Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Karamatsu 05 - Stand by the Second Son

Jyushimatsu: Yuuuum! More oden, please! 

Chibita: Ok. 

Osomatsu: Yep, oden tastes great again today. I’m glad we came all this way to eat it. 

Choromatsu: Chibita, hot sake, please. Oden does go well with it, doesn’t it? 

Chibita: ….You jerks, you brought enough money to pay for everything this time, didn’t you? 

Karamatsu: Heh… money? There is no meaning in attaching a price to the fantastic cosmos known as oden. 

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{Review} Konjac Sponge

and I bought for my mom : 

Tumeric / Yellow Soil Sponge

for pigmentated, freckles, dull skin tone, acnes

Turmeric helps you reduce pigmentation on your face and even out your skin tone. Regular use will give a soft glow to your face. For acne prone skin, it will greatly reduce the appearance of acne. Recommend for Pregnant women, use tumeric body konjac sponge for bathing, it will help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and prevent stretch marks on their abdomen. 

Plastic packaging and you can seal it back after opened it  °˖✧◝( ̄▽ ̄)◜✧˖°   


So how to use it ? 

I made a video about it and it’s my first video that I talk in it, lol. Forgive me for my funny voice and yeah I’m not used with speaking english so… kinda panicked at the end and I forgot to take a breath. LOL 

So to use it quite easy. 

  1. Soak the sponge in water for awhile and press it several times to expel the excess water before using.
  2. Massage gently in circular motions on the face or body.
  3. Rinse the sponge and press it gently with two hands until dry.
  4. Store and hang the sponge in a cool and well-ventilated place to air dry properly.

You also can add your favorite foam cleanser when using the sponge! The sponge does helps the cleanser foams very well! ゜★。 (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)

So here’s a picture of how I hang it, lol.


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My absolute favorite chewy thing to eat! These are fruit-flavored jello cups with nata de coco squares, and they’re available at any Japanese supermarket or convenience store and online. The coconut squares feel so firm and smooth when you bite them; it’s what I imagine those beautiful soaps to be like! The ones here also have balls of konnyaku jelly, which is really soft.

The “Morgan Roll” at Konnyaku restaurant located in heart of Carbondale, Colorado. Konnyaku is a fusion of some of the best Asian Pacific cuisine you will get in the area. This roll was created in memory of Morgan Ingram, a beautiful woman who tragically lost her life in 2011. Morgan was a regular at this eatery and would get this particular sushi roll almost all of the time, as the ingredients were her favorite. This sushi roll is made with tuna, snow crab, cucumber, avocado, and is topped with fresh tuna and choice of sauce. If you are a vegetarian like myself, I highly recommend substituting the tuna and the snow crab with tofu and peppers.