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Happy SDCC day!

Algumas pessoas notaram que o Tumblr está com problemas e cheio de bugs. A quase uma semana, se não mais que isso, notei que o Tumblr anda mais lento, dando F5 nas páginas sozinho, atualizando e umas coisas doidas. A alguns dias, meu Tumblr “resetou” as alterações que faço, todos os links, theme, bg, icon, capa e etc, voltaram para as alterações normais do Tumblr (isso pode acontecer mais de uma vez), algumas pessoas também tiveram esses problemas, e creio eu que mais pessoas ainda terão, talvez seja apenas um erro no Tumblr, mas eles ainda não arrumaram nada a uns dias, então se você ver algum Tumblr com o Theme estranho ou qualquer coisa do tipo, avise a pessoa.

Throne of Glass Series Game Nights! 

Alright, the game nights have been such a hit that I am going to make it a weekly occurrence! As well as the Quote Guessing games I will be mixing in a few other types of games that revolve around the series! 

What will be really helpful is if you are interested in joining each weekly game night please get ahold of me in some way to tell me. 

If you only want to participate in the upcoming game for that week also get ahold of me letting me know with the typical “I’m in”.

For those who want to participate each week as regulars you will not need to get ahold of me each week, but will be added to a “regulars” tag list!

As usual, days may vary, but will typically be held at 9pm EST. 

Schedule for the next two weeks games is as follows:

Friday, July 29th, 9pm EST. Crown of Midnight Quote Game.

Saturday, August 6th, 9pm EST. Heir of Fire Quote Game.

(I can only let you know 2 weeks out because that’s how my work schedule is)


Dark Impetus, from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Defeat the mysterious figure, but don’t forget to dodge roll!


Gotham - Season 3 (Comic Con trailer)