• Me: *Walks into shared hotel room*
  • Japanese Diplomat: Hello, my name is Khairoji. I am from Japan, but I am Indonesian. My English not good.
  • Me: Konichiwa, my name is Damiyr. My Japanese is not good. But, I am from the States. You are Indonesian?
  • Khairoji: Yes.
  • Me: Are you Muslim?
  • Khairoji: Yes..
  • Me: Me too!
  • Khairoji: *surprised smile*
  • Both of us at same time: Asalaamu Alaikum!
  • Khairoji: *Points to his skin, and then my skin, and shakes his head*
  • Khairoji: *Points to His heart, and then my heart* and says:
  • Khairoji: Brothers.
Highlights of the "오사카 숙소 급습!" V-App broadcast
  • Haechan hold marks arm in the beginning and bouncing like a child
  • Haechan being nervous to talk first
  • “Don’t worry~ Don’t worry~” -Mark
  • WinWin speaking Korean
  • “WinWinWinWinnn” -Doyoung
  • WinWin putting his hand on his hip when he was speaking
Doyoung telling him to speak Chinese

  • WinWin speaking Chinese

  • Taeyong staring at him like he’s amazed
  • Taeyong glimpsing at Doyoung while he spoke
Taeyong sitting on the back of the couch
Taeyong’s knees
Doyoung taking care of WinWin too
  • The camera instantly cleared when it was Taeil’s turn to speak 

  • Taeil being nervous
  • “Gwenchanayo~” -Mark (it’s alright)
  • Yuta forgetting what he was saying
Yuta speaking Japanese
Someone shouting “ssang namja” (real man) while Yuta was speaking 

  • “Bye bye” - Yuta

  • Jaehyun speaking and taeil creeping behind his head
Then taeil putting his face is jaehyuns hair like he’s sniffing it
“Original. Sound.” - Haechan
  • “Konichiwa, Ten imida” -Ten

  • Ten speaking Thai

  • WinWin vigorously nodding his head while ten spoke Thai
“NC2- ah NCT” - Ten
  • WinWin leaned over and rubbed tens shoulder while he was speaking 

  • Mark speaking English
Mark being nervous to speak English
  • Taeyong vigorous nodding his head while Mark spoke English
  • Ten clinging to mark’s arm
  • Doyoung speaking and WinWin running on the spot and being cute
Taeyong pushing WinWin forward so that he can be cute in the bg
Taeyong never taking his hands off WinWin

  • Jaegyun getting off the couch and shouting for some weird game they were playing for like .02 seconds lol

Here’s another song from our mini album called Set Me Free. Its about being afraid and trying not to be afraid of being afraid.