Kombucha, I have just added turmeric and ginger for its second fermentation. Tastes like cider without being alcoholic :)

You can just see the beautiful sand blasted design on the front of the bottles. My friend made them <3


When you buy something fancy just to show so ppl will ask what it is #Kombucha

Oh yeah, kombucha yeah!

If you haven’t tried kombucha, you really need to! It’s pretty much fermented tea and it has a variety of health benefits. Also, it tastes really good!
It’s a good replacement for a cold beer on a sunny afternoon ;)

In the photo I’m enjoying an ice cold ginger kombucha in downtown Toronto! My favourite is the blueberry one though..

I know I’ve told you about it before, but for all my new followers, give it a shot. It’s nothing new, people have been drinking it for thousands of years.

Let me know what you guys think :)

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