“Shikamaru was talking to Temari about something. 

It appeared to be a complicated discussion about work, but both of their faces were bright and cheerful, and every now and then, their laughter would mix together in the air. They were smiling naturally, spontaneously, and seeing them stand side by side didn’t feel out of place at all. 

They were a well-matched couple.”

— Konoha Hiden: Perfect Weather for a Wedding

TenTen doesn’t hate Lee or his youthful behaviour (not a shipping post)

I’ve been reading for a while nonsense about TenTen hating Lee because she is always complaining about his behaviour.

I don’t usually take them seriously because they use this silly argument to defend their hate for a certain pairing *cof*LeeTen*cof* and some ship wars are just lame to read; but when people who are not mad shippers start believing this too, that’s when I get worried because they’re describing TenTen in a really wrong way.

TenTen has always been Lee’s guardian, in charge of avoiding him to do crazy stuff. As TenTen is trapped in this role (a really important one as it keeps her team safe) she gets really mad when Lee gets hurt for not listening to her as shown in part 1 chuunin exams. She is just worried, that’s why she shouts that much and gets mad, haven’t your mothers ever do that with you?

But just because she gets angry for not being listened, that doesn’t mean she hates Lee, in fact she loves his youthful side and deeply admires him as shown in this pics:

TenTen’s development has always being linked to how she pretends to be normal for the team’s sake. She is always shouting at Lee so people doesn’t conect her with the crazy behaviour she complains about; she is hiding behind a “normal” girl mask and suffering because of it.

She is not like that. That’s just the role she accepted to play bur her heart is burning with passion as mentioned in this quote from Konoha Hiden:

“Tenten was acting like she was both the hot-blooded men’s guardian, scolding them on how to behave while doing this or that. She was muttering complaints like she was burdened with looking after them, but deep down in her heart, she was having fun!”

TenTen is lying to everybody, hiding her true face and feelings because she is afraid of failing when it comes to protect Lee from danger. She wants to have fun too but just can’t.

This is the main reason why this pic is so important:

TenTen with the Youthful Fringe Dai/Gai/Lee have is the final step in her development. She is no longer hiding who she really is. She is not afraid anymore of being hot-blooded and natural in front of others and more important, she is no longer worried about Lee hurting himself now that he is an adult and a responsible father.

To sum up, TenTen doesn’t hate Lee or his youthful ways but admires him for being able to be himself as it is TenTen’s character goal in the very end.

My Mitsuki Theory

So, I’ve been re-watching Naruto and I was in the middle of watching The Vessel Arrives Too Late and that’s when I noticed this guy:

who happens to look a lot like someone else we know…

but the guy featured above served as Orochimaru’s sacrifice since Sasuke was taking too long, but him and Orochimaru came to a deal

So I think that it may be possible Mitsuki is a descedent from this very same clan that was captured by Orochimaru