komondor dog


Oh yeah, I have made this illustration a few weeks ago, a pattern of 30 dogs’ faces.
Dogs are the best animals in the world. Love them because they do love you.

r-2-c-c  asked:

Is there a way I could get my Puli or Komodor to grow box braids?

Unfortunately, they cannot grow braided hair. Although, that would be handy! Pulik and Komondors start out with curly hair that can be maintained that way by clipping. But, as it starts to grow longer, it essentially just gets matted. Instead of brushing out the mats, you cord them together by hand.

Above is what a Komondor looks like if you decide to not cord them but, instead, brush them out.

There is also a difference between hand cording them and taking your time…

Versus not taking your time, and more so letting them dreadlock, (below  Bergamasco Shepherd)

You’d really have to be into dog hair, and super dedicated. Matting can cause serious issues with dogs, and create a great home for bugs! That’s why Puli and Komondor owners cord their fur by hand. You don’t want it to just plaster up against their skin. As far as braiding goes, you would probably have to cord the hair first, then braid. 

Again. You’d have to be really into dog hair.

In Case of Wolves on the Runway

This managed to sneak out of the drafts box into the queue without its snark attachment, but I have caught up with it now, the little minx.  It actually looks kind of cool, until you think about all the WEIGHT, and how hot it would be underneath.  And until you realize that it reminds you (at least me) that it looks like the komondor breed.

A komondor, nicely groomed and trimmed and mopping up a dog show ring.

A komondor, mopping a hurdle at an agility show so it’ll be all shiny and clean like the German shepherds like it.  I presume this breed also comes with echolocation or some other superpower that allows them to navigate entirely through smell, since the snout can at least sniff past the cords (as they’re called), which I doubt they can see through.  Unless they have x-ray vision.  Which would be pretty badass.

They are rather badass dogs, actually, and can get damned enormous as they were bred to protect sheep from wolves.  The idea being that even if a wolf decided to take on a dog this size…

…their teeth wouldn’t get past the cords, and the beasts would back off, presumably doing that thing with their tongues where you try work stuff out from between your teeth.  Seriously, though.  Imagine a mouth MATTED DOG HAIR.  I can only assume Balmain is concerned about his models on the catwalk, and has provided them with clothing that will stymie the teeth of their enemies.  He has thoughtfully used something other than matted dog hair.


Dogs 101 - Lesson 9: Komondor