River had his first encounter with racism today (A classmate made some racist insults toward him). He’s in fourth grade. I was hoping he wouldn’t have to deal with this until high school at least.

Classmate #1: “Your face is deformed; you look like you came from Asia.”

Classmate #2: “Ooh! You got burned! You got burned!”

Classmate #2: “Your butt smells like seaweed.”

For @sxlver-crane

You said you favorite season was Yes Precure 5, so I drew the girl all together with dresses I made for them. In the future I’ll probably post concept art of their dresses for anyone who wants to see a good image of each of them.

It’s 4 a.m. and I’m agonizing about buying Mandarin Chinese curriculum for my kids. (Don’t I already teach them enough stuff?? @___@)

Problem is, once-a-week language lessons is useless. Did that for nine months with River when he was four, and I’m pretty sure he retained 0% of it, even mere days later.

So. I’ll have to teach them at least twice a week. It would help if I can teach them both _at the same time_. But if I were a teacher/tutor, I would not want to teach a 4.5 y.o. and a 9 y.o. together. Haha. Ha.

There’s SageBooks, but it’s for teaching Mandarin-speaking kids how to read (Sort of similar to BOB books). The first phrase it teaches is “tall mountain,” which…does not come up in conversations a lot. Also, their base of operations is HongKong >> $$$ Shipping

BetterChinese My First Chinese Words looks like a good choice, but dear lord their website looks so unprofessional. There are “40 Reviews” but they’re not visible (???). Also, $15 shipping? You should give me a discount when I purchase more items instead of punishing me with extra shipping. Ughhh