The interim between each chapter of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories often has the player filling out a simple exercise that is meant to build out a psychological profile that the game builds on. The most impressive aspect of these is how similar to these kind of exercises they are, while still maintaining a sense of otherness to them. In the couples exercise in the top left, the couples are oddly detailed and all seem to be in some way uncomfortable with their circumstance. And the logo for the Garnel Sobel test in the upper right has a very bizarre logo- an eye with a hook coming out of it.

There needs to be a series in the future in which the protagonist is a female and her main monster is Seiyaryu. It fits the theme of the classic ace monsters of past and present heroes. 2500 attack and defense in the 2000s, two tributes and it’s a dragon. Make it so, Konami!

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Forgot to mention this, but there's another game I'd like to recommend: Boktai. It's a GBA game from Konami that uses a little solar cell in the cartridge. Having the sun shine on the cartridge will alter certain things about the game world, powering machinery, recharging your energy if you're outside, and slowly building energy in solar stations you can exchange for in-game money. Also, in the second game there's a one eyed grandpa that forges weapons for you.

OMG AWESOME!! I remember always wanting that one as a kid, but now I’m an adult who can afford it I’d forgotten the name of the series :P
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I dunno if the special solar cartridge things still work if you buy em preowned after all this time? Or if it still works if youre playing a gba game in a DS?

>Konami dumped some of its most passionate and creative minds, including Hideo Kojima, to drop all major console game production and instead pursue the mobile gaming and pachinko industry

>after news about employee abuse and refusing to let Kojima accept any awards for his work on the game, public trust of the company has tanked since 2015

>Konami ends up taking a huge financial hit in pachinko in 2016

>suddenly come crawling back saying they want to earn gamers’ trust

>put out a trailer for a new Metal Gear game

>it’s a 4-player co-op zombie survival game

what the hell is konami doing: a response

so with metal gear survive announced and people wondering why the hell konami’s destroying themselves, i thought id give some insight into this matter.

i have friends in japan - both natives, and expats now living there. and according to them - and i say this because i have absolutely no sources on this, and based on the nature of this none probably exist - konami is basically the yakuza’s gaming branch. most of the higher-ups have some ties to the yakuza, and have basically since the company’s inception.

so, what does this have to do with konami tearing themselves apart? easy - yakuza no longer wants konami around. maybe someone at konami specifically did something to piss them off and now they’re cutting off ties, maybe theyve found another company that’s better for their purposes, maybe they just don’t want to be involved in gaming anymore.

what matters is - they want konami out of the picture. but they can’t just close them down, or people would get suspicious. so what theyre doing is, theyre frantically laundering money out of the company while deliberately misusing its assets to turn the least profit possible for plausible deniability. fire kojima to erode consumer trust. cancel a high-profile, high-budget game. spend a bunch of money on fox engine remasters of snake eater cutscenes for a pachinko machine that wont make a tenth of that money back. for that matter, use your licenses on pachinko machines - its a dying market and doing so will both erode consumer trust and potentially wring a bit more money out of pachinko from diehard fans before the industry collapses entirely. do pointless microtransactions in mgo because (i would imagine, i dont exactly have a lot of experience in this field) microtransaction profit is an easy number to forge if you need the numbers to line up. and now - make a zombie survival game under the metal gear license, which is doomed to fail due to market saturation and fan backlash, but give it a aaa budget so you can sneak in a couple thousand extra dollars that no one will suspect youve just laundered out. these are all things that they can easily claim are just bad business decisions, despite actually forming a clear pattern. this is intentional. they dont want your money, because that means more they have to launder out before they can close the company entirely.

like i say, i have no hard evidence or sources on this, but it explains a hell of a lot - my guess is, they started this process around when mgs5 came out and silent hills was canceled. the best we can hope for is that, when they finally close down the company, they hold a thq-style auction for all their ips.