stared nervously at her husband. That he was ignoring her for the scroll lying in front of him spoke volumes. He was the picture of tranquility as he sat behind his desk, scribbling something on the document, acting every part the Hokage as if he had been trained for the position since birth. Despite the outward appearance of calm, she could feel waves of rage radiating from him, making the small hairs at the back of her nape prickle with apprehension.

Shouting, cursing to himself, punching a hole in the wall, she could have handled. Naruto was openly passionate, and when he was mad he never thought twice about making it clear to the whole world. In nearly three years of marriage, Hinata had seen him exhibit all these signs of anger, but it was always directed at someone else, never at her. At first she thought it must be unhealthy, that they never provoked each other into a blind rage as any other normal couple could, but she rationalized that they were simply two people incapable of holding grudges against their loved ones.

But there was no question that he was furious with her now. She was certain there was a spring winding tightly inside him, waiting to explode. So the fact that he was being so uncharacteristically casual, that he wasn’t showing anger worried her greatly – it almost chilled her to the bone.

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Madara’s Insanity and the Curse of Hatred

Note- Ok, so Madara is my favourite character. No, I don’t think he is an angel or an innocent cinnamon role. I like him because he is an entertaining character. That doesn’t mean I support his actions. This rant explains why he went insane (yes, I do believe he went insane) and how Tobirama and Hashirama share the blame.

You may not like this if you’re a huge Tobirama fan. Sorry :/.

It all starts with the dream Madara and Hashirama had… to build a village where shinobi could live in peace (relative peace, at least) and where they could protect the ones they love. From the scene on the cliffs, I think it’s pretty clear that Izuna meant more to Madara than an average brotherly bond. This was confirmed later when Hashirama compared their bond to Itachi and Sasuke’s which we know is anything but ordinary. While Hashirama’s dream was to create a village where children would not have to die in battle, Madara’s dream was to create a village where he could protect Izuna. Notice that protecting Izuna was quite important, maybe even half in weight.

So obviously when Izuna died, Madara’s dream could never truly come true. After this Madara was never really ‘whole’. I’d like to draw your attention to the scene where Hashirama almost stabs himself. Just before this Madara used his Susanoo (from the looks of it, for the first time in battle), tried to avenge Izuna’s death and failed. Defeated and broken, he asks Hashirama to kill him.

Now that just won’t work because it was Hashirama’s dream to establish a village with Madara and Madara kinda has to be alive for that. So they form an alliance and later Konoha. Next scene- on the cliffs again (wow, those cliffs are important). It’s kinda weird how Hashirama has to inform Madara about the Sarutobis and Shimuras. I mean, Madara is sort of the know-it-all guy who likes to stay on top of things. Especially if it concerns Konoha, his dream village. Well, simple explanation, it wasn’t his dream village. Yes, he wanted a village where shinobi could find some peace. However he also wanted a village to shelter Izuna… Izuna was dead and Madara’s dream was also -more or less- dead.

To me it looks like he was out of phase, just letting Hashirama drag him around like a rag doll. The Shimura and Sarutobi are joining? Oh, ok. Name the village? Oh, ok. Be Hokage? Oh I’m-not-really-ready-for-that, but ok. I guess Hashirama realised that his friend was kinda lost so he gave him some hope by suggesting that he could protect the people of Konoha as he would have protected Izuna. That would give him some purpose again. Maybe Madara could realise his dream too?

Enter Tobirama. For some reason I cannot comprehend, Tobirama thought Madara shouldn’t be trusted. (Probably he was scared that Madara would strangle him in his sleep?) Madara’s own clan didn’t trust (Edit: support) him, he wasn’t stronger than Hashirama and please note- at this point in time, Madara had NOT done anything a normal clan leader wouldn’t do. No Infinite Tsukuyomi, no Ten Tails, no World Domination. He just was an average little clan leader who was in fact a liiiittle vulnerable. Madara was pretty much like Hashirama. Except of course, Tobirama wasn’t his brother. Therefore Madara shouldn’t be trusted and had to be eliminated.

Then Tobirama proceeded to concoct this ridiculous theory called ‘Curse of Hatred’ and fed it to his brother with some half-baked sciencey explanation. Note how Hashirama usually surrenders arguments to his younger brother, especially when there’s an intellectual element. Maybe it’s because he’s been conditioned to believe that he is intellectually inferior. This time is no different; Tobirama brought up his theory, Hashirama tried some lacklustre debate and conceded.

He doubted his childhood friend, the man who put his trust in him and gave him power over his clan. Madara overheard this, and it really REALLY must have hurt him. The guy lost his whole family, his clan didn’t trust (Edit: support) him (the clan aforementioned family sacrificed their lives for) and now his only friend in the whole world thinks he is a ticking time bomb. Nice.

Oh, and just to rub it in, let’s have an election! An election where the Uchiha might have voted for Hashirama too. Sorry to reiterate but ‘the Uchiha’, a.k.a the clan Madara fought for, the clan Izuna died for, the clan all his brothers died for and the clan he sacrificed his friendship with Hashirama for. The Uchiha voted for Hashirama, the leader of the clan that killed their friends and family. Wait a sec, doesn’t that go against the principles of the Curse of Hatred?

So if this Curse of Hatred thingy was real, the Uchiha wouldn’t have allied with the Senju in the first place, they would have agreed with Madara and left when he told them that Hashirama couldn’t be trusted, forget voting for him as Hokage! All along, the Uchiha did what was rational, suppressing their hatred.

Madara, though, had enough. He was done with the village, with his clan and with Hashirama. He would realise his dream no matter what. Even if meant it was all an illusion. Yup, he went crazy and Tobirama used his insanity as proof by example for his theory. A theory which he would pass down to his students and they would pass it down to their students and so on. Along with the Will of Fire, of course…

Years later, when Danzo and Hiruzen were handling the Uchiha coup issue, their sensei’s teaching would be somewhere at the back of their minds. It is NOT ok to kill children. It is NOT ok to kill innocent civilians. It is NOT ok to kill people YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR AND SUPPOSED TO PROTECT. Yes, Hiruzen and the council were responsible for the safety of the entire Konoha and the Uchiha clan was a part of Konoha. They killed their own people.

In the filler episodes (I don’t know if you watch them) it’s shown how Minato circumvented the whole Massacre by a simple settlement. Fugaku wasn’t a rabid dog, but a sensible man (bad father, not relevant) who was open to negotiation but at the same time wanted some freedom and power (not total control over Konoha and human sacrifices). It wasn’t just Danzo that was at fault but Hiruzen too. Clearly he didn’t do his best at settling with the Uchiha, he probably didn’t even offer them the smallest bit of authority. Why? Because a certain someone put certain ideas in his head that petrified him the moment ‘Uchihas in power’ came up.

Yes, it all boils down to Tobirama. Tobirama had some baseless fear of the Uchiha (Kagami doesn’t count, he was probably brainwashed for all we know), especially Madara. The ‘Curse of Hatred’ wasn’t some genetic mutation that cause Uchihas to go mad. There was just one case of an Uchiha going mad because he was driven up the wall (guess who was partially responsible for that?) and this was extrapolated and used to blacklist the whole clan as ‘tainted’. So now, whenever the Uchiha did something remotely bold (such as asking for their rights, government representation, equality, etc.) it could be labelled at insanity.

TL;DR version- The ‘Curse of Hatred’ is bullshit and didn’t cause Madara’s insanity.

Ok, that was a long rant… Thoughts? :D I love nice debates. I am sorry if my grammar is bad, I try.

Lazy late doodle for Shin’s Birthday.