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The Komondor (in Hungarian, the plural form of komondor is komondorok), also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, is a large, white-colored Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with a long, corded coat. Sometimes referred to as ‘mop dogs’, the Komondor is a long-established powerful dog breed that has a natural guardian instinct to guard livestock and other property. The Komondor was brought to Europe by the Cumans and the oldest known mention of it is in a Hungarian codex from 1544. The Komondor breed has been declared one of Hungary’s national treasures, to be preserved and protected from modification.

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Royal Tutor Encyclopedia

So if you watch Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine (also know as ‘The Royal Tutor’), maybe you’ll start to think which country is the main inspiration for the mangaka’s Granzreich. In some of the manga’s bonus features it is revealed that the Austro-Hungarian Empire, my country and Austria’s 19th century alliance gives the most of the details to the story. Today I will show you the parallel points of the reality and the fiction based on the first four episodes.

What we know that the kingdom of Granzreich is basically similar with Austria (in German ‘Österreich’ - ‘österr’ means Austrian) and their capital is Wiener (’Wien’ in German or ‘Vienna’ in English is the capital of Austria). Wiener’s popularity in the time of the show were 1,300,000 people, which is similar to Vienna’s popularity around the early 1900′s. (1,700,000 people if the Wikipedia says right things.)

And what things are the current parallels?

1. Royal Crest

The Granzreich family crest was based on the Habsbourg family crest - they are the royal family of Austria from the middle ages to the end of the World War II. Althought the crown on the top is a little bit different - that’s the crown from the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s Crest.

2. The Royal Palace

This was based on the Hofburg Palace, Vienna. This was the first royal palace in the town, but Franz Joseph I, the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire built a bigger palace at the end of the town (Schönbrunn Palace) and the first metro line, because he likes the calm life but hates carriages. Now this is a governmental building and also works as a museum.

3. The Royals

Franz Joseph I was the main inspiration of the royal prince’s appearances and clothing. The black dress is from his youth and the blue, royal dress is in the early 1900s - he sat on the throne almost 70 years, from 1848 to 1916.

4. The Vain Princess

This is also based on a true story. Marie Antoinette, child of the Austrian and Hungarian Empress Marie Theresa (1717-1780) was married to the royal family of France as the wife of King Louis the XVI. They lived in big luxury when their people were starving, so in 1789 the france revolution was started and then she killed with the guillotine.

5. The Royal Capital

The places in the anime were also exist - the Ring (’RingStraße’), the Royal Opera House and the Town Hall. Here are my pictures about these buildings.

+ The Royal Puppy

Do you wonder which species is the royal dog? It’s a ‘komondor’, a Hungarian shepherd dog. Their fur also mop-like than the puli’s (Mark Zuckerberg’s Beast is also a hungarian dog, a ‘puli’ or mop dog), but their height are bigger to guard the cows or horses.

I’m muzzle training my dog

I have a 130 lbs pound Komondor dog named Zeus. With his huge body, lankly legs, and pure white fur, Zeus is a showstopper. Everyone wants to meet this beautiful white beast! And for the most part, Zeus LOVES it. 

Zeus is a very trained, well-socialized dog. Zeus knows several commands, never pulls on the leash, loves kids, loves attention, ignores other dogs while on walks, and is always being praised by those who meet him. But no amount of training can prepare him for every situation or change his personality. Zeus is a nervous dog; he’s ALWAYS been that way. He’s gotten so, SO much better over the last 2 years. He used to bark and growl at strangers across the street on walks. Today in PetCo, an autistic girl came up to Zeus while I was paying. She grabbed him by the face, and kissed his nose; he stood and wagged his tail. 

Today, Zeus also snapped at a man’s face when he moved too fast. It was my fault, I let some girls pet him and take pictures with him (he seemed to soak up the attention at first). But rather suddenly we had 15 people swarming around us, asking (begging) to pet Zeus. It was understandably stressful for him, and he was on edge. A man in the crowd crouched next to Zeus to take a photo, and Zeus jumped away from him, but not before snapping his huge jaws closed just inches away from the man’s face. It was a warning, not an intent to harm. But it scared me. 

I can’t trust people will always ask to pet him, and it’s stressful for both of us to be stopped every 3 minutes by strangers with questions when we just want to go on a walk. If he bit someone, it would be over. My best friend would be put to sleep. My little sister, who uses him as a pillow when she watches TV, would lose him. My family could face a lawsuit that could take everything away from us.

I know he needs more confidence, more practice, more socialization. But how can I take him in public knowing someone might grab his face and kiss his nose while my back is turned? How is he supposed to learn how to be in public when the public and him are at odds? 

So i’m putting a muzzle on my dog for his own safety and comfort. Few people want to pet a muzzled dog, even one as beautiful and unique as Zeus. And if they do, they will sure as hell ask. And if they don’t, then they will live to remember next time. And Zeus will too. 

anonymous asked:

Personally I see that Armin grew up with his grandpa in most modern AUs and also that Grampy is a dog fan. so like when Annie in invited to the Arlert household she expects a few Chihuahuas, maybe a Beagle, so when she walks into the living room to see a tiny old man sat on a sofa with a huge Komondor dog with half it's body on his legs, she's just like. what the fuck.

YES PLEASE LMFAO listen Armin Arlert with a HUGE dog that tackles him lovingly when he walks in the door is my aesthetic. Annie just sort of. Watches him. Being eaten by this massive doggo. Wondering if she should step in and help. But there is no need, for Armin Arlert welcomes that deaths sweet embrace.

Got inspired by @isnezzed by the animal “crossingover” of little nightmares and I realized some characters where forgotton. Like the guest, the ferryman and the granny. And I added the bellhop because he still is a partnof LN.
On the bottom I also added the Artist and cecillia.

Guests: pigs
Bellhop: dog (hungarian komondor)
Ferryman: walrus
The artist: wolf
Cecillia: fox (of course)

m01r4s  asked:

Is there a way I could get my Puli or Komodor to grow box braids?

Unfortunately, they cannot grow braided hair. Although, that would be handy! Pulik and Komondors start out with curly hair that can be maintained that way by clipping. But, as it starts to grow longer, it essentially just gets matted. Instead of brushing out the mats, you cord them together by hand.

Above is what a Komondor looks like if you decide to not cord them but, instead, brush them out.

There is also a difference between hand cording them and taking your time…

Versus not taking your time, and more so letting them dreadlock, (below  Bergamasco Shepherd)

You’d really have to be into dog hair, and super dedicated. Matting can cause serious issues with dogs, and create a great home for bugs! That’s why Puli and Komondor owners cord their fur by hand. You don’t want it to just plaster up against their skin. As far as braiding goes, you would probably have to cord the hair first, then braid. 

Again. You’d have to be really into dog hair.

In Case of Wolves on the Runway

This managed to sneak out of the drafts box into the queue without its snark attachment, but I have caught up with it now, the little minx.  It actually looks kind of cool, until you think about all the WEIGHT, and how hot it would be underneath.  And until you realize that it reminds you (at least me) that it looks like the komondor breed.

A komondor, nicely groomed and trimmed and mopping up a dog show ring.

A komondor, mopping a hurdle at an agility show so it’ll be all shiny and clean like the German shepherds like it.  I presume this breed also comes with echolocation or some other superpower that allows them to navigate entirely through smell, since the snout can at least sniff past the cords (as they’re called), which I doubt they can see through.  Unless they have x-ray vision.  Which would be pretty badass.

They are rather badass dogs, actually, and can get damned enormous as they were bred to protect sheep from wolves.  The idea being that even if a wolf decided to take on a dog this size…

…their teeth wouldn’t get past the cords, and the beasts would back off, presumably doing that thing with their tongues where you try work stuff out from between your teeth.  Seriously, though.  Imagine a mouth MATTED DOG HAIR.  I can only assume Balmain is concerned about his models on the catwalk, and has provided them with clothing that will stymie the teeth of their enemies.  He has thoughtfully used something other than matted dog hair.