Vocabulary: Week 33


おとぎ話 (おとぎばなし、otogibanashi) - fairy tale

論文 (ろんぶん、ronbun) - thesis (paper)


様々 (さまざま、samazama) - varied, variety

意外な (いがいな、igai-na) - surprising, unexpected

  • As an adverb, this adjective takes particle と
  • Kanji: 意外とマジな企画です。
    Kana: いがいとマジなきかくです。
    Romaji: Igai to maji-na kikaku desu.
    English: It’s an unexpectedly serious plan.


想いを込める (おもいをこめる、omoi wo komeru) - put thought into

書き直す (かきなおす、kakinaosu) - to rewrite

入社する (にゅうしゃする、nyuusha suru) - to enter a company (as in getting a job at a company)


先に説明したように (さきにせつめいしたように、saki ni setsumei shita you ni) - as explained before

気が遠くなる (きがとおくなる、ki ga tooku naru) - overwhelming, daunting

  • Kanji: 気が遠くなる仕事
    Kana: きがとおくなるしごと
    Romaji: Ki ga tooku naru shigoto
    English: Overwhelming work

今の状態では (いまのじょうたいでは、ima no joutai de wa) - as it stands now, in this current situation

  • Kanji: 今の状態では入社できないかも。
    Kana: いまのじょうたいではにゅうしゃできないかも。
    Romaji: Ima no joutai de wa nyuusha dekinai kamo.
    English: As things stand now, he may not be able to get into the company. (“Graduation Trip”JapanesePod101.com)

so Eri’s padawan is this shitty little baby named Floren who’s actually an ex-sith but honestly you’d never tell
he’s Blake’s brother and the one who ran away from the empire and started their whole debacle

and it was a joke with @deathstickz that Eri and Quijo were swapping padawans, and Floren Absolutely loves animals and thinks Quijo is such a badass for being on good terms with them 


World’s End Umbrella

Original : Hatsune Miku

Sung by : Soraru & Komeru

Watch on ume-me-me.tumblr.com

Komeru’s voice is beautiful in this. WAI SO LITTLE LOVE. ;A;