kon elle


lookin rad, feelin radder B)

my kon kal-el wig came in today, which means i can finally put the finishing touches on this cosplay and get to fighting crime!! my ttk has been coming in pretty nicely as well, so i’d give it a week or so before i’m finished and ready to hit the metropolis skies. 

in the meantime, you should totally hit up crowmunist, who picked and styled this wig, for cosplay commissions!! not only are they RIDICULOUSLY skilled at all things cosplay, but they’re one of the nicest and most reliable commissioners i’ve ever worked with. 10/10, five stars, two thumbs up and a billion smooches!!!!

Just sort of threw up my hair for this photo haha. Slowly but surely my fem!Superboy costume is coming together! :) Accidentally mailed the gloves to my old apartment though…OTL. Gotta stop by tomorrow and see if the new residents are willing to give me a call when they come in. 

Still need to get sunglasses and blue contact lenses then I should be set! Dunno yet if I’ll wear this for Halloween, but at least I’ll have the costume if I do. Eventually I want to be able to sew Kon’s actual top with the black neckline when I have the chance. The graduated working life is so tiring :(