Jia Jia celebrating her 37th birthday at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong on July 28, 2015.

“Jia Jia, the giant panda, has been enjoying an extra special birthday after becoming the oldest giant panda living in captivity.

Now in her 37th year, Jia Jia has been living at Ocean Park, an animal theme park in Hong Kong, since 1999. Jia Jia now holds the Guinness World Records title for ‘oldest giant panda living in captivity’. 

Her special occasion was marked with a large birthday cake, lovingly constructed by her keepers using a mixture of ice and vegetables. Park keepers brought the cake into Jia Jia’s lush pen in the hope that she might fancy a piece of the tasty looking treat. The numbers 37 stand at the top of the two tier cake, which appears to be emblazoned with her new title in both English and Chinese.

Jia Jia slowly approached the cake with a slight element of caution, unsure what the mysterious present might be. After a quick sniff of the cake, Jia Jia helped herself to a couple of pieces of fresh bamboo. Sitting down on a large log, Jia Jia tucked into her favourite food, chewing happily before digging into a few pieces of diced fruit.

Giant pandas like Jia Jia were once found across the forests of Burma, China and northern parts of Vietnam. Now the much loved giant panda can only be found in China. The destructive rate of deforestation and poaching has led to a serious decline in the number of wild pandas in China.

Giant pandas remain an endangered species although conservation projects are working hard to improve their numbers. One of the biggest issues faced increasing the population of pandas is the difficulty of getting pandas to mate.

What makes giant pandas so unusual is the fact they are the only vegetarian animal to have a carnivarous designed stomach.

Closely related to a bear, pandas eat bamboo for as many as 14 hours in a day because their stomach cannot process plant matter, according to WWF. 

On average, wild pandas usually have a life span of 20 years, in comparison to those living in captivity who tend to live for 25 years.”

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So I wanted to do another one of these since I’d still love to have more Nintendo mutuals or even blogs to follow. So if you mainly post any of these and dont post too much nsfw or gore like/reblog this post.

  • Pikmin
  • Donkey Kong
  • Star Fox
  • Kid Icarus
  • Animal Crossing 
  • Mario
  • Kirby 
  • Pokemon 
  • Legend of Zelda (especially Wind Waker)
  • Earthbound/Mother 
  • Splatoon
  • Animal Crossing 
  • Punch Out
  • Metroid
  • Super Smash Bros 
  • Nintendo in General
  • Also Sonic the Hedghog

PART 3 - 2015.07.28 HKACG2015 HEARTBEAT音樂祭 Aoi Shouta 
I think these are the best photos I have taken at the HEARTBEAT Festival

Forgot to post the ACGHK2015 Program list in the previous posts.  

Shouta has a really GOOD SKIN!!! So jelly >///< Can you share you skin care secret?? Please??

PART 1 Photo (x)
PART 2 Photo (x)

anonymous asked:

How do you think Syaoran proposed to Sakura? (Sorry for these questions, it's just that you're my go-to SxS expert on here)

Please don’t apologize! I enjoy answering them.  I’m just slow about answering questions in general, haha.

Sakura and Syaoran never stop being an item from the age of 11 to their eventual deaths, so there’s never really a question of whether or not Syaoran will ask Sakura to marry him, but a question of when

Syaoran spends - literally - 15 months looking for the perfect opportunity.  He wants to wait until they have both finished whatever schooling they want to complete.  Then he wants to make sure he has stable employment: if he can’t find a job in Japan, he’ll have to leave when his student visa ends, and that will put a damper on any wedding plans.  (Syaoran is independently wealthy through his family, so money is no real object, but Japan’s Immigration Office isn’t going to accept his inheritance as an excuse for not contributing to Japanese society.)

Syaoran gets the engagement ring custom-made: small pink diamonds arranged in the shape of a sakura flower, surrounded by tiny emeralds*. It’s not very ostentatious, but he hopes she finds it to her taste more than finds it striking.  She likes small, cute things best anyway.

He needs to pick the perfect setting.  At first Syaoran thinks he should just carry the engagement ring with himself for a while and when the perfect mood arose, go to one knee and propose then.  But there’s two problems with this idea: 

1) It goes against his sensibilities to not carefully plan out the proposal, and
2) Tomoyo insists that Syaoran tell her the time and day so that she can get it on video. Of course.

Finally, he settles on proposing on Sakura’s birthday.  After having breakfast with her family and lunch with her friends - Sakura is careful to equally share herself amongst her loved ones - Syaoran finally has her alone for dinner.  He proposes they go for a walk under Tokyo Tower afterwards.  They reminisce about fighting Eriol in its shadow.  They stop to look up the Tower; the moon breaks out from behind some clouds.  Some bushes rustle.

The moment is perfect. Syaoran takes a deep breath, turns to Sakura, and says her name.  She looks back at him.  He takes her left hand in his, reaches into his jacket pocket with his right hand, and goes to a knee.  He pulls out the ringbox.  He opens his mouth.

Nothing comes out.

Syaoran’s heart won’t stop pounding, so loud in his ears that he doesn’t think he would be able to hear himself even if he could speak.  His face is burning.  Sakura says ‘oh!’ and stares first at the ringbox with round eyes, then at him, turning bright pink and bringing her free hand to her mouth.

Ten terrifying seconds elapse.  Then Sakura cries, “Yes! Of course I will!”

She falls to her knees and grabs Syaoran around the middle, hugging him tightly.  Syaoran, stunned, hugs her back stiffly.  She kisses him, hard, and Syaoran finally manages to breathe again (through his nose).  Once Sakura pulls back, Syaoran finally opens the ringbox and put the ring on her finger, which she’s very pleased with.  They sit there on the pavement, both of them trembling, and Sakura laughs and Syaoran smiles.  They can’t even stand for quarter of an hour, and Syaoran is rendered all but mute by emotion.  (They might both cry a little.)

(The shaking bushes stop shaking only after they get up and leave.  Tomoyo never shows anyone the video; some things are best kept to oneself.)

*Diamonds are the birthstone of April. Green emeralds represent Syaoran (because he likes green).


Full disclosure: this is heavily inspired by knightarcana. :D

Hong Kong Skyline from The Peak

Back to HK (Hong Kong) again! This amazing cityscape is what gets me coming back again and again (3rd time visit). This photo was shot at a vantage point along Lugard Road. Since the sky was mostly covered by clouds, I used very long exposure (199 secs) to get clouds rushing across the sky.

Actually, I shot at this exact spot last year, but screwed up the opportunity by setting my tripod too tall in high winds, resulting in blurry photos. So, I’m happy that it came out sharp this time around, but still want to go back and shoot again on a clear day. ;)

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Because I’m coming back to sing about my experiences here. And when there’s an alignment between what I’m singing and what I’m feeling, that’s when I get emotional.”- Damon (x)

This is beautiful. I want to hug him