Flossie Wong-Staal (b. 1947) is the virologist and molecular biologist who was the first to clone HIV and determine the function of its genes. This was a major step in confirming that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

Born in China, she moved to the United States at 18 to study at UCLA, where she eventually earned a PhD in molecular biology. She went on to do research work at the National Cancer Institute, and in 1985 she completed a mapping of the HIV virus which made it possible to develop tests for it. In 1994 she became the chairman of the newly-founded Center for AIDS Research at the University of California, San Diego.

TTA: Specializing in Direct Flights to Hong Kong

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“Good Evening and Welcome to Tongue Technology Airlines.  Where we promise the smoothest ride in the Mile High Club.  Taking you on a direct flight to Hong Kong.  My name is Taehyung and I will be your Head Steward this flight.  If you look around you, you will see our Junior Stewards: BamBam, Jungkook and Yugyeom.  Please take good care of our Yugyeom.  He is the newest and youngest addition to the crew.  Just remember, our duty is to serve you and make sure you have the most gratifying flight to Hong Kong.  Thank you for flying with us here at Tongue Technology Airlines.”  

After giving the introduction the stewards began warming their nuts that they would be offering to their clients.  The flight crew were trained to call the passengers clients, since they were a full service crew.

“Ladies, Gentleman and those who are yet to make up your mind.  This is your Captain speaking, the Prince of Daegu, Agust D.  I would like to inform you that you may now unbuckle your seat belts and feel free to move around the plane.  We have now reached our cruising altitude and we expect a nice, long smooth journey to Hong Kong.  And please remember the stewards, co-pilots, Namjoon and Jackson, and myself will do everything in our power to ensure you all have a truly fulfilling experience with us tonight.”  

Flying with TTA was to be a transcendent experience, it was not just a flight to Hong Kong.  It was a journey to Nirvana.  Agust D was a self-certified Hong Kong travel expert and he was making sure to train his dongsaengs to follow in his footsteps.

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hongice 6 for your Kiss meme thing, please!

6. Tipsy kiss.

They had a bit to drink.

“All right, so lemme come up with one-” Leon said, taking a sip from his red cup, “Would you rather bang your cousin, or don’t, but everyone thinks you did.”

Emil made a face, “Second one.”

“Really? I’m just gonna bring this up, but everyone in this scenario thinks you did. You’re gonna meet people for the first time, they’re gonna glance at you from across the street and think, ‘man, there’s a cousinfucker.’”

Emil nearly choked on his drink, “I don’t have cousins.”

“Well I do. And I’m gonna say, I choose not to answer the question, but it’s easy for you, because it’s just a Mystery Cousin who you’ve never met before.” Leon said, “Listen, I’ve heard many alternatives to this question. The other one includes goats instead of cousins. At least I, like, gave you a human alternative.”

“Yes, thank you, Leon. You were kind enough to give me the incest question instead of the bestiality question.” Emil rolled his eyes.

“I know. I’m so nice.”

There was silence for a moment, before Leon took another sip out of his cup. “I’m gonna kiss you. now.”

“Cool.” Emil said, glancing at his cup, then back at Leon.

Leon did, in fact, kiss him. It was sort of sloppy, mostly because they were both pretty drunk. There was teeth clicking, and Emil was pretty sure he nearly bit Leon’s bottom lip by accident.

When Leon pulled away, Emil blinked. “I would have to say… I would rate that kiss a moist out of ten.”

“I hate you.”

aside from the kissin part, this is a conversation i’ve had with several people. the cousinfucking would you rather conversation.

i was tempted to put some more Quotes From Me in there, but i didn’t. thank god.