honestly I hope there’s a continuing trend of Green (male) just sort of adopting new Pokedex Holders and acting as their grumpy but secretly proud teacher. don’t tell me he wouldn’t, like I know he’s still a little bit of a smartass but this is the dude who trained Yellow and keeps on bringing it up (in FRLG with Sird and the 20th anniversary art), like he’s lowkey proud. And then in X/Y you have his interactions with X and the Kalos squad basically just give me more Green he’s great

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     “It amuses me to hear of Master Zhuge Liang’s habits. Surely, he cannot maintain his calm composure forever. I wonder if he has grown suspicious of my presence - I am simply here to learn, after all.”

  • Kaitou Kid in the DC manga: I used a thin wire strung between the two skyscrapers to suspend myself from the helicopter I disguised as a police helicopter! Then I used a speaker system to broadcast my footsteps and pretended to walk and behold, it looks like I'm walking on air! Then I set off a smoke bomb and had the helicopter pulled me up so it looks like I vanished! Miraculous!
  • Kaitou Kid in the MK manga: ok but what if i just stuck that mask to my face with superglue

oh and another thing I love about Green (dude) is how his relationship with Silver develops, like the first time he meets Silver he kicks a door into his face and they team up against Entei, and then at the end of G/S/C he tries to arrest Silver like geez the kid’s just seen his best friend vanish forever into an alternate time dimension slow down there buddy, but then in FR/LG Green is clapping Silver on the shoulder like “oh yeah, Silver helped too, he did his best” and in HG/SS he goes out of his way to help him find Giovanni/lends him his own freaking Rhyperior. Anyway tl;dr Green is great

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You know, you gotta hand it to Kongming, he won when it came to making a legacy.

More like you gotta hand it to Xi Zuochi and Luo Guanzhong.

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I am working on a Three Kingdoms project for a class (I chose the topic) And I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of free or relatively affordable sources that you use? I mean you could probably answer most of my questions but "that one Tumblr guy" probably won't be a valid source.

You can search for SGZ biographies here:


Not all are translated, of course, and the quality of translations varies. It’s the place to look for primary source material, though.

There are a number of useful articles and books written by Rafe de Crespigny here:


In particular, I’d suggest reading his To Establish Peace (Part 1 | Part 2).

Also of interest is Achilles Fang’s Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms, available here:


This is just starter material, mind you, but it should serve your purposes.

If you’re curious about any particular statements I’ve made, just ask and I can provide you with the source.