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I love your head cannons! Especially your Hiromi ones. I wanted to ask if you could do one on what kind of romantic relationships she'd have with the bladebreakers (I know it's uncommon but her and rei or max always interested me!!) :p :)

Thank you. It’s always nice to know that someone appreciates my headcanons about these people *-* and sure. I’d be happy to answer that. Although personally I only ship her with Takao, I think exploring what her relationship with the others would be like is interesting!

So here goes:

Hiromi & Takao: I don’t think this needs much saying. It’s all Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley all over again, but with better chemistry. I think Takao, being the inexperienced relationship noob that he is, harbours a lingering crush on Hiromi for the longest time, but he wouldn’t be able to own up his crush to Hiromi that easily. Hiromi is also shy about such matters compared to the others, so I think the only time they confess their feelings for each other is when they’re probably facing some bit-beast related adversity. Or maybe if, after they grow up a bit Takao drunkenly lets slip! Their relationship would probably be a very shy giggle-and-experiment kind of relationship. They’re really gooey romantic over each other (the teddy bears for valentine’s day type) and fight a lot over silly things. Sometimes Hiromi’s maternal instinct takes over.

Hiromi & Kai: I don’t ship them at all, but let’s see how this’d work out. I think Kai and Hiromi would have the kind of relationship where there is a bit of silent mutual respect. Hiromi is the romantic one, but Kai is not - so sometimes that makes Hiromi feel a little unloved perhaps. But at the very moment that she would feel that way, Kai would surprise her with something nice - like a dinner date on a boat or something. Kai is very protective of her and I suppose he’d heed Hiromi’s advice a lot. They’d make an unconventional couple. 

Hiromi & Rei: Rei is the perfect gentleman. I imagine he cooks her amazing meals and his birthday presents are well thought out. They’d be the couple who’d cook together on a Sunday and occasionally spice up more than just their food in the kitchen ;) (please note that I am imagining them as adults here, not kids, ew). They’re the kind of couple who do a lot of things together like taking a dance class or playing a sport together. They also love travelling together to beautiful places and Rei loves to photograph her. Rei also often surprises Hiromi with his monkey like antics and crazy balance and agility but also probably gets told off by Hiromi for being careless. Hiromi is an ambitious girl and I think Rei loves that about her and is very supportive when the time comes for her to do what she loves.

Hiromi & Max: Max is a veritable bubble of energy. There is no doubt about that at all. Which is why I think these two have a lot of fun. Max is far more uninhibited about stuff than any of his own teammates. So you can imagine that he often gets Hiromi to do things that she’d never do on her own in a million years. Don’t think dirty, please. xD I mean, Hiromi is shy and has led a life that was a great deal sheltered before she met the Bladebreakers. So, imagine Max convincing her to finally go skinny dipping with him on an empty beach or going sky-diving with him. She’s obviously terrified of doing both, but when after much coaxing she finally does, she feels so alive and she loves Max for making her feel that way. Max and Hiromi would both be very caring of each other - whether that’s when one of them is sick or when one is depressed. I think Max sings her songs and she just cheers him up with mayo and noodles. Also, they both go camping a lot.

Thank you for the ask anon! <3

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I'm the one who sent you the ask about hiromi! Let me say I love love love your hiromi head cannons especially your Kai and hiromi ones! For crack pairings I love your tala one! And the future/general ones are just amazing! I can't wait to hear more about your cannons and see more of your drawings! So my crack pairings are hiromi with max or rei! What are your thoughts?? :D

Ahh!!!……first let me hug you! 

I am so very happy that you liked the answer! it made my heart wept with happiness and awe :’D
And i am so touched that you want to see more drawings and hear more! can i ask for anything better?! :D…..you are awesome anon ^w^ The support is really appreciated! :’D

About the ask…..
My my anon……..about Hiromi and Max, I just went awww :’D

And about Hiromi and Ray….my mind went along the lines from romance to this  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…….

 Well since you asked about my opinions, let’s discuss them separately ^w^

 Hiromi and Max would act more like friends than a couple. But it doesn’t mean that wouldn’t do any romance. There would be lot of moments of it actually. Like Max dropping Hiromi on her workplace. Having their lunches together. Going to beach. Oh yesh, they will go to beach almost every weekend. Hiromi would apply sunblock on Max’s back, all the while the one receiving it will relish in the massage being given to him. Then later swim in the sea with porpoises coming to them. And they would end their trip by walking barefoot across the smooth sand, hand in hand while watching the sunset, the sky splashed in hues of pinks and oranges.
Even though both of them prefer eating from fast food outlets, once a month, they would go to this fancy restaurant where’s there a system of buffet-style. Max would wear a white tux while Hiromi would don cocktail dresses of sober colors. They would taste almost everything but will be interested more in desserts ;) because Max is our sugar boy. After that, to satiate their thirsts, they would have a bottle of chardonnay too. Of course it would make both of them tipsy, for none of them have high tolerance of alcohol. So while reaching home, they would tumble drunkenly across the alleys, laughing hysterically at everything. And if some band is close by, playing music in a pub, they would dance on the cobblestone streets like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling from the movie La La Land.
And when Hiromi would get angry, everyone would tend to stay 10 mile radius away from her because My God she is scary xD except for Maxie. Instead he will hug Hiromi from behind, petting her head and rubbing his cheek on her hair, muttering soothing words in her ear ‘Hush hush my waifu……everything’s going to be alright’. No one could resist that! Tachibana would melt in his arms after being cuddled ^^

Hiromi and Ray would be an interesting couple ;), with the latter one acting more mature and seeing the former one as an endearing being. With that being said, it’s safe to conclude that Ray would spoil Hiromi a lot by cooking her delicious meals, bringing breakfast to her bed, preparing a bath for her and massaging her stiff muscles after training. And if they happen to go to hike where Hiromi would let out a exhausted sigh after walking for so long, saying that she can’t walk anymore, the Chinese would carry her on his back, bearing her weight all too easily.  
Hiromi would play a lot with Ray’s hair. She would run her fingers through his soft black luscious locks, which would be spread across the pillows, sniffing in their scent and admiring their texture. Ray would be awake but he would pretend to sleep because he likes his hair being stroked. Besides he finds this habit of hers adorable.
Hiromi would join Ray in his mediation sessions, seeing that something needs to be done about her temper. Also this will serve such a nice quality time with her boyfriend. Of course it would be an epic failure. The brunette wouldn’t sit still. She can’t because it’s not in her nature to stay still. She would constantly fidget her shoulders or wriggle her eyebrows, all the while struggling to relax herself. In the end, Ray would politely end their sessions.
But their sparring sessions would be successful. Ray would teach Hiromi the martial arts in order to defend herself in times of trouble when’s he not around. At first Ray would be able to pin Hiromi down flawlessly. However with the passage of time, Hiromi would knock him down before he can say anything. Our girl is a fast learner :’D (tears of joy)
If Hiromi would get angry, Ray would mostly ignore her. This wouldn’t go unnoticed. Hiromi would be verbally assaulting him until neko-jin would remind her that she needs to stop now;

“How can you do this Ray?! Don’t you dare ignore….”
“Ssh Romi! We are in temple”

Embarrassed, Tachibana would shut her mouth, furiously muttering that she will complain to Gods about his unruly behavior.

Once finished with praying, the coach would seek to resume their argument, but Kon had thought through this. Before Hiromi could say anything, Ray would give her a kiss filled with so much love and passion it would make on-lookers envious of them. When they would break apart, passers-by would say that such a lovely couple they are. Ray would flash his charming smile on them, while Hiromi would stand there dumbly, with her cheeks blushing and wondering what on earth happened.

And if you think that Ray would teach Hiromi some cooking, you got another thing coming.

 Ray can’t teach Hiromi cooking. He simply can’t. To others, yes. To Hiromi, there’s an absolute no.

 You want to know why? Because Ray gets turned on when he’s see his beloved in an apron xD

It’s his weird fetish. Hiromi in her tank shirt and shorts, an apron tied across the torso, walking on wooden floors in her sock-clad feet….it’s a very rare sight for Chinese boy. And can you blame that guy? ;D

Not that they tried. They really did but in the end, they were making out on the counter. What stopped them was the burning smell and they realized that the stove was on. Not wanting to get the kitchen on fire, the couple reached an unspoken agreement and it was; they wouldn’t cook together xD

 Well there you go anon! :’D

Sorry again for making this long and answering this so late T_T…..time is not my best friend right now (cries a waterfall T_T)

I hope you like it ^w^

Thank you so much for sending this ask. I really had fun writing this down! :D

Beyblade headcannons relationships Rei

Rei and Mao: these two are adventurous. They are up to do anything, where it’s cliff jumping, or doing a Harry Potter marathon. They push each other to their limits and they love each other more for it

Rei and Max: these two are adorable together. So much so that when they’re together ppl tease the hell out of them. They can’t keep their hands off one another

Rei and kai: Rei makes kai more cheeky while kai makes Rei serious. They have a cat and bird relationship but wouldn’t change it.

Rei and Hiromi: these two have a calming attitude on the other. If one has self doubt, the other will bring them up with kind words and gestures

Rei and Salima: Rei makes Salima a better person. He takes the doubts she’s had and is the shoulder she needs to stand on

Rei and Tyson: these two together are the worst. They love to play pranks on one another, and are rarely serious. It drives everyone around them crazy

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I love the head cannon you just did! I never saw Hiromi with max or rei but now I do!! If possible I'd love to see you do a similar one with how each one of them would say I love you to Hiromi ! :) (instead of Kai maybe you could pick another blade you see could work well with Hiromi!) thanks xxxx

Thank you. I appreciate your appreciation @jacquois13 !!! <3

And sure. Let’s go:

Hiromi & Takao: Totally spontaneous. I figure that Takao just sort of blurts it out in the most unplanned manner ever. Like maybe he’s drunk and just spills the beans. Or they’re stuck in a collapsing building (like Max and Mariam) / they are in some apocalyptic scenario where it feels like the world will end because of evil bit-beasts, that’s when Takao says it. I think it renders Hiromi really speechless for some time, though it doesn’t come as a surprise to her. 

Hiromi & Rei: He plans it out like the gentleman, that he is. I’d go with the traditional candle-lit dinner (cooked by him) and flowers…it’d almost be like a proposal, but not quite! Rei would leave no stone unturned in ensuring that it was perfect in every way.

Hiromi & Max: Max will do it the only way that Max can. He invites her camping with him alone. And when they’re lying next to each other in the secluded area under the stars talking about everything, he just confesses. Max’d want his confession to have the right atmosphere. He wouldn’t put a lot of effort into it unlike Rei…he’d just let the stars do it for him.

Ahhh, I don’t know if I can see Hiromi with anyone else, for now, so I hope this’ll do? Thank you again. I really enjoyed this <3

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I'd love to read more head cannon on max and hiromi & rei and hiromis romantic relationships if you can think of anything more to add!

Oh sure, absolutely anon! 

Disclaimer: These characters in my headcanons are imagined as adults, not kids.

Max and Hiromi:

1. Max and Hiromi are the kind of couple who’d stick little Post It notes with small messages for each other everyday. Like let’s say Hiromi is studying and Max decides to leave her be, he’d leave a sticky note on her books saying “ace it, angel.” Or if Max decides to do the cooking on any day, she’d leave a sticky note on the refrigerator door with something sweet and romantic.

2. Max and Hiromi totally would be the kind of couple who’d leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they learnt more about each other’s cultures. Yes, Max is part Japanese and does have a connection to his roots, but having grown up mostly in NYC, he has not been raised in an environment where he knows a lot of Japanese things. So he puts in twice the effort. Like maybe Hiromi would come home one day and find Max trying his hand at Ikebana for Hiromi. Maybe Hiromi herself would not know much about Ikebana, but she’d appreciate the hell out of him making those beautiful floral arrangements for her. Conversely, Hiromi would also listen to Max’s playlist of English music and surprise Max by humming them around him and singing with him.

3. Adventure sports! Max totally gets Hiromi into trying out all kinds of adventure sports and Hiromi loves it that Max makes her overcome all her fears and feel so alive! And Max himself loves how sporting she is about it.

4. They TOTALLY take at least one class together at the university. Yes, he’d probably be more into technical fields or physics and she’s more likely to major is psychology or something, but they’d take a common class and study together and compete together. Whoever scores less gets to do what the other wants. The competition is always neck to neck with both of them scoring lower alternatively and it’s hot!

Rei and Hiromi

1. Rei and Hiromi are a very reserved kind of couple. They’re not much into public displays of affection as such, but definitely can’t keep their eyes off each other in public.

2. As I said before in an earlier headcanon, Rei is one for grand gestures and Hiromi has a strong maternal instinct. So these two pamper the crap out of each other. So maybe, Hiromi would surprise him with romantic candlelit dinners while he’d send a bunch of flowers to her house, maybe everyday, while he is wooing her.

3. They love to do most things together - like taking a dance class together or a cooking class together or yoga.

4. Rei gives the best massages and Hiromi happily lets him.

5. They support each other no matter what happens. Both Rei and Hiromi are very mature about their relationship and make it a point to never avoid each other after a fight.

6. Oh, these guys totally have a jar! A jar where every time one of them shouts at the other, they write down a sweet lovey dovey apology for the other after they cool down. At the end of the year, they open that jar and read their messages together and it only reinforces their bond!

I hope this is okay, anon! <3