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chalk art for bokuaka please?

“Akaashi, pass me the blue chalk?”

Wiping sweat from his forehead, Keiji complies. He’s been sitting out here under the sun for the better part of the afternoon, keeping Bokuto company. Bokuto insisted that they take advantage of the good weather, and managed to drag most of the team into it, too. Nobody knew where Bokuto got the chalk from, and none of them were invested enough to ask. So here they are, sweating and chalky, making a mess of the concrete by the nearest playground.

Keiji almost feels bad for the little kids that usually play here.

“Bokuto-san,” he says. “I think we should take a break.”

“I’m almost done!”

“You said that half an hour ago. Everyone’s already retreated under the shade.”

Bokuto makes a whining sound, head still bent over his drawing. His body is covering most of it. Keiji wipes his face again, glancing over the rest of the drawings. There’s a reason most of them stuck to sports instead of art clubs. Sarukui didn’t even try, he just wrote a poem from class. At least his handwriting isn’t half-bad.

“You’re going to get heatstroke, Bokuto-san.”

“Okay, okay! I’m done!”

Bokuto lays down the chalk, leaning back with pride. Despite himself, Keiji is curious, so he shuffles closer.

His captain has used almost all the colours they had, and his drawing stretched at least a couple feet. It’s slightly crooked, and some of the earlier corners are smudged, but it’s loads better than anything Keiji can ever do. His eyes widen. It’s a picture of a volleyball court, but more significantly, it’s a picture of them. The owls, mid-flight, on the battlefield they’ve dedicated most of their high school career to. Keiji swears he can see the volleyball moving.

“Bokuto-san,” he breathes. “This is beautiful.”

Bokuto grins up at him, eyes sparkling. “Yeah? I want everyone to know about us. Because we’re going to Nationals! And we’re going to win! We’re incredible!”

“I’m pretty sure only children that pass by on their way home will see this, Bokuto-san,” Keiji says, but he has his phone out, snapping a picture. For posterity. 

Because even he can’t deny the pride and relentless want to win, to be able to stand on that court, to follow Bokuto to victory. He’s going to make this picture a reality, whatever it takes.


“I-I don’t know….”

Happy KonoHaruEneTaka day~~~ 9/6   ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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I have a feeling that if Sasuke wasn't constantly yelled at the land of Fire would have be renamed the land of God-damn-it-Sasuke-stop-making-volcanoes-everywhere within the life time of the Konoha 12.


Well, one could say he’s just helping the Land of Fire live up to it’s name a little more…literally. 


Title: A Life worth Living
Rating: K+
Words: around 3k
Summary: How they spent the night after war at the hospital, only they will know. A night filled with pain, regrets and heartbreak but most of all love. / Post-war, pre-the last sasusaku fan fiction.
A/N: Ever wondered what happened after Naruto and Sasuke’s battle? When the war ended and their arms were treated? And what if some sasuke and sakura encounters happened at the hospital? After all, she’s the top medic of Konoha.
Well, its just my imagination. I hope you like it. ~have a nice day!
- - -
- - -
Black crows having blood-red sharingans in the orbits of their skulls, flew haphazardly screaming hurtful voices. The red sky and the deathly atmosphere, made his heart to beat faster and faster with every passing second. He ran and ran, trying to escape from his detriment past.

He was the same helpless, poor boy who had lost his family due to a reason he was unconcerned of, again.

He ran desparately from that fear, trying to not re-live the tragedy that once turned him into something he was not.

Something he had never wanted to be.

He was a killer, a murderer and an assassin who had killed so many innocent people, he had no right to kill or to even scratch. He could see the rubicund skin of his hands, his blood stained hands. The blood he had shed, could not be washed away. It would stay there forever. On his hands, on his face, in his heart. He was no longer the happy, little boy he once used to be.

And it was all because of that night.

All because of the tragedy he was going through once again.

And a failed past which he was now reliving.

No matter how or where he tried to escape, his tragic past never stopped haunting him. Never stopped chasing him.

Stopping only to catch his unstable breath, he fell on his knees. His eyes were closed shut, afraid to catch sight of anything horrible. The caws of the dark birds made him shutter open his eyes and he saw something he prayed he wouldn’t have.

Standing in between the crows was a dark figure. Eyes, as red as blood.

His heart was filled with fear again after getting the sight of his beloved brother, Uchiha Itachi.

The way the tomoes rotated in his eyes, activating the mangekyou, the more his heartbeat increased.

“Foolish, little brother.”

“I-Itachi… why!?” He didn’t notice when tears escaped his dark eyes.

In an instant, he could see the said figure turning into crows-disappearing, leaving a ‘goodbye’ among the caws of those animals.

“Kill your bestfriend.”

“Kill… my… bestfriend?” he sobbed. “Yes, kill my bestfriend.”

He stood up, turning into the seventeen year old man he was, having the same bloody eyes.

kill your bestfriend.

He started to run, this time, without fear.

kill your bestfriend.

In a short while, he could see kusanagi stained in blood. Blood, all over his being. Yes, he had killed his bestfriend. Pools of blood were formed on the ground and a certain blood-covered blonde was floating on it.

He looked over at his blood stained hands and emotions hit him at the very moment.

what had he done? he couldn’t understand. Not until he saw her.

A teary eyed and broken hearted, pink haired kunoichi, dressed in her chunin uniform was right infront of him.

“This isn’t you, Sasuke!” She screamed, holding back them tears.

His heart ached at the sight but his consumed heart decided to commit the most unimaginable crime and without a second thought, he pierced her chest with lightening.

Her heart stopped beating. He had killed her. He had killed everyone he loved. But the words that escaped her blood stained lips, brought him back to his older self.

“Are you happy now, Sasuke-kun?” She managed to smile before collapsing.

He had killed the one person who had loved him more than herself. The one who filled his unworthy, lonely existence. The only feeling he could have at the moment was,


- - -

He opened his eyes, breathing heavily.

He felt pain in the left side of his body but the pain in his heart was something far more greater than that. He couldn’t understand what was going on until he took a notice of his surroundings. The window of the room showed the world outside. The sky was not red, but was beautifully decorated with sparkling stars. The atmosphere was calm and there were no violent screams.

No blood and no pain.

He took a look at the room he was in. The moon light coming from the window was the only source of light. Different machines were placed on his left side, a machine showing his unworthy heartbeat and another medical equipment showing the status of his impure blood.

He couldn’t feel his left arm and knew it was due to the final clash. He sighed in relief knowing his bestfriend was safe and sound.

He aimed to sit on the hospital bed, but trying to do so, he felt a grip on his lone hand. Looking at his right, he saw the pinkette holding his hand and leaning her head on his bed, sleeping peacefully.

The look on her face made his heart fill in pleasure. Her beautiful pink locks decorated her calm features and her cheeks were flushed, may be due to the cold.

He smiled at the scene and the small smile on her rosy lips made his being warm. He could never imagine to lose her again, now that she was right by his side. To know she was well, made him satisfied. After all he had done, this was all he could ever demand for.

A cold breeze from the window, made her shiver and she opened her eyes, slowly. The way her eyelids lifted and the way her emeralds were now staring right into his obsidian ones, he couldn’t help but feel loved.

Loved, by the girl he had caused the most pain to.

The mere thought of his previous actions caused his shattered heart to pain even more. He remembered how he tried to kill her when she came to his rescue, to save him from the darkness he was stuck in. Or how he showed her her own death when she begged him to stop, to stop fading away.

Seeing the concerned look in her sparkling eyes, he felt guilty.

Guilty, for what he had made her go through. After all he had done to her, she still cared for him.


But at the same time, he felt longing. Longing to see those love-filled green eyes. And it was then he realized how he had missed her eyes. How he had missed her.

“Sasuke-kun? do you need something?” she asked,almost awake.

He nodded his head, no.

She kept on looking into his deep, black eyes. How she missed those eyes of him. His expressionless, stoic,beautiful eyes. The eyes she had fallen so hard for. The eyes she had loved all her life. But there was one thing more about those eyes now, they had caused her terror. They had caused her pain, but being the brave woman she was, she was not afraid of the owner of her broken heart.

She felt warmth on her hand and when she looked down, breaking the eye contact, she saw the only Uchiha holding her hand tightly, as if he was afraid of letting her go.

But little did he know, she was all his. And that, she was not going to run away, not when she finally had him.

Now that the promise was finally fulfilled, she felt her heart warming up and she was more than thankful to her best friend, resting in the next room.

Noticing the situation, a blush appeared on the holder of the darkest eyes and he looked away, losing the grip on her hand. But thanks to the darkness that crept inside the room, she didn’t see it.

“I woke you up.” he said.

“Thats okay, I was going to wake up any way.” She told him, moving her hand away from his. “So, are you feeling alright?” she managed to smile, hiding the blush on her face.

“Hn. fine.”

Even though he was not talking much, she was comfortable. He was never the talkative one any way. She nodded at his reply and as much as she wanted to stay, she thought giving him some personal time would be a good idea. She stood up from the stool, she was previously sitting on, aiming to leave.

“Um.. I should be taking my leave now, Sasuke-kun you should sleep.” She said, turning around.

“Sakura.” he called her, causing to stop her in her tracks.

“Yes?” she said, facing him again.

“Please, stay.”

The sincerety and gratitude in his voice shocked her a little. He had never talked to her like that before. Not only her, she had never heard him talking like that to anyone. Feeling a little special, she walked towards his bed.

“Do you need something?” She asked, sincerely.

Realizing how clueless she was, he turned his face to the window on his left.

“Tch. Annoying.” he whispered.

But she heard it correctly. And now that she knew the meaning behind this, she didn’t mind. Smiling, she sat on her previous place, looking closely at a pouting Sasuke.

She smiled at a cute looking Sasuke and accidently, said her thoughts aloud.

“You look cute, you know.”

Though she said it in a low voice, he heard her. And smirking, he turned his head to face her. She blushed furiously under his gaze and broke the eye contact that was once again being made.

“Hn.” he smiled softly but she failed to see it.

Looking at her flushed face, he remembered the young Sakura who used to blush like that everytime he was near her. At first, it was annoying but then, he loved that annoying side of her.

Looking at her now, he felt proud of how she had changed. She was now a strong kunoichi and a skilled medic. No one could match her strength as well as her abilities. He didn’t notice when she noticed him smiling and smiled back.

He was wrong. She was still the same Sakura who loved him with all her heart. And he was happy to know that.

“I missed you.” he heard her saying.

He felt tears forming in his eyes at the little confession and to avoid looking like a weak person, he turned his head away and closed his eyes.

“I did, too.”

She was not expecting a reply from him but the answer she received, made her feel like the luckiest person alive. A tear fell from her left eye but she wiped it away. Knowing that he wanted to talk, all she wanted was to satisfy him. She knew he was hurt and that she couldn’t take his pain away, all she wanted was to make him happy.

You bet she was willing to do so.

“Um.. so how was life outside Konoha?” She managed to break the silence and gain his attention.

All she wanted to do was to keep up any sort of conversation. Anything that could make him feel better. But being away from him for more than a little time, all she could do was keep up awkward conversations.

“It was fine.”

He said, not knowing what else to say. He was ashamed of his past and leaving Konoha. He was ashamed of leaving her when she told him she needed him. Even if he tried to, he couldn’t fill the hole. All he could do was to not hurt her anymore.

“And.. what did you usually do.. I mean after.. you left?”

She could not think of anything else to talk about. Carefully, she asked him about his past. A part of his past, she thought wouldn’t hurt him. But little did she know, leaving her alone was one of the mistakes he knew he had made.

“I.. I went to Orochimaru and trained with him, everyday. He taught me many jutsu, mostly those related to snakes.”

“well what do you expect, he is a creepy snake.” Sakura commented.

Sasuke chukled for the first time-at the statement- after that incident. Seeing him almost laughing, made her heart skip a beat. She fell for him, once again.

“I was too fixated on my goal,” he continued. “I learned everything he taught me, and once I was done learning everything, it was time for me to go after Itachi.”

His heart broke at the name of his beloved brother, but he continued, trying to not hurt the kunoichi and fulfill her expectations.

“Knowing Orochimaru, I knew he wouldn’t let me go for the sake of my body, so I killed him, taking advantage of the weak state he was in. Then I gathered a team and started persuing Itachi and when I found him, we fought and he died.”

She could see the saddened expression on his face and thought it was enough for him.

“But that creep Orochimaru is still alive, Sasuke-kun!”

“He couldn’t just die, could he?”

She chukled this time and felt happy for the more than enough answers he was giving her. A part of her bloomed and she continued the conversation.

“But when Tsunade-sama told us about his death, she herself was surprised. Guess she knew it will happen.”

Sasuke smiled at her and she felt warm. She had never seen him smiling, ever before.

“Tell me your story.” He said.

“Um.. well, after you left.” She regretted saying that but continued any way. “I made a promise to myself to become independent and not to depend solely on Naruto for bringing you back.” Another piece of her heart broke at the statement.

His chest hurt when he heard that. He once again felt guilty and all he wanted was to take away the pain he had caused her.

“I trained with Tsunade-sama. Learned medical ninjutsu and she taught me the byakugou..” She raised a fingure, pointing at the diamond on her forehead.

He felt happy for what she had achieved while he was away. But he also felt unhappy for not being able to watch her achieve all that.

“I saved chakra in my forehead and unleashed it during the war, you know the rest. Life was pretty much the same until Naruto returned and we started going on missions. Sai and Captain Yamato became a part of our team too. At first, me and Naruto hated Sai but then we accepted him. Missions were fun too.”

Sasuke felt bad for missing all the good time he could’ve had. An unfamiliar desolated, melancholy expression appeared on his face and Sakura noticed that.

“I fought Sasori of Akatsuki during our mission of Gaara’s retrival. He was always screaming ‘Art is eternal’, 'Art is eternal’ ” she chukled. “But he was strong nontheless.”

Quickly she changed the topic and tried hard to change his current condition which she actually did. Sasuke sat up on the bed, ready for a conversation for the first time in forever.

“You won’t believe I fought a member of Akatsuki. He was babbling about 'art is an explosion’ ”

“I know! the clay guy!”


“I came to face him too but Naruto and kakashi-sensei handled him mostly.”

“He commited suicide trying to kill me..” he smirked weakly at the stupidity.

“what!? were you hurt!?” She said a little too loud, standing up from the stool at once.

Sasuke stared at the stupid girl in front of his eyes. How could she be so kind to him? How could she be so innocent? How could she still care after all he had put her through? After all the times he made her cry. Guiltridden, he replied with a simple 'hn’ turning his face away from her.

Realizing her reaction, which came out of nowhere, she forced a smile before settling down once more.

“Um.. so…tell me about your team mates!” she said, cheered up again.

The question caught him off-guard but he replied any way.

He stared at her for a while before finally speaking.

“Suigetsu. He was one of the seven ninja swordsmen.” Looking the interested look on her face, he continued. “He was like Naruto. Alaways fighting with me and saying 'you are not the boss Sasuke’ , A good companion nevertheless.”

Her face brightened up due to a more than satisfactory answer from Uchiha Sasuke. And Sasuke could see her glowing expressions even in the dark of night. A small, alomost invisible smile appeared on his lips and he proceeded forward.

“Karin. She was an Uzumaki. She was not too good of a medic but using her abilities, she could heal two people a day. She helped me at times too.”

Sakura felt a sign of jealousy in her heart at the thought of another woman near Sasuke. But knowing the said woman, due to their previous encounter, she supressed the feeling.

“Jugo. He was entirely dedicated. A test subject for Orochimaru’s curse seal.”

At the mentioning of the curse seal, her heart pained. She could see flashbacks of the time when her beloved was cursed because of the seal. It was the curse mark that changed their lives. The painful state he was in, broke her heart and tears formed in her eyes. But being Haruno Sakura, she decided to speak.

“Captain Yamato. He is strict as compared to Kakashi-sensei but generous too. He would always treat us while on night stays during missions. He would always scare the hell out of Naruto.”

She smiled replaying the memories they shared with their senpai.

“He was strong, woodstyle user. He always protected us.”

Sasuke noticed the serene expression of her face which took away the pain of being away from them. Knowing there was someone to protect the two precious people to him, he felt pleasure.

“And Sai. He is rude at times. Too outspoken. He looks like you but he isn’t like you at all.”

He was reminded of the intruder he once encountered. Being reminded of the incident when he tried to sever all his bonds, when he tried to kill them. He felt as if someone was squeezing his damaged heart.

“At first, he would give us that creepy fake smile of his and piss us off in every way anyone could.” she sighed, remembering the time he called her ugly. ’'He was sent to spy on Naruto from Danzo.“

He felt pride knowing he had killed the bastard with his own two hands, who was he supposed to mess with his bestfriend? But just the thought of the dreadful incident made his heart beat faster. How in the world he tried to kill both of them. How did he try to kill her.

He was so lost.

’'But he changed and learned about friendship and now we share a bond.” she smiled, lost in her own thoughts, unable to see what the Uchiha was feeling.

Every time he thought of that incident and how he tried to take her life away, a piece of his existence hurt. He couldn’t image what could have been done if Kakashi had not come. He could’ve killed her and he could’ve destroyed the one person who loved him, who cared for him.

A tear formed in his left eye and in order to stop it from flowing he closed his eye. It was as if a sharp blade was cutting his throat over and over again.

The pain was unbearable and he knew there was nothing he could do to pay for his sins. There was nothing he could do to mend what was broken.

“Sakura… I’m sorry.” the words escaped his lips without him ever realizing.

She looked at him with wide eyes. The tears she had tried to hold back, fell from her eyes to her cheeks and to his hand, she was now holding.


She didn’t give it a second thought and stood up from her place, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her tears were soaked in his shirt and it felt as if his broken pieces were being mended. He breathed her scent and rested his head on her shoulder.

“It’s okay.. it’s .. okay!” she said between sobs.

A tear fell from his eye and he didn’t hold back this time.

It was just like the time when he woke up from the trauma with the help of the slug princess. The only difference was his arm wrapped around her waist protectively.

Never again. Never again was he going to hurt her. Never again was he going to cause her pain. Never again was he going to leave her alone.

The way he caressed her back and the way she held him closer, exchanged all the unsaid and unspoken promises between them. He knew he still had reasons to live and he was still impostant to someone. His life was not completely unworthy and he was grateful to the girl in his arms.

“Thank you, Sakura.”

He whispered in her ear and she smiled knowing the meaning behind those sacred words.
- - -

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be extremely sad when Bokuto graduates and leaves the team. But why do we forget that most of Fukurodani are third years, and that a lot of characters in addition to Bokuto are leaving, as well? Konoha “jack-of-all-trades” is leaving. Sarukui, the perpetual smiler, is leaving. Washio, Komi. Even Yukie, their food-loving, onigiri-eating team manager. For most of the current Fukurodani team, this is their last run, and I’m going to be so sad to see them all leave.

Somehow the Overwatch dream I had last night bled over into a Naruto cross-over and now I feel like I’m back in middle school/high school

Do not mourn for me

The First Move (A SasuSaku one-shot)

Disclaimer:The world of Naruto and all the amazing characters in it belong to Kishimoto. Iwish I’d owned Sasuke… Nah… Sakura owns him. :3

Summary: It’s been two years since she’d seen him. Who will make the first move and how? Will they let their ego and fears get in the way? Placed just after the events of ‘The Last’. (Warning: Some serious SasuSaku fluff going on inside *blushes in embarrassment*)

Sakura couldn’t help but smile at a fully red and flustered Hinata all cuddled up with Naruto in the red scarf that she had knit him. The war was over. Finally. Toneri was no longer a nuisance. They were finally going back to Konoha. Everything was perfect then. Well almost everything. It was not too long ago that Sakura got to witness Naruto kissing Hinata. Lucky bastard She thought and inner Sakura giggled. Both Naruto and Sasuke had had their first kisses. That too they shared it amongst each other. Seriously. Naruto was a lucky bastard.   She let out a sigh and shook her head. Sasuke… Her mind drifted towards a silhouette against the burning orange sun. The figure was wearing the clothes Sasuke was wearing the last time she saw him. Two years ago…

  “Sakura-chan!” Naruto snapped his finger in front of her, other hand around Hinata’s waist. Her head jerked and she looked at him with a confused expression. “You were zoning out. We’ll be back in Konoha in no time. Ain’t I right Shikamaru?” Naruto yelped cheerfully. Being around him just elevated the energy and hyperactivity of the surroundings.

  “I wasn’t zoning out.” Sakura lied and crossed her arms. “I was thinking.”

  “Oh yeah? What about?” Naruto asked teasing her and Hinata punched his shoulder in the mildest way possible. Naruto chuckled.

  “You know Naruto, unlike you. I am this strong today because of my hard work. And my determination to become a medic-nin. And to become a medic-nin, one needs to read a lot of medical books. Why don’t you just go ahead and imagine me thinking of the contents of those books?” Sakura asked smirking at Naruto’s confused expression.

  “Because… The way I know you, you’d probably not be thinking of medical stuff when not needed. Were you thinking of punching someone? It better not be me Dattebayo!” Naruto exclaimed and Sakura laughed as she shook her head.

“Oh, I should’ve figured this out! You were thinking of Sasuke!” Naruto said and laughed while Sakura glared at him and shook her head though inner Sakura was ranting Lies! Lies! Lies! She just hoped that her lying abilities weren’t as bad as she thought they were. Naruto knew that Sasuke was a sensitive topic to pull Sakura’s leg with and yet he did it. The last time he teased her with Sasuke, he had to beg Yamato to fix the hole on his wall. That boy never learnt from his mistakes.

  “Or the best Sakura-chan! You were thinking of punching Sasuke!” Sakura was losing her patience. What the hell was the blonde ramen brain talking about? Though he continued, because he was Naruto and just didn’t know when to stop. “He really does deserve it you know. When I thought he said he was leaving I thought it’d be only for a few months, but that baka jus-“Naruto was cut off by a punch from Sakura in the stomach. He should’ve thanked god that Sakura hadn’t gathered chakra in her palms before punching him. It didn’t hurt as much as it should’ve but he still flinched.

  “Ow Sakura-chan! Why did you do that?” Naruto asked making a pouty face.

  “I told Sai once before and I’ll repeat it. Don’t bad mouth Sasuke-kun.” Sakura said and then smirked getting a small glance from Sai who turned around to extract the reason for the use of his name.

  “You know I love him too Sakura-Chan! I wasn’t doing it intentionally!”  Naruto said and received glares from both Hinata and Sakura, a slightly interested expression on the usually bored face of Shikamaru’s and Sai’s thumbs up.

  “Way to go dickless. You finally came out of the closet. Just after you made Hinata believe you were straight.” Sai said smiling. Naruto finally understood what a stupid thing he had said and shook his head vigorously.

  “Baka!” Sakura chirped and hit his head.

  “Again Sakura-chan?! Hinata! Not fair!” He looked at Hinata who was trying hard to look at him straight in his eyes.

  “Sorry Naruto-kun, but you kind of asked for it.” Hinata said softly and Naruto pouted.

  “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. Sasuke was, is and will be my best friend forever Sakura-chan. Tough he can be a bastard at times. You know that.” Naruto apologized and held Hinata’s hand and he patted it.

  “It’s okay Naruto. I’m sorry too.” Sakura said and rubbed her temple. “It’s just… I… I…” Sakura didn’t know what to say. “I’m tired. I can’t wait to get back home and just drop dead on my bed. All this Toneri nonsense has over-worked me.” She finished and Naruto smiled. He knew she was exhausted. All of them were. Well, all of them except himself of course. Naruto’s energy just never drained out.


  “And that finally put an end to Toneri. That’s about it. Kakashi sens- Sama.” Naruto said and corrected himself before he could call his former sensei as ‘sensei’. “Why did I agree to this?” He groaned. Hinata rubbed his arm and smiled sadly at him. A pitiful smile.

  “Get used to it Naruto.” Kakashi said with a smirk plastered on his face.

  “Naruto. Don’t be stupid. Kakashi sensei is just messing with you.” Sakura said. She still couldn’t believe the fact that her teacher and Naruto had a bet to see whether she ended up with Naruto or not. The loser had to call the other one ‘Sama’ for a whole month and Naruto having sided with the opinion that he would end up with Sakura had to call Kakashi with the honorable suffix of ‘Sama’.

  “Am not.” Kakashi defended himself “I’m just way smarter than anyone here.” Sakura raised an eyebrow.

  “Yeah sure.” Sakura said, her tone dripping with sarcasm. “Any smart person would never place a bet with Naruto over something so stupid.”

  “They can if they know the end result beforehand.” Kakashi said and smirked under that wretched mask of his.

  “What rubbish. You can’t predict the future.” Naruto said and crossed his arms on his chest as if he had made note of the most incredible fact on earth.

  “I can when I just know that Sakura and Sasuke were made to end up with each other.” Kakashi said and Sakura blushed furiously. Her face three shades darker than her hair. Kakashi then added “Not to mention when there’s someone as beautiful as Hinata madly in love with you.” Hinata blushed this time and Kakashi added “You’re just oblivious Naruto.”

“That’s all points put together sensei.” Sai said with that big smile of his on his face “Except I don’t see how ‘ugly’ here is going to end up with someone who isn’t here.”

  “What did you call me?!” Sakura fumed and turned to Sai. He shook his turned to face her. Sakura was too tired to pick another fight. She sighed and looked at the ground. “Go ahead. Say anything you want to. I’m not in the mood pick an argument today.”

  Deep down, she knew what he said was the truth. How was she going to end up with someone she’s been waiting for so long? Fourteen years. She’d waited for Sasuke for fourteen long years. Ever since she was five. Even when he abandoned the village, she hadn’t lost all hope. She knew that there was nobody else she could love except him. But maybe… Maybe it was time to move on. Fourteen years was too long a time to wait. Just too long.

  “Sakura-chaaan… you’re zoning out again…” Naruto waved his hand in her face and she snapped out of her thoughts.

  “Sorry… continue.” She said and sighed. This daydreaming had to stop.

  “Can we leave? I’ve got to get some sleep. All this saving Naruto’s damsel in distress is really tiring.” Shikamaru said and he yawned.

  “Sure. All of you can leave now.” When they turned to leave, Kakashi added “Except Naruto and Sakura.” Even though they were a little confused, they stayed back and the rest of them left. Hinata, after she hugged Naruto and kissed his cheek.

  “Oho. All lovey dovey huh?” Kakashi asked still smirking.

  “You didn’t see them kiss though. In front of the moon.” Sakura said waving her hands animatedly and laughed.

  “Don’t worry Sakura… You will have you first kiss too. Soon enough.” Kakashi said and Sakura just stood there with a confused expression trying to decipher his words. “Okay! I’m sorry.” Kakashi spoke to the air and Sakura wondered if her former sensei was crazy.

  “So Kakashi sens- Ugh! Sama… Why did you ask us to stay back?” Naruto questioned.

  “Well, there’s someone here whom you might wanna meet.” Kakashi said.

  “And who’s that?” Sakura asked raising an eyebrow.

  “Sakura…” She heard a voice from behind her and her heart skipped a beat. Her name pronounced in the same tone as it was about three years ago when she went in search of the boy she loved. And that voice…

  “Sa-Sasuke-kun?” She mumbled feebly and slowly turned. Naruto did the same too. Instead, he was faster and turned immediately.

  “Sasuke!” Naruto yelled out of happiness and waved furiously. Sakura just stared at him as he awkwardly waved back at Naruto and caught a glimpse of her. The blush crept back to her face as he turned back to Naruto.

  There was one thing running in Sakura’s mind and she couldn’t focus on anything else as the inner Sakura was ranting in her head.

  Where the hell did Sasuke’s spiky duck-butt shaped hair go?!

  She noticed he’d grown his hair longer and he himself had grown a hell lot. She wondered how tiny she’d look standing next to him. As for his face, His Rinnegan was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he had learned how to control it. It was a good thing. His mismatched eyes were a little creepy. She still loved it though.  She wondered how someone could look that good in a tattered poncho. She stared at his lips as the moved slowly when he spoke to Naruto. Where they always that good?! How did she ever miss that? All together he looked… So ravishingly handsome.

  “Sakura-Chan! Why do keep zoning out?!” Naruto said and shook her shoulders. It was then that she realized that she was gaping at Sasuke and she heard Kakashi snicker behind her and Sasuke passed her a questioning look.

  “Uh… I um… Bye!” Sakura squeaked and ran out of the Hokage’s room as fast as she could. The last thing she could hear was Naruto’s words What was that all about? And she could mentally imagine Sasuke shrugging his shoulders as if to say that he had no clue himself. And she knew that she wouldn’t get any sleep that night due to sheer happiness.


  “Ino pig! Help me! What am I going to do?! What should I wear?!” Sakura yelled as she frantically ran around her room in her bindings and white pants while Ino sat on her bed with a bored expression. She had received a letter from the Hokage yesterday that team seven would meet at training ground 3 this morning at nine and it was eight thirty on her clock.

  “I was planning on asking Sai out now. You do know that you’re depriving me of my freedom while you run around in your underwear right?” Ino said and she lay down on Sakura’s bed.

  “Did I mention that Sasuke-kun’s back?!” Sakura asked with tensed expression.

  “Seventy two thousand times since I walked into your house to give you the flowers for the vase and get tips about approaching Sai. Why don’t you wear what you wear always?” Ino asked.

  “What if I don’t look good enough?!” Sakura yelled frustrated. “Actually… It doesn’t matter.” She said as she put on her green sweater. It was winter, but it wasn’t as cold as usual so she decided not to take her red coat along.

  “Huh? I don’t get you billboard brow.” Ino sent her a puzzled look. “One moment you’re all O what do I wear to make Sasuke jump me?! And the next you’re like I don’t care. He’ll jump me no matter what!” Ino snickered.

  “Shut up. I don’t want him to jump me. Not that he ever will.” Sakura said and sat on the bed beside Ino.

  “Hey Sakura. Why are you so upset over a thing so small? All men are like this. You’ve got to take the first move.” Ino said and patted her shoulder.

  “No Ino. Not anymore. I’m not going to make any moves this time. It’s all in Sasuke-kun’s hand now. Whether he wants to be with me or not is his wish. I will not force anything upon him.” Sakura said gloomily.

  “Whatever you say Sakura.” Ino said with a serious tone “But remember, you’re missing the opportunity. Who knows how long he’s going to stay this time? Drop the ego. You love him.”

  “It’s not the ego. I’ve loved him for fourteen years now Ino. I told him that I love him and that I’d do anything for him twice already. During our Genin days and just before Naruto and Sasuke-kun both beat the crap out of each other. Both times I ended up unconscious. If there’s anything or any place in his heart for me, then he will take the first move Ino. Or he can consider me out of reach forever. If nothing happens between us by the time he leaves again, I’ll start dating other people.” Sakura said softly.

  “Wow Sakura. You’ve matured. A lot. You know… I see Kiba making eyes at you every now and then. Who knows, If Sasuke doesn’t take the first move this time then I guess you’ll be running around the Inuzuka halls with baby Inuzukas instead of baby Uchihas in your arms” Ino said laughing.

  “Ino…” Sakura stated slowly. “Don’t creep me out like that. Although Kiba is okay looks wise.”

  “You bet he is. Not as good as Sai or Sasuke though.” Ino said raising her eyebrows and smiling slyly at her friend.

  “Okay Ino! I’ve got to leave! Bye! I’ll see you later!” Sakura said as she got up to leave. Ino got up and followed Sakura out of the house. They bid goodbyes and walked away in opposite directions.

  “Sasuke… You better take the first move. I wanna see Pink haired Uchihas. Not Inuzukas.” Ino muttered under her breathe and walked towards the rusty art shop to check whether Sai had been there.

  On the other side…

  Sakura succeeded in ignoring Sasuke as much as possible and spoke minimum to him. They trained and trained more. She learned of the ways he controlled his Rinnegan. Somewhere in between the training, while sparring with Naruto, she remembered what Kakashi had told her the day before. You’ll have your first kiss soon, then He brought Sasuke into the frame. Sakura realized what he meant and yelled random curses while the rest of her teammates gave her weird looks and she ran away. Again.

  So the day passed, and another. And another. And the sixth day passed with no further progress between herself and Sasuke with Sakura not being able to meet up with the team as she had work at the hospital and Kakashi doing his Hokage duties. By then, she’d given up on the idea of Sasuke taking the first move (seriously. Every time she saw him, she just wanted to kiss those unbelievably amazing lips of his. It took massive efforts not to do so.) And told Ino that she’d probably ask Kiba out in a week or so. That upset Ino as much as it upset Sakura.


  “Hey Sakura-Chan!” Naruto yelled waving at her as she walked towards the grounds after a busy day at the hospital. Sasuke and Naruto had just finished sparring and were lying on the grass.

  “Hey Naruto. Hey Sasuke.” Sakura greeted and pretended not to have noticed the sudden glance Sasuke passed at her when she dropped the regular suffix from his name. Naruto as usual, was oblivious.

  “You know! Hinata’s made this new ramen recipe just for me. She’s making it today Dattebayo!” Naruto exclaimed and Sakura laughed. “You know Sakura-Chan, Hinata told me the other day that Kiba was planning on asking you out. Funny how that’d work.”

  “No, no. What’s funny is I was planning on asking him myself.” Sakura said with a smile plastered on her face, eyes closed. There was a long pause and she could feel both Naruto and Sasuke staring at her. “What?” She asked cheerfully.

  “What do you mean what?! We should be asking you that Sakura-Chan!” Naruto yelled. “Especially with you being in love with-“Naruto’s sentence was interrupted as Sakura slapped his hand which was lifting to point at Sasuke down.

  “Aa aa aa.” Sakura shook her head still holding the smile. “Relax. I’ve got to leave now. I think I need to restock the groceries. Bye!” With that Sakura got up and skipped away leaving both her teammates confused and one of them extremely jealous and angry.


Kiba Inuzuka?! Out of all of them she had to pick Kiba Inuzuka?! What did that mutt lover have which Sasuke didn’t?! Sasuke was fuming on the inside, but obviously, Sasuke being Sasuke, holding up his manly pride and dumb bigger than the whole Shinobi lands put together ego would never show it out. Him being jealous? Pfft. Never. But was he too late? He was waiting for Sakura to take the first move. He had asked her to wait for him. All he needed was an I love you from her mouth and she would be his. Forever.

  “Sasuke you baka! You’re too late bastard! She’s given up on you!” Naruto yelled at him. Repeating the fact he already knew. “Get your butt up and go to her!” Sasuke glanced at Naruto as he was asking him why he should, but he knew it was the opposite of what that glance suggested that he wanted to do. “Now!” Naruto growled. Sasuke didn’t need to be told twice. He dropped the act of being cool and stood up. He was utterly embarrassed that Naruto had to see him chase after a girl, but right now that didn’t matter. What mattered was to get Sakura back. To bring her back on track and throw Kiba out of it.

  Ever since the war, during Sasuke’s journey to redemption he’d been craving for something every day. He didn’t understand it was. That was until he came across a picture of team seven that Sakura had given him which was buried deep within his bag. He finally understood that it wasn’t a something. Rather a someone who he craved to be next to. Sakura.

  Sure, he’d gone for years without her. When killing Itachi was his only priority. Naruto was his best friend and he knew that it’d never change, but since he had a lot of time to himself, he started to miss the love showered over him by a certain pink-haired kunoichi. During Genin days, he’d grown accustomed to it and didn’t find it particularly annoying after a while. He had started to see his teammate in a whole new light after what she had done for him during the Chunnin exams.

  He hadn’t minded her hugging him anytime unlike the other girls. He knew she’d meant it and it wasn’t an act to get close to him. He might have even accepted that he liked the hugs. It wasn’t a usual thing in his life, to be hugged. Pure love-filled hugs and not the lust-filled ones he had received from Karin. Pure love-filled hugs like what his mom had always given him. But he now knew that the way he felt about his teammate was very different from what he felt for his mother. It was affection alright, but in a different way. He was his mom’s to look after, but he knew deep inside that Sakura was his to protect… And if he really was too late, then she’d be someone else’s to look after and he’d have to regret not making the first move forever…

  Sasuke rushed in full speed and caught up with her in no time. She was strolling casually which didn’t require great efforts to catch up with.


  “Are you ignoring me?” A voice came from behind Sakura and she jumped.

  “Sasuke-ku-” She stopped herself by placing her hands on her mouth before she could blurt out the suffix. Sasuke raised an eyebrow and she continued “You scared the daylights out of me!”

  “Are you ignoring me?” Sasuke repeated calmly.

  “Uh… I mean, no! Of course I’m not ignoring you!” Sakura said immediately and the warmth crept up her cheek.

  “Hn.” Was all he said in return. Of course she was ignoring him! Was he blind? Why did he have to come up to her to confirm it?! She walked a little faster hoping that he would turn away. He didn’t.

  “Are you following me Sasuke?!” She stopped and asked him.

  “Oh yeah, I forgot. Only women can go grocery shopping. Unfortunately, I don’t live with a woman so I have do all the shopping until I do start living with one.” Sasuke said while looking forward.

  “Jerk.” Sakura muttered under her breathe All though, what she was focusing on right now was Sasuke with another woman. It hurt just to think of the thought, but she had to let it go. He wasn’t interested in her and never would be. She was always just a teammate to him. She wondered if he even took her as a friend. Maybe.

  “You said something?” Sasuke asked. Sakura returned a Hn and turned away. She could play his card too. She could feel him smirk.

  At the market, she ended up buying too much for her to support and Sasuke had bought two covers of tomatoes. She wondered why he bought two covers but decided not to ask. With great difficulty she gathered all her bags and prepared to leave when Sasuke popped up behind her, scaring her again.

  “Sasuke-Kun!” She yelled and then went bright red as her tongue slipped and she added the undesirable suffix to his name. “Don’t scare me!” She growled and started to walk away from him.

  “You house is this way.” He called out behind her and she realized that she was walking in the opposite direction.

  “Hmph!” She turned to walk towards her house. She hated how he could make her so ignorant.

  “Give me those bags.” Sasuke said and put out his hand.

  “Wh-What?!” Sakura stuttered. What did he mean by?

  “Let me help you carry them Sakura. Clearly they don’t fit those tiny hands of yours.” Sasuke stated and Sakura wondered if his last comment was passed as an insult or compliment. Nah. It was neither. It was Sasuke being Sasuke. Making no sense at all.

  “I can carry them myself.” Sakura said and started walking away. This time, she kind of hoped that he’d follow her. The weight of the bags was killing her. She’d never show it though. In his dreams.

  Well, perfect timing. One of her covers snapped and the contents were about to spill when something flashed in front of her and she realized that it was Sasuke. He was standing there in front of her with her things in his hand.

  “I bet you can.” Sasuke said and smirked at her. Ugh! Why the hell does he have to smirk?! Smirk with those… With those perfect lips?! Inner Sakura ranted and she just started walking away. She wouldn’t let this have an effect on her. He silently followed her.

  “Konoha has changed a lot.” Sasuke stated. She was surprised that he was starting the conversation. She tried to show no interest, but was dying to reply on the inside. And that’s what she did.

  “Well, that’s what happens when you keep leaving and don’t keep in touch.” Sakura said. Oops. Had she been too harsh?

  “You knew my reasons for leaving Sakura.” His tone seemed a little serious. “It’s not like I want to leave you here and walk away all the time. It’s inevitable.”

  “Sure.” Sakura replied but she couldn’t help but linger over the fact that he’d said you instead of you all. She was over thinking it. It couldn’t actually mean anything. They were quite after that and Sakura caught glimpses of him every one minute.

  When she reached her house she realized that her parents were out. They hand left over a message stating that they were away to attend some random wedding of a long lost cousin. Sakura sighed and let Sasuke in.

  “You can place the things on the table.” Sakura said as she did the same. “I’ll be back.” She walked into her room and changed her clothes to the same green sweater she’d worn on the first team seven meeting day and her usual white pants. She hadn’t realized that she was in her medical uniform consisting of the white coat. She peeped out of the door to see if Sasuke had left. She figured he might leave even after she told him that she’d be back.

  She was half disappointed to see him leaning on the kitchen counter meddling with the blue piece of cloth he tied around his head. The other half of her was extremely excited to get a proper glimpse of his hair without that piece of cloth on.

  “You can leave you know. And thank you for helping me out with the groceries.” She said as she walked into the kitchen.

  “I’m visiting your house for the first time and you want me to leave without a cup of tea?” Sasuke asked raising an eyebrow. Shit! She hadn’t thought of that! She probably seemed too rude.

  “I’m sorry Sasuke-ku-” She stopped herself and shook her head. “You want some tea?”

  “I don’t drink tea.” Sasuke replied. Sakura was cursing him mentally. Why had he made her feel guilty about not offering him tea if he didn’t drink the beverage?!

  “Coffee?” Sakura asked after hesitating. She didn’t want to give him another excuse to pick on her. If he could just leave already. Having him around was enough to make her all flustered. Having him at her house?! It was too much to take in. that too without her parents not being around.

  “Hn.” Sasuke replied and she sighed. Why was she thinking of such rude things? It was just Sasuke. She’d have to get used to him hanging around. He was her teammate after all. Not to mention, the man you love! Inner Sakura yelled. She took two cups and handed him one. He was still leaning on the counter.

  She walked to him with the coffee powder in her hands. She wasn’t a regular coffee-drinker so she didn’t have it prepared but always had some instant coffee powder in case anyone needed it, or if was in the mood to drink coffee. She took the tiny spoonful of the powder and put in his cup and that was when she felt it…

  Something warm on her forehead. It sent a tingling sensation down her body. It had lasted for a millisecond. She was hardly able to decipher what it was. But… It felt like one of those kisses her mom placed on her forehead. Had Sasuke just… Had Sasuke just kissed her?! She looked up to see him looking into his cup. He hadn’t kissed her! Why was she was hallucinating such weird things?! She slightly slapped herself and swore she saw him smirk. Just a bit.

  “I’d like a little more powder. I like my coffee strong.” Sasuke stated as a matter-of-factly. She looked back at the coffee in her hand and took a little more powder and added it to his cup. And then again. The warm feeling on her forehead. But this time. It didn’t last just a second. Sasuke was actually kissing her forehead. She stood there wide-eyed and her mouth opened of the shock she had received. She looked up into his eyes and he had a small smirk plastered on his face.

  “Did- Did you just…?” Sakura questioned, still in shock.

  “Just a spoon of sugar will be enough. I don’t like anything too sweet.” Was the only thing that Sasuke said.

  Sakura said something intelligent that sounded like uhh and scooped the jar of sugar from the table. She took a spoonful of sugar and placed the spoon along with the cup as she continued to look into his eyes. He looked so good no matter what. And up close, he looked like an angel. How could someone ever look that good?! And how could someone who looked that good move closer to her until their faces were inches away?!


  Sasuke had tried to play it cool, but his heart was hammering in his chest. Their faces were so close. So close that he could smell the amazing perfume she used. Close enough to see the perfect skin on her face. Close enough to listen to her heartbeat which seemed to be as fast as his. What if she didn’t want this? That would be his first kiss. The lame excuse for a kiss that he shared with Naruto would never count.

  What if he wasn’t good enough? He was a hero of the war. An avenger. He’d killed people, controlled tailed beasts, surpassed his master and what not? But at that moment. He was trembling on the inside. Out of all the people on earth, he’d never imagined that it’s be that beautiful woman in front of him who’d make him tremble. No. He’d wouldn’t let that be. He moved forward and closed the space between them. Their lips met

  He had never imagined that someone’s lips on his would feel like that. It was AMAZING. Sasuke felt a rush of emotions surge through his body. Almost as if there were fireworks in his stomach. Sakura slid her hands around his neck and leaned forward. This made the amazing feeling even better. Who knew a pair of hands around his neck would make his knees buckle? At least he knew that he could take that as a sign that Sakura wasn’t against what he was doing.

  He placed his hand on her shoulder and it slowly moved lower. When his hand reached her hip, he pulled her closer which deepened the kiss and Sakura’s grip around his neck tightened. All this just added to the feeling he was experiencing. It felt so good that he started to wonder how he’d gone for so many years without this?

  After about two minutes, Sakura pulled away to catch her breath and Sasuke felt empty. Like a large portion of him was taken away from him.

  “Sasuke-kun… Should we be…?” Sakura started slowly and Sasuke smirked at her. “What?”

  “You love me.” He said softly. “You called me Sasuke-kun.” She blushed deeply and Sasuke was satisfied with himself that he was the one who was making her feel that way.

  “I think you’re confused Sasuke-kun… I don’t want you to regret anything-” She started and was broken off by another passionate kiss from Sasuke.

  “I won’t ever regret this.” Sasuke whispered against Sakura’s lips. “Never.” He saw tears forming in her eyes. “I want to be the one to protect you. For the rest of your life…”

  “Sa-Sasuke-kun…” Sakura said a tear rolled down her cheek.

  “Sakura…” he said softly, still an inch away from her lips. “Be mine… I’m probably too late, but please be mine.”

  “Sasuke-kun…” she repeated and jumped onto him. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes I will be yours Sasuke-kun! I’m all yours…” She sobbed softly into his chest and he held on to her, worried that she’d fade away if he let her go and she stayed that way too.

  “I promise Sasuke-kun! Every moment you spend with me, I’ll try my best to make you as happy as possible! I’ll try and give you everything you desire! I protect you from anything bad that anyone has to say about you. I love you Sasuke-kun…” She pulled away and kissed him softly.

  “Don’t try. I will be happy through every moment I spend with you no matter what you do.”

  “I love you so much Sasuke-kun! So much that there isn’t a limit to the love I have for you. I will be yours Sasuke-kun only if you agree to be mine to protect.” She said as she sobbed into his chest. He was taken aback by her statement.

  “Sakura…” He said and she hugged him tighter. “Thank you… For being mine.” She just stood there hugging him. “And keep one of the two covers of tomatoes I bought.”

  “What? Why?” Sakura asked  giving him puzzled look. Her eyes still slightly red from all the crying.

  “Because you’re going to be seeing more of me every day and I love tomatoes.” Sasuke said smirking.

  “Only for you Uchiha… Only for you…” Sakura said and kissed his cheek.


The rest of the day was spent with Sakura and Sasuke snuggling with each other on the couch while discussing hobbies and interests. Both of them having kissing the other as a newly added hobby to their list. And they slowly drifted off into deep sleep and were woken up hours later by Sakura’s mother who was shaking her daughter and the man she was cuddling.

  Her mother was no stranger to her daughter’s feelings towards Sasuke Uchiha. She knew there’d be a day when she’d find them in a situation like this. And she was happy it finally did. Her father wasn’t exactly angry, yet the thoughts of having to see his daughter in the arms of another man made him flinch and he shut himself in his room trying to stay away from the scene on the couch.

  “Sakura… Sasuke… Wake up… I’ve prepared dinner for you…” her mom shook her shoulders.

  “Mama?” Sakura asked opening an eye and then realized whom she was lying with and jolted up “Mama! It’s isn’t what it looks like! We’re not-” She exclaimed and all the noise made Sasuke sit up too, accidentally clashing his head with Sakura’s and they rubbed their foreheads.

  “Haruno-San! This isn’t what you think it is!” Sasuke stated immediately and Sakura’s mother giggled.

  “Relax… I don’t mind this. It’s about time this happened.” She ruffled both of their hair and Sasuke looked at her puzzled while Sakura was covering her face with her palms out of embarrassment. “I’ve made dinner. Come join us Sasuke.”

  And that’s how Sasuke finally picked up the guts to take the first move to begin a relationship with Sakura and ended up meeting her parents on the same day. Unbelievably, he got along perfectly well with her father, which made her extremely happy. And she just knew that it wouldn’t be long before her parents started demanding grandchildren. She just hoped that day was far away and it was ridiculous to even think of such things right then. But there was one thing that was sure…

  She was happy and so was Sasuke. She vowed to keep him happy forever and ever till the day she died.


BONUS (Credits to bluekarma5)-

  “I told you this would happen; now all we need them to do is make a team seven baby. If only we could get them in the same bed an-” Kakashi’s sentence was interrupted with a shrill cry of SHANNAROO and his face meeting the ground.

A/N: My first SasuSaku one-shot. OMG I’m so embarrassed. Writing is so much harder than drawing. Sketching fluff is easy but writing it? Wow. And I swear this is the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written. *blushes and looks away* SasuSaku is worth all this. ;) I’d love to know what all of you think of it. Message me with Ideas if you liked this and I’ll try either writing or sketching the scenes! Thanks for reading!


i had a blue alpaca plush

and then thought of steven stone

this is what happens

i apologize for the crappy lighting and messy room in the first picture

‘Mr Hatake - Sexiest Teacher on Campus’

Art by Me (Slinky Whippet) <3

Thought you might like a copy of my Modern AU Kakashi without all the writing on the blackboard (Konoha’s school isn’t well funded enough for him to have an interactive whiteboard) - enjoy <3

top 7 reason to hate the Naruto ending

1. Terrible pairings which don’t make sense at all
I will explain why they don’t make sense in a different rant

2. Orochimaru...
He killed the 3rd hokage, totally brainwashed Sasuke, AND caused all this s**t for the village!! And yet this ass hole gets to have a son and be a mum/dad ((I guess he represents the LGBT for naruto……………………………………………… again another rant in itself))

3.Sasuke’s character/arc seems unfinished..
Sasuke’s character was such a massive build up because his story was full of drama and character building, but the fact that they bum rushed everything under the rug…… This is what the ending for Sasuke was like for me “Well Konoha betrayed me and killed my entire clan….Oh well, time to marry Sakura, and wander around aimlessly..” NO!!! Why even have this back story for Sasuke If you were going to give us this sort of ending!! Just keep his whole clan alive, and not waste chapters developing a character which you werent even going to have a finale resolution for!!! Fuck shake! You might as well use that time to develop other characters that didn’t have any screen time!

4. Why were so many people still alive after the last battle?!
Even the old farts are still pushing it through!! Onoki, Tsunade, Mei, are you kidding me!!?… And if you see them, THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME! Its been like 10 years + more!!! Atleast kill off onoki, or give mei and tsunade some wrinkles!!! For god shakes you made iruka look like his going to die any second, but yet you gave tsunade the secret to endless lasting youth!
But back to the point, why not kill off more characters?!!? If you kill off some characters ((characters that are known to the series)) it would of shown your audience that the battle had a impact, and it was devastating. Killing off a character is upsetting, but when it comes to action stories, it makes sense to kill some characters because that is how people get emotionally attached and invested into battles.. But no, kishi chickened out and got rid of shikamaru’s and ino’s dad… OOOOOO such a loss.. >>


6. Ending was just a pair off/women in the series are good for nothing
When it comes to a ending, sure some of us would like to know ‘who gets with who’ BUT GOD DAMN! You might as well get the new Naruto opening with the Brady bunch theme. Why does everyone need to be with someone! Why do we need this bullshit disney cliche ending! And why are all the women stay at home mums… No wait… Not only that but they have hardcore attitudes that nag their husbands, but dont worry guys, they are still house wives…((Howmanyfuckingclicheofthenaggingstayathomemomisthere?))

7. Everyone married, with ugly kids, and only so they can continue..
Even if the pairings are total shit, why did they have to have kids! I want this shit to stop!
THIS NEEDS TO STOP! I tried my hardest reading some gaiden.. And got through a little bit of boruto… But I just cant, its such a cash grab now… HOW CAN NO ONE ELSE SEE IT!! I mean, they dont take in consideration the manga anymore!! All the canon back stories to the original is gone.. Just to make room for the ‘canon’ pairings and the stupid kids…

And there is my 7.. I can go up to 20, but since kishi loves that number so much, why not!
It is such a shame that naruto came down to this, kishi could of ended it so well ((might put top 7 ways to end it))
It was such a good series, with awesome characters! But now… …I dont even know what to call it…
It will probably be like pokemon, and continue on for years and years and years…