Shall We Date?: Konkatsu for Marriage Nakaba Kasumi

Kasumi was the first one from this game that I played, and there is this thing about him, he’s a bit of a train nerd and to begin with he isn’t as romantic as the other guys try to act, he’s your typical awkward guy, but he’s amazing, just so amazing, I mean he is my third favourite, but seriously he’s cute and if you’re into the sweet, nerdy types, well, he has that more than covered 


Try talking

Say something

Remember me?

What do you like?

Tea ceremony OR Bread making
Tea ceremony: You’re a pro!
Bread making: Let me help

Talk show 

Show me later

Church light up 

I’d like to


What’s that one?

Take it easy


Thank you

No thank you…

It looks great

What about him?



I do not

Don’t apologize

You promise?