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okay so...you know how if 2 parents die leaving they're kids orphans, they choose a couple to care for them? so if that would to happen to any of the couples after they have kids (heaven forbid omg), which couple do you think they would each leave their children with?

Oof, why you doing this to me anon? But you are right, since our Rampion crew are responsible parents, they would of course, make arrangements for their children if anything should happen to them. So here’s how I think it will play out based on my Rampion kids:

  • Of course there will already be measures set in place if both the Emperor and Empress of the Eastern Commonwealth should pass. Both Kaz and Celeste will remain at the palace, of course.
    • If Kaz is under the age of 16, then a stewart will be put in place until he comes of age and can be crowned Emperor.
      • Konn Torin is named stewart.
    • And of course they will have Iko with them who will take guardianship of the two young royals.
  • If anything should ever happen to Scarlet and Wolf before the Kesley children come of age, the farm and the children will be left to Emilie to take care of. There is a clause in the will that lets any of the Kesley children take over the farm if they want it, once they turn 18.
    • It is also agreed that since Thorne and Cress are around so much, that if the kids wanted to go live with them on the Rampion, they could, if they chose to. Of course, the Kesley children would never want to leave the farm. 
  • It drives Cress crazy when she is forced to have this conversation with Thorne because he thinks they should leave the girls with either Kai and Cinder at New Beijing Palace or Winter and Jacin at Artemisia Palace (Winter is the longest serving and most re-elected Grand Minister). He insists that his girls deserve to be treated like princesses and who doesn’t want to grow up in a castle?
    • Mostly he just likes to tease Cress and give her a hard time because he agrees with her, that their girls should grow up having the freedom to travel and run around in big fields, and fall asleep under open skies, which means they are left to the guardianship of Scarlet and Wolf.
      • Besides, if Thorne’s not the one teaching his girls how to fly, he suppose the next best thing is Scarlet.
  • There’s no doubt in Winter and Jacin’s mind that they’d leave Ever with Kai and Cinder, after all, they are family. 
  • But you know, if anything should happen to anyone in the Rampion Crew, you know that everyone else will rally around those kids and make sure they are all taken care of and want for nothing. 

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