kon my baby

Tim when he hasn't had coffee in the last 2 hrs
  • Tim: Why is there so much blood in my caffeine system?
  • Kon: Don't you mean why is their so much Caffeine in your Blood system?
  • Tim: God, it's called the cardiovascular system, not the blood system. Every one knows that Conner.
  • Kon: So don't you mean-
  • Tim: No. Now go buy me a latte.

From the personal scrapbooks of Clark J. Kent: Candid photographs of President Lex Luthor.

Scrapbooking is a habit Clark picks up from Martha and keeps as private as possible, both for the obvious masculinity-challenging reasons, and because he’s not sure Lex would like it. It’s not completely voluntary. He just ends up collecting pictures of her and Conner, of the three of them, because suddenly he’s more visible than he’s ever been, and it actually feels like him this time. The moments are ones he actually wants to document, instead of hide. And so he keeps his favorites, catalogues them with love and care, and writes little notes on the backs of them. 

“Had to leave before the show let out – miss this dress ;)” 

“She still calls him an ‘experiment’. (Yeah, right!)”

“Trying not to laugh right after she told me the one abt Bruce and the fake bomb threat”

“Heading to the airport after the medical conference in Geneva. Bad day”

“Remember to send Jimmy an extra pie this Xmas. Might frame this”

you know how deaged prompts are always temporary?? well what if they were permanent??

imagine Bruce. Bruce could be raised properly, they could move him past his grief and to grow and mature. This would also be an opportunity to officially pass on the mantel, no take-backs. The legacy of Batman could finally move on. In fact, they could even take it as an out to focus on Bruce and lay his old crusade to rest (but I mean like that would happen). Or, you know, they could train Bruce to be Robin