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Five Steps (StephCass)

This is a commission with art done by the marvelous @konako, based on @sociallyawkwardfoxwriter‘s fic “Five Steps” (http://archiveofourown.org/works/10545966)

I highly recommend reading the fic in its entirety. It’s a beautifully-written exploration of Cass’ adjustment to a life after vigilante following an off-duty accident that leaves her paralyzed. It’s also adorable StephCass through and through, with some bumps along the way but ultimately reinforcing a healthy and loving relationship between them.

My quest to fill fandom with positive disability AUs and headcanons until they drown out the memory of Me Bef*re You continues apace.

She took another slice and tore into it, barely caring about the cheese and sauce dripping over the table and probably coating her face now too.

“Are you liking it?” Belle asked, finally finishing her first slice.

The subject nodded and realized she was smiling.


@konako​ did sad.png so now have my version of happy.png even if our styles are wildly different lol

check out my fic Subject 204 if you havent yet, coz it has angst

“When’s it going to snow again?”
“Probably not for quite a few months.”
“But I miss it.”
Regina squints and leans back in her chair, inspecting Effy for a moment before she raises her empty palm and blows, a flurry of soft snowflakes billowing around the child in an instant and earning Regina a laugh. (x)

Merry Christmas, @fourforyou!!

Artwork by @konako (x)

These two OCs, drawn by the lovely @konako, belong to @perpetuallyfive and I. Their names are Clara (left) and Sam (right) and we love them. ;) We were so happy with konako’s work that we just had to share the result. 

Konako’s commission information is HERE and you should totally check it out for all your art needs. :D

Art Theft

@toodrunktofindaurl​ @napfreak @konako

I’ve recently been informed that there is a user by the name of queen.j_episode on Instagram and queen.j on the Episode app (a choose-your-own-adventure app) who has been posting Swan Queen fanart from Maryne, napfreak, konako, and me and claiming them as her own work. 

Unfortunately, when my gf messaged her about this, she claimed that she was going to give credit to the original artists all along. She hasn’t given credit so far. When asked why she claimed to have drawn them, she didn’t answer. 

I figure I’d try to get the word out there, since we work hard on our drawings and it’s just uncool for someone to steal them. 

Cut for screenshots of her posts. 

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