kona art

HEHE! Something I drew celebrating on getting to become the friends of all these wonderful people.

@dj-kona : My first online friend ever, whom I met on saiko and still a big compadre until now!

@lbskung : My compadre who was once a fan but now an amigo of mine!

@anjellybeanie : A fan that actually got to meet me and was a “BLAST” (hehe) to meet them as well, in which case I treat them as my important nakama!

@bluendarine14 : A reactor that was very friendly and hilarious to talk to, someone who came from just being a reactor to becoming my homie!

@toreshi : A fellow animator that I almost met! another important homeboy/girl that became and awesome friend that I can chat around and mess around with!

I’d love to do a collab with ya’ll!!!

If only I could make more space for:
@makaryo112 : the little bro of one of my first youtube compadres
_ELLA_ : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs96XsXposcTAVwOD-jnotg/about?ab_channel=_ELLA_ : My first youtube compadre!
@poy-art : my first tumblr amigo that helped me get the jist of how things work!

AND SO MANY MORE! I just can’t list them all down here XD

back when euchroite was still around, zebra stone and kona dolomite attempted fusion (right after kona arrived in digilitis), thus forming petrified wood

they split up like some seconds after they fused, and realized that they liked their own forms and abilities and personalities so much they wouldn’t want to “loose” that by permafusing

plus having six legs is hard lul

feel free to ask questions about her

I’m not sure if Kona is the man, the place, or just the book name, but there are some cool giant bugs in this book.  Any fans who can shed a little light on if these ones are worth seeking out?