konica centuria 200


Back to 35mm for me.

I’ve just bought myself a Nikon F100 at a bargain price and needed to test it out in case of light leaks or metering issues. I still haven’t got a lens yet but the great guys at my local London Camera Exchange leant me a Sigma 24-70 for my lunch break today so I could test it out. It wasn’t the nice 2.8 Sigma though.

So I’ve got my scans and thankfully the camera performs very well indeed. I’m looking forward to getting the 50mm slapped on the front and getting some great photos of my daughter rather than some very rushed and very uninspiring photos on my lunch break.

I used an old expired Konica Centuria 200 film rated at 100 for these shots and processed at my local Boots store. The file size is very small but the scans are ok enough for testing purposes.