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I participated in a Naruto zine with some friends! :D It was in greyscale, but I thought the colored versions for this was better! 

(The second one is based on the novel  “ Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding”. I combined Chapter 1 and Chapter 2)


“The hole in your heart is something other people can fill. If you reject your friends’ feelings and this world… just because something didn’t go as you wished, no one will ever come to you.”

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man i love aus like the naruto as konoha's best saboteur one, and i am ridiculously fond of ones where he's able to outrun practically every ninja in konoha, including the anbu. new anbu members are regularly initiated into the corps by having to chase naruto. doesn't matter if they catch him or not, every anbu member must suffer through the hell that is trying to catch naruto at some point in their careers.

Everyone would be so frustrated because when it starts out they’re like wow I guess you’re being nice to the rookies today huh? And one of the veterans smiles, all teeth, and pats them on the shoulder. 

Oh yeah. A nice easy milk run to start you out, lull you into a false sense of security, you know?

Lies. Cruel, blatant lies, and the veterans are all waiting to laugh when the rookies finally crawl back into the barracks, looking like they’ve been dragged backwards through three hedges and over a waterfall. 

This just occurred to me

Imagine being on the run from the Hidden Leaf and running into Itachi lil ass when he was running the ANBU. Nigga was like 14 in charge of the ninja secret police.

You grown, you killed a man for a bowl of ramen this morning, you a full-fledged fuckin NINJA and this lil dude, bout five feet, skinny, voice crackin and shit is out here in the fuckin forest in a cat mask talmbout “stand down and you will not be harmed” like he ain’t hit puberty bout an hour ago. You wasn’t even gon square up. You tryin not to laugh cus the dude got fishnets on his arms like a damn scene kid. You try to shove lil dude out the way and


Oh shit

Where your arm at tho? Where lil dude at?

Now you freakin the fuck out cus you ain’t even bleeding, that shit just disappeared. All a sudden yo ass strung up like CHRIST and lil dude is stabbing you in the chest wit a sword bout tall as his short ass talmbout “you gon be here for three days, bitch” and you can’t even be scared no more, you just accept you got fucked up by grade schooler.

You want him to stop but you really hopin he kill yo ass cus you ain’t never gon live it down when Japanese Malcolm in The Middle drag you into the village lookin like you fought fifteen cats and LOST.


kishimoto is generally pretty good at drawing characters age appropriate except This Mess, so i made a visual timeline for myself and figured i might as well share. seeing it laid out like this is honestly so devastating?? ughh,, my son, ;;;; 

ETA: the ages might not be 100% accurate, give or take a year or so idk, bc i was taking from the wikia so srry to ppl taking issue w that???