Said I was going to scans these on one of my vlogs and forgot. OOPS.

Just saying that KT herself is still alive. Sadly can’t say the same for this tumblr. Sorry ‘bout that. The usual things mucking up my schedules. 

Something Dishonored related - and the only things in my sketchbooks that aren’t work related. The Pendleton one I might work upon but the one of the twins is finished. 




The Tales of Seasons


Konira Comics

We Love You Chris

Just heard about Chris Squire.

Send him all your love. He’s a wonderful man with a wonderful family. He and the band always played their heart out and were so wonderful to meet and talk to. Chris was always the one keeping them together and keeping things positive. He’s a huge inspiration to me as a musician and as an artist. I still love him and Yes so dearly. 

Sending good vibes to his family. Scotland and Xilan, Alan and Geoff, David and Billy. I love you all. 

Money woes

Hey guys, I really hate doing this but I’m going to be moving soon and I’ve hit a big financial problem. I’m unable to work at my current job due to damaging my back, so I won’t be able to save enough to help with the move.

I’m currently offering:
- 10 USD full body digital ink with simple pose and background - B/W
- 20 USD full body digital Ink with simple pose and simple background - Colour
- +5 USD for additional characters. 

I have no real do’s or don’ts as long as it’s PG. 
- If it’s an original character(s), references needed.
- If pre-existing, simply tell me the character(s) name and series. 
The more info the better. 

If you need references on my style and art, check my art tag.

All payments are made to Paypal, I’m sorry I don’t have another way. 

Paypal is: konirathax@gmail.com

If you need any additional information, please contact me via Twitter or Tumblr. 

Thank you to any and all help. It’s much appreciated. ~ KT <3 


A few people went anon for their requests so I hope y'all see these! Next time I’ll have to state that so I can link properly - my bad! But I had fun, they’re messy and adorable and awesome. 

Scarecrow, Captain Boomerang, The Top, Green Arrow and Rainbow Rider

Someone needs to remake the He-Man Hey-hey song but with Rogues, I’m just say'n. 

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Whoever thought Digger should have a kid obviously forgot who Digger was during that thought process. You’re basically unleashing onto the world two Digger’s and we already have to deal with the first one. 

Though despite how dumb he is, he’d at least try to give parenting a shot - until it got frustrating and the two of them would just sit around eating junkfood and playing video games. 

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I’ve realised in the past Delirium dials that since it’d had been so long since I’d drawn Jon, my default mindset was to just make him look adorable. Then it got to the point where he looked too adorable, almost to the point that he couldn’t be real. 

Remember Delirium readers, Jon Anderson is a real dude. A dude who is very much still alive and breathing and despite him aging, I am still convinced that he is a fae child that ended up in the arms of humans. 

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Found the other part to that “Shopping” comic I did a long time ago. Broke the two pages up into parts so it’d be easier to read. 

I’ve thought about doing a small series with these young-adult versions of DC characters but I’m not sure how people would react to the lore and character changes. 

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