konica hexanon ar 57mm



I have been looking for a roll of this film for quite some time now. I accidently read about this type of infrared sensitive black and white film on a site about lomography and wanted to get my hands on one ever since. I have been quite into IR-photography since I discovered that my Fujifilm X-pro1 was able to capture infrared light using a IR-filter. Since I have been shooting more and more analogue lately it was just a natural step to start taking pictures with infrared 35mm film aswell. Unfortunately it was sold out in every store that I have visited.

Some research on the internet showed that it is not so common anymore. Apparently it is only manufactured “by demand” by Ilford. I don’t know if demand is just scarce or it is just a long time since they have manufactured their last batch. Anyway it was nowhere to be found in any physical store where I live. Luckely there is always THE PLACE to find film - the Internet.

I have ordered four rolls and really eager to try it out I loaded one of them into my Konica Autoreflex TC - totally forgetting about the fact that I haven’t been able to produce a single decent exposure with that camera lately…

The old Konica cameras used a 1,35 volts mercury battery which was forbidden due to environmental reasons, and I have replaced it with a 1,5 volts alkaline battery which makes the light-meter go crazy. Everything turns out extremely overexposed and I still haven’t figure out how to solve this issue. Really annoying since I really like that camera and I have a really nice lens collection to go with it.

So as a consequence, the results with this treasured film roll was again the same as with my last film roll - extreme over-exposure. I was really disappointed when I first looked at the picture as I was scanning them. Luckely I managed to save a few (probably the under-exposed ones) and in the end I was actually quite content with the ones I managed to save. The skin-tones are really special and there is a eery way that the film captures the eyes. I guess it has something to do with the extended infrared sensitivity. I have noticed on my digital IR-photos that the eyes always has a special black glow to them. I hope to get my hands on either a proper battery or a proper camera before I use up the rest of the film rolls. My second roll is right now loaded into my pinhole camera and I am really eager to see the outcome of that. More to come about that later…

I have been shooting these pictures with my Konica Autoreflex TC using my bokehlicious Konica Hexanon AR 57mm f1,2. The negatives where scanned using a Epson Perfection V700.