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サスサク -- Naruto Gaiden CH5
I love the way that the two of them are standing next to each other.
I love the way how they look at each other as they are asking or 
answering each other. I love the way how Sasuke changed the way he 
answers Sakura, from a cold a distant way like he normally does before,
into something more gentle and respectful -- as how a husband
would do to his wife. How Sasuke shows how much he values Sakura's 
thoughts and how he wanted her to hear out his thoughts too.
I love the way how these two simply gives off the 
aura of being a couple just by being like that in those panels. I love the 
fact that they are married and is already a family by that time. 

I love seeing them in that particular era of their story, 
And I do hope to see more of it.