World’s End Umbrella

Original : Hatsune Miku

Sung by : Soraru & Komeru

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Eve 歌ってみた

Eve - ジミーサムP feat. こめる

Not sure how many people still remember the utattemita duo Lemoc Raros; Lemoc being Komeru (or Comel, Lemoc being her name spelt backwards).

Raros, of course, was no other than Soraru, who’s since become one of the more popular utaite on Nico and nowadays duets mainly with Lon under the SoraLon tags.

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【Perfume】「Baby cruising Love」歌ってみた【hana&こめる&*あいり】

(Baby cruising Love by hana, Komeru, and *Airi)

This is a cover of the original by Perfume


【Perfume】「Baby cruising Love」歌ってみた【hana&こめる&*あいり】 (by murakami05)

Watch on ofurotaimu.tumblr.com

カミノコトバ  歌ってみた

(Kami no Kotoba by Komeru)

This is a cover of the Hatsune Miku original by Yuyoyuppe

Watch on ume-me-me.tumblr.com

Komeru’s voice is beautiful in this. WAI SO LITTLE LOVE. ;A;