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Time for a surprise extra edition of this series, thanks to our secret agent @kongeriket-noregur

Welcome to the A&E and the Acute Medical Unit of University College London Hospital, where Sherlock lands himself not once, but twice during the course of the series.

Ambulance bay doors.

A private room at the Acute Medical Unit.

Ambulance bay.

Acute Medical Unit waiting room

the ceiling of the Majors bay at A&E

Main entrance of the A&E department

Main hallway of the A&E department

Majors bay at A&E

Headcanon about aph Nordics’ names.

I just love to think about how they would call each other… Or themselves. This is just my headcanons so don’t take it too literally. 


Usually they all call him Dan, but when things get serious (like if he does something stupid…) they say Danmark. When Norway gets really pissed off, he also adds the “kingdom” (kongeriket) in his name, but that doesn’t happen often. Finland sometimes calls him Tanska (Denmark in Finnish) but mostly only when he is talking about something serious. Iceland calls him Danmörk (Icelandic name for Denmark), but only when he is annoyed. Sweden and Norway both also refer to him as “Dane” and Norway calls him sometimes “idiot”, but always in positive tone (it is like a secret pet name he can use even when they are around others). When they are alone, Norway calls him elskede.

Denmark most often present himself as Danmark, but also kongeriget Danmark if he wants to impress people or is just feeling like that. He has problems with picking up a human name, which had made him change it often. He usually prefers to use the surnames of Danish authors. His favourite is Andersen. 


Sweden, Denmark and Finland calls him Nor most often. Iceland uses name Nore, and sometimes rarely also calls him brother (mostly when he wants something or is just feeling like that). Finland might use name Norja* (Finnish name for Norway) sometimes, but mostly only when he had something serious to say or he wants to make fun of him. If he gets angry, he might also call Norway Norski (Finnish insult / pet name for Norwegians) Sweden and Denmark calls him Norge whenever they are looking for his attention. Denmark also has lot of pet names for him and he prefers to use those whenever they are alone… or in public in case he “forgets” Norway doesn’t like to be lovely-dovley. They all like to tease Norway by calling him No way. 

Norway mostly calls himself Norge or Noreg. He never present himself with shorter Nor and it is very rare that he calls himself a kingdom. Like Denmark, Norway also change his human name quite often, usually prefering old Norwegian names. 


Norway, Denmark and Finland call him Sve most of the time. Iceland prefers to say Sví, which is short from his Icelandic name. Norway uses name Sverige when he is annoyed, and Denmark when he wants attention.Denmark also calls him Svea** whenever he wants to annoy the Swede (Sweden doesn’t actually mind about it) Finland used to call him mister Sverige, but nowadays he never uses the full name… Unless he gets pissed off and calls Sweden kungariket Sverige. He also calls Sweden Ruotsi (Finnish name for Sweden) but that is not so common as he got used to call the man by his Swedish name during their early years together. Often he use the pet name älskling, sötnos or höpönassu, because he likes to call Sweden with cute names. 

Sweden always present himself as Sverige and never calls himself kingdom unless the situation is about something official. He uses one human name (the canon one; Berwald Oxenstierna).


They all call him Fin, but Denmark sometimes uses name Finny whenever he wants to annoy the man***. Sweden sometimes uses Finland’s Finnish name, Suomi, or calls him käraste. 

Finland often present himself with both, his Finnish and Swedish names (Suomi Finland), but has accepted the fact that most of nations will call him Finland. He never calls himself republic. He uses one human name (the canon one: Tino Väinämöinen). He loves to have such a difficult name to say because he finds it hilarious when others try to call him by that. 


They all call Iceland Is or Island depending on the situation. Finland might also rarely use his Finnish name, Islanti, but most often he prefers the short version. Norway often calls him brother, little brother or brother of mine, and Denmark likes to use name Icey. It is normal for Sweden to use the full name even if they are just hanging out. Denmark and Finland might call him Land of ice when they want to mess up with him

Like Norway and Denmark, Iceland also  changes his human name. He doesn’t do it so often, but still always in few years. He  uses Icelandic names, but doesn’t pick up a “surname” as he feels weird about it because he doesn’t have mother or father. He uses Norwegian and Danish surnames when he is dealing with something in Dan or Nor’s lands. Iceland always present himself as Ísland.

* Finnish word norja (adjective) also means supple / flexible body (but it is one of those old-fashioned words, nowadays most of people say notkea instead), it is often used for young women. 
** Svea is a feminine name.
*** Finny sounds like Finnish word for pimple (finni). 

We are On Pins And Needles again!

As promised, there will be several oneshots coming up in the series. The first, “The Ascent”, is up now at AO3 and ff. net. It answers a question many readers have asked: does The Reichenbach Fall happen in the story ‘verse?

Tags under the cut. Tell me if you want to be added/removed from the list.

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DenNor Week Day Tre: Aurora Borealis

Summary: It’s cold, and Denmark’s drunk. Sequel to Mistletoe.

Behold, part two to this random DenNor trilogy. This one’s a bit darker than the last one, but at least you guys finally know where Denmark snuck off to! If you’re wondering, I headcanon  Late Kalmar Union!Denmark looking around 16 years old, with Sve and Nor just a bit younger.

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anonymous asked:

Will there be more Grey Matters???

Oh yes. Not one but two medium-length instalments are in the making. I’ve been working on some cover graphics for fun, so here’s a bit of a teaser:

To those wondering what this is about: You Go To My Head is an AU series which quickly turned from a fun little side project to one of my most popular fic series. It features the medical and romantic (mis)adventures of Doctors Holmes (neurosurgeon) and Watson (senior neuroanaesthetist). 

The (past and future) parts are as follows:

1. Grey Matters
Senior neuroanaesthesia consultant John Watson returns to Britain from a stint as an army surgeon to discover that the hospital has recruited on a new star trainee in neurosurgery: Sherlock Holmes. At first, John thinks this bratty genius may be more trouble than he’s worth, but somehow they end up working together to save Holmes’ career…

2. Cerebral Approaches
John and Sherlock have moved in together, but black clouds are descending on their budding relationship: John isn’t quite comfortable with telling other people about the two of them yet, and there’s a hotshot surgeon in town very eager to give Sherlock some hands-on training…

3. Blood Thicker Than Water
John finally gets to meet Sherlock’s formidable big brother, but the circumstances really aren’t what he would have hoped for…

4. Rejection Slip (written by 7PercentSolution)
Sherlock is in a funk, so it’s John to the rescue. Also, our boys get to look smoulderingly hot in dinner jackets.

5. Take Heart (coming soon!)
Thoroughly frustrated with his administrative duties and longing for a bit of adventure, John signs up for a second tour in Afghanistan, leaving Sherlock behind to worry.

6. Feedback Loops (coming soon!)
Sherlock can no longer avoid taking on a trainee, which turns into a formidable disaster. Fixing things will require John to dig deep into things buried in Sherlock’s past.

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Closed RP with de-kongeriket-norge

Feli sat in the taxi, numbly clutching his bag to him. The letter in his hand fluttered with the shaking of his hands, and he wanted desperately to just rip it up and throw it out of the window. The letter in his hand signed him over to some unknown man… his new husband. he looked up as the taxi stopped, taking a deep breath.