Komoro,NAGANO da Minoru Hanada
Tramite Flickr:
Nikon 35Ti Kodak supergold400


I got it in my head that I wanted to take the entire length of the Koumi line, so I set out early from Matsumoto, then caught the two-car train from Kobuchizawa. I expected an hour layover in Komoro before heading back, so last night I skimmed online for something interesting in that town. And boy, did I find it! Beside the train station is the park where a homeless Zen monk named Yokoyama Sodo practiced zazen and played a “flute” made from a folded leaf. The park was aglow with the ruby and gold of autumn, so not a bad place to pass an hour. All the better that beside the spot where Yokoyama-san meditated was a small building with photos and a thick book of his songs.

自家焙煎珈琲こもろ店内からアクセス可能なポケストップ「レリーフ」に「ルアーモジュール」をさしてくれた人は、ドリンク注文時にルアーモジュールを刺した画面を提示すると、モンスターボール風「アメ」(三次元のホンモノ)をプレゼントとのこと。ネタにどうぞw #pokemongo #ポケモンgo #komoro 数に限りあり、明日から本格スタートでござる。 (自家焙煎珈琲こもろ)

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