kon is hilarious

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When they are both adults sometimes Kon gets stuck doing interviews. And the interviewers ask him what he considers the greatest threat to humanity and the universe in general. As a joke he always answers with whichever codename Tim is going by at the time. The result is that every few months to every couple of years Tim has to change his codename and uniform because, now that he is a seemingly responsible adult, people are actually taking what Kon says seriously. Kon thinks it is hilarious.

I bet Tim thought it was real funny the first time but then it started causing real shit to happen and Tim is like, “Babe. it’s super cute that you think that I could literally rule all of you but I got a job to do and that includes mutUAL TRUST FROM THE CIVILIANS!”


Shit Tite Kubo might say (if he read Bleach Lists)

As requested by tolpen49. :)

Let’s say that Tite Kubo discovered my blog and decided to read it for some reason. What sorts of things might he say during that unfortunate journey of discovery?

1. “My characters do not say ‘dude.’”

2. “Ulquiorra is NOT alive!”

3. “Ulquiorra was NEVER sassy!”

4. "And people say *I’m* bad with continuity.“

5. "Well I wondered what happened to the filler writers after Bleach ended. Maybe now I know.”

6. “…..I might steal that for an omake. Only I’ll make it funny.”

7. "Um I’m pretty sure that Kon is HILARIOUS.“

8. "I’m putting Kon in all the chapters now.”


10. "Huh. So she actually believed Byakuya was dead for a while? Score one for me.“

11. "Yamamoto’s eyebrows are not creepy. They are cool and manly.”

12. “Gin. Gin is the creepy one.”

13. “Why can people never see that Gin is the creepy one?”

14. “…who the fuck is Steve?”

15. “I do NOT have a fetish for cutting off arms.”

16. “I haven’t even cut off that many arms.”

17. “………I guess maybe I cut off a lot of arms.”

18. “But dammit, it’s a good visual effect.”

19. “Oh yeah…….Kira. I knew I was forgetting about someone!”

20. “Urahara’s hat isn’t a character.”

21. “Hats don’t talk!”

22. “Seriously what is that woman’s hat obsession?”

23. “I-I would never date my own characters!”

24. “Also I’m married!!!”

25. “……my readers are weird."