aymaabdullahmalik  asked:

I read it somewhere in a post that in the whole manga Hinata was never said to be pretty. Like no one ever said she was pretty or cut or beautiful. Not even in her description. And that only Sakura and Tsunade were described as beautiful. Is it true. Cause after reading that post, I went through the manga and yes hinata was never described as beautiful but sakura was, several times. By jiraiya and her intro in Boruto one shot( bell test) if iam wrong please tell me

You’re not wrong. As far as I’m aware, no character has ever commented on Hinata’s attractiveness. However, from the girls, it wasn’t just Sakura and Tsunade who were said to be beautiful. If I remember correctly, then I believe Konan was once described as being beautiful by Jiraiya, and Sai called Ino beautiful on two occasions (and meant it the second time).

Confession: I wish there were more female characters without a love interest as their main goal, Sakura and ino wanted sasuke, Hinata wanted naruto, temari got paired with shikamaru and even characters like tsunade, konan and rin were used for other male characters to be with. I wish there were more girl characters who got to do their own thing without a boy getting in the w