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Ping Shek Estate in black and white: part 3 by Jeff Barry
Via Flickr:
Unlike the straight look-up shot of this location I posted some months ago, the angled perspective here almost seems to create a sense of movement and motion. This is one of the Ping Shek Estate towers in Hong Kong.


In the Mood for Love (2000)
dir. Wong Kar-Wai / dop. Christopher Doyle, Kwan Pung-Leung & Lee Ping Bin


Ping Pong (ピンポン) cover art–and undercover art–illustrated by animation character designer Nobutake Ito (伊東伸高) for Ping Pong Complete Works (Amazon US | JP). It’s an excellent book with an amazing selection of concept art, background art, character designs, and key frames. 


1. 影山飛雄 Kageyama Tobio, Haikyuu!!

2. 七瀬遙 Nanase Haruka, Free!

3. 今泉俊輔 Imaizumi Shunsuke, Yowamushi Pedal Go!!

4. 月本誠 Tsukimoto Makoto, Ping Pong

5. 孔文革 Wenge Kong, Ping Pong

6. 流川楓 Rukawa Kaede, Slam Dunk

7. 徳川カズヤ Tokugawa Kazuya, Prince of Tennis

8. 降谷暁 Furuya Satoru, Diamond no Ace

Pillowfight x

Request: Imagine a pillowfight with Derek before/after intimacy. @prenup-queen

This is my first attempt at anything smut like, please allow some awkwardness as that is my asexuality invading my writing! I’m also sorry it took so long! I hope you enjoy it!xx-Ash.

“Holy crap I’m tired” you fell backwards onto the bed lifting your head slightly to look at your boyfriend who laughed “What are you laughing at?” you threw the pillow behind your head at him.

“Hey! Don’t start; you know I will beat you in a pillow fight.” Derek smirked at you as a mischievous expression crept onto your face.

You picked up the other pillow on the bed and swung it at Derek; hitting him on the side of the head and knocking him slightly off balance. As he looked back at you, you wiggled your eyebrows and blew him a kiss. He furrowed his brow and clutched the pillow tighter.

“Oh it’s on.”

“Like Donkey Kong?”

“Playing ping pong” he swung the pillow at you; landing a blow on your stomach and knocking you over back down onto the bed.

He quickly jumped onto the bed, landing on his knees above you. You began hitting each other lightly with the pillows alternating targets from face, to stomach, to legs and to protecting yourselves from the other. With one strong hit Derek’s pillow burst and the room was suddenly full of feathers as they rained down from above you.  At some point in the mess of pillows you ended up on top of Derek, you both paused looking into one another’s eyes. Your grip on your pillow loosened as you brought your face close to his, your lips only an inch away from his, his breath was hot on your face. Your legs rested either side of his hips, one hand propped you up using his chest whilst the other caressed his cheek. Your hair hung down one side of your face lightly brushing Derek’s face. His hand reached up, wrapping around your back pulling you closer to him.

You lips finally came together moving in perfect sync, a small moan escaping your lips as the passion between the 2 of you enhanced the kiss. Within minutes Derek had pulled your dress off and you were working at his belt buckle. Almost simultaneously you had undone Derek’s trousers and he had removed your bra exposing your chest completely.

He flipped you over onto your back and straddled your hips pulling his top off, making you reach out and run your hand along his abs, his smile becoming increasingly more alluring. He leant back down to you peppering kisses on your neck, leaving small marks that would later darken, moving slowly down your chest and onto your perky nipples, causing you to flinch and moan at the sensation, down your stomach and just above your panty line. His eyes shifted up to yours and he smiled at your pleading eyes.

(Okay so I’m going to have to leave you with your imagination, I tried to write some more but honestly I just couldn’t, it was too cringy and gross… Sorryyyy!)