konan-rem  asked:

Oh my god! It's so rare to find stuff about Konan *___* Can I get some more headcanons pleaaase? :3

Since you didn’t specify if you wanted NSFW or not, I’ll stick with SFW to be on the safe side. - Aidyn


❖ Konan would want to adopt children instead of having her own. She’d like to have about three kids and would cherish them more than anything else.

❖ She is very protective of her s/o and doesn’t tolerate people disrespecting them.

❖ I headcanon Konan as pansexual, but she has a preference for women.

❖ She likes a bit of mystery, so she wouldn’t be the kind to talk about her past very much, at least not in the first few months of the relationship.

❖ As she said in canon, she won’t be interested in a relationship until Akatsuki’s goal is achieved, and while she can fall in love before than, she won’t engage in any romantic nor sexual actions with anybody.

❖ Yahiko is still very dear to her heart, so I feel like she would want someone who reminds her of him, or at least someone who shares the same ideals for the future as him.