About Amethyst.

Amethyst’s character makes me happy. Not just because she’s a fun character in general, but mostly because she’s portrayed as someone who shows traits of BPD.

-  She has high self confidence, and low self esteem. Okay, I know it’s not an “official” trait of BPD, but I couldn’t help noticing how common it is for people with BPD to have it. Amethyst is confident enough to go wrestling, to twerk, to flaunt her skills and be all over the place, all while being very insecure under the surface.

- Unstable Interpersonal Relationships. Her relationship with Greg is a good example of this. One moment she adores him, and the next moment she’s tormenting him and blaming him for everything that is wrong in her life. It’s heavily implied it wasn’t the first time this happens. Greg knows she does that.

- Is terrified of abandonment. Greg, again, is a good example of how this manifests. She actively prevents Greg from doing pretty much anything, just so he’ll stay, while expressing how traumatized she is by being previously abandoned.

- Anger, and trouble containing it. This is one of Amethyst’s most defining traits, that we get to see over and over again.

- Shifting between high self-image [“That’s just what makes me so awesome”] and a low one [“Parasites like ME!”].

- Reckless behavior. Amethyst often makes decisions on the spot, not bothering to think of possible consequences. It’s sometimes a comic relief [A rotten burrito from months ago? Lets eat that], sometimes more serious [Fusing into an unstoppable raging destruction machine? No problem. Grabbing Steven and going on a trip to the kindergarten? Sure, why not?].

- Tendency toward addictions. We know Amethyst is a hoarder. Oh, and she also binge-watches TV.

- Unstable, fragmented identity. Constant Shape-shifting, anyone?

- Provocative behavior. Amethyst is constantly seen teasing, provoking or stepping on people’s toes on purpose, just in order to grab their attention.

- Constantly feeling alienated, not belonging, not fitting in.

That’s pretty much the first time there’s an accurate representation of a person with BPD in popular media, ever. Not a glorified, romanticized Winona Rider in “Girl, Interrupted”, and not the demonized crazy monster in “Fatal Attraction”, “Gone Girl” and plenty other popular works.

And the most important part? Amethyst is still a positive character. She’s one of the good guys. She’s sweet, fun, lovable and loving. You know, like people often are.