In the Netherlands we have this holiday on 27 april and we call it koningsdag (kingsday). On that day we celebrate the royal family with some tradtions.

This is our royal family

From left to right it is: our king Willem Alexander, our queen Maxima and their kids, Ariane, Amalia and Alexia.

Here are some traditions,

We all dress in orange, because it is our national color and eat a lot of orange colored food.

We have flea markets all across the country.

At those flea marktets we usually also have some traditional games such as koekhappen. The goal of that game is to eat a cookie of a wire above you without using you hands

There is also this game, it is called spijkerbroekhangen. (jean hanging). The goal is to hang as long as possible to the trousers. Sometimes we even place a little pool of dirt underneath the jeans.

I hope you liked this post and as we say in the Netherlands, tot ziens!

Here is a bonus picture of our king throwing a toilet bowl.


May you eat as many tompoezen as possible, may you sell all your stuff at the vrijmarkt, may you drink a lot of beer, may you listen to cool artists while standing in a flood of orange dressed people, and may you have a wonderful time today

It’s King’s Day!

Today it is King’s Day in The Netherlands! Officially called Koningsdag in Dutch, this day is all to celebrate the Dutch royalty! Up until 2013 this day was for decades long called Koninginnedag or Queen’s Day, since as of 2013 the Dutch finally have a king instead of a queen again after 3 generations though the next one will be a queen again because they can’t seem to get any sons.

The colour orange on this day is of extreme importance as it is the national colour of The Netherlands. The reason behind this? Willem van Oranje-Nassau/William of Orange-Nassau. It is very common to dress up completely in orange and wear the most outrageous costumes en accessories to adorn yourself in this national colour:

On this colourful, festive day it is custom to collect your old, unwanted items from your house and spread them out on an old cloth in a nation-wide flea-market. You always wanted a Barbie doll that’s slightly chewed on and with frizzy hair? Get one for €0,50! Never gotten rid of that ghastly piece of clothing? Get  €3,- for it!

To accompany your delightful little shop you can place your child on the same cloth on the floor and let them play music that may or may not sound horrible, depending if they’ve had lessons before. This way you’ll be sure to make some extra money!

The king and his queen on this day will go around one or two towns/cities to mingle among the common people and play games with them. A vast amount of old-fashioned Dutch games is played on this day such as Spijkerpoepen and Koekhappen. As for the king, he prefers to… throw orange toilet-bowls for some reason:

Many adults and rebellious teenagers will go to bars and open-air parties the night beforehand and on the actual night of King’s Day to party hard and get completely and utterly drunk on beer.

All in all today is the day where the Dutch people and their royalty have fun, go to parties and try to get some pocket money! The common people and royalty mingle and have fun together and the large gap between them is completely gone for one day of the year. The entire atmosphere is Gezellig and Gemoedelijk and it is not for nothing that this holiday is one of the most favourite of them all together with Sinterklaas.


Happy Kingsday everyone! I hope you found some nice things at the Vrijmarkt and had a great time with friends :)