Watch Lloyd’s Voice Actor Katsuyuki Konishi Present Some Tales of Festival 2016 Merchandise!

Last week, Luke’s Japanese voice actor, Chihiro Suzuki presented some Tales of Festival 2016 merchandise. This week, we have Lloyd!

Just yesterday, even more stocks of the Tales of Festival 2016 merchandise have been put up again, so do check them out!

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Ume-chan’s Clay Modelling Skills! [Re-uploaded]

It’s not what you think!

Ume-chan and Konitan randomly chose a subject from a box and had 30 seconds to make it out of clay. The other would then have to guess what it is in order to win a point. Of course, Ume-chan’s model looks a bit like something else XD

“Majikyun 3rd Kyun Meeting Broadcast” (2016.07.01)
Umehara Yuichiro (Momo-chan XD) & Konishi Katsuyuki

(N.B: It’s a baseball bat and balls!)