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hii~ could I request what the akatsuki members would love the most about their s/o? good luck with your new blog!!<3

Deidara really loves his s/o’s hair and hands. He enjoys playing with both of them, whether it’s just holding their hands and walking or playing with her hair after sex.

Hidan loves his s/o’s curves. Doesn’t matter where the two of them are he’ll always either be looking at their breasts or their ass. He’s shameless about it too.

Itachi loves his s/o’s smile. It might sound cheesy, but with every depressing thing he’s been through, just seeing a simple smile on the person he loves makes him feel so much better.

Kakuzu loves his s/o’s money. He loves keeping it safe, because he knows banks do a terrible job.

Kisame loves his s/o’s face. Because of his past, he’s very insecure about his own looks, which is why he finds his s/o’s face so comforting. Sometimes he’ll stare 

Konan loves her s/o’s fingers. Whenever she was anxious as a child, she’d always mess with her hands and toy with her fingers. As she grew up, she found she’d enjoy playing with her s/o’s fingers, for fun or even after sex.

Pein/Yahiko loves his s/o’s lips. He loves to give them a small peck before going on long missions. He also finds it relaxing when his s/o’s kisses his forehead after long/tiring missions.

Sasori doesn’t really have a favorite part of his s/o, considering that he’s a puppet and has no real emotions. However, he does seem to enjoy his s/o’s eyes, on occasion.

Tobi/Obito loves his s/o’s laugh. He loves to know that something small or dumb that he’s done can make someone so happy. It brings him joy and makes him even more hyper–active.

Zetsu’s double personality doesn’t make it too easy for them to choose a favorite part of their s/o. Their body would give off two different answers, which would just confuse people. However, White!Zetsu prefers their s/o’s nose, he loves to peck it, while Black!Zetsu prefers their s/o’s ears, whispering things in it.

i didn’t know if you wanted team taka as well, and the post had already become really long, so i left them out. however, if you’d like team taka, just send another ask! also, idk what this is, it’s late here + the akatsuki aren’t my forté… thanks for the luck though!! (:  — a.