Older Solmare games will no longer be available after Jan 23

If you have and iOS device, updated to iOS 8, and then tried to play some of the first Solmare games, then you may have noticed they wouldn’t work. I messaged them about it then, and they said they wouldn’t be updating it for iOS 8. 

Now Solmare has added a statement to the games’ pages in the App Store and Google Play saying:

This app will be removed from the App Store/Google Play on January 23, 2015 (example source)

The games affected are:

KONKATSU for Marriage

Heian Love

Actor to Be

If you still can, be sure to play these games before they are removed!

Special thanks to taimea for letting me know they had added a removal date.


I don’t know if dear Nakaba will be picked for Otome Story Club, but if he is going to be it, here’s a very early entry :D

I forgot to put on the text layer in the first scene, the MC should be asking “You’re really into trains, huh?”