• Peggy, Howard and Woody go to the ends of the earth to find… half of the puzzle?!

• Who’s running the last gulag in town? Hydra! That’s who!

• And who’s the woman hiding among them? Who is the man named Vanko? And why can’t Woody trust a talking bear? When interests collide, worlds crack open as Immonen and Ellis continue their rampage across Siberia!

On sale March 4!


Animated card of the day – 04/28/2015

Phylactery Lich (M11)
Masters of the Universe (1987)

Tomorrow’s animated card features a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Can you guess which card will it be?

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This week’s featured Alara colors: Bant!

Artworks in order (links to cards on gatherer):

1. Rafiq of the Many by Michael Komarck

2. Clarion Ultimatum by Michael Komarck

3. Empyrial Archangel by Greg Staples

4. Jenara, Asura of War by Chris Rahn

Preview: Fantastic Four #645 - All-Comic.com

Fantastic Four #645 Story: James Robinson Art: Leonard Kirk, Covers: Leonard Kirk, Michael Golden & Michael Komarck Publisher: Marvel Publication Date: April 28th, 2015 Price: $3.99   THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL FANTASTIC FOUR STORY CONCLUDES IN AN EXTRA-SIZED SPECIAL! Will the Fantastic…

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The Art of the Role Playing Game

The Art of the Role Playing Game

This week I am continuing on with my series about the places that fantasy art can be found. The internet is obviously one of those places and I will eventually get to writing about places where fantasy art can be found on the internet, but this week I want to talk about that great fantasy fan passtime, RPG’s, or Role Playing Games.

When Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson created the fantasy role…

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Preview: Operation: S.I.N. #5 - All-Comic.com

Operation: S.I.N. #5 Story: Kathryn Immonen Art: Rich Ellis Cover: Michael Komarck Publisher: Marvel Publication Date: May 6th 2015 Price: $3.99   The truth behind S.I.N. is exposed! Not everybody gets out of Russia in one piece! Peggy and the gang face impossible decisions with grisly…

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BA6 Lecture Composition

-Dynamic composition 

 drama and emotional content

aesthetically pleasing 

rules of composition to break up space

- Horizontal lines

suggests certain things

homeostasis (lack of change)

image (one point) is frozen in time 


things you could include : fallen trees, placid seas, lakes,ice, frozen, horizon lines, sleeping figures, collapsed columns.

- Chrus Ktori, Inverness 

- Vertical Lines

 permanence. implication of substance 

growth (buildings ect)



power/strength (banks, symbol of power,) temples/churches

height/scale/distance  (repeating form, brain will recognized shapes easily

- Dylan Cole, Urban Plateaus

- Diagonal Lines 


hair/pennons (wind,)cloth, limbs (MOVEMENT)


swords/guns/spears/laser fire

- Michael Komarck, Clarion Ultimatum 

- Jagged and Irregular lines 

unease (even fear) tension/ instability 

teeth/tusks/claws/spines (dangerous created for destruction) 

spikes/blades/lightning (powerful, damaging) 


- Asphyx 

- Curves



plants/plumage/rivers/waves ( can all be mixed together) 


- Alphonse Mucha : Morning star, evernings star, north star, moonlight (art nouveau) 

- Shapes 

square, triangle and circle 

anything can be made up on these three shapes all the lines/curves

same emotional content as lines

- Leading the eye 

your image your decisions 

use the lines and techniques to lead them to strategic points in the image

lines and curves 

strategic points

repeatedly redirect the viewers attention

- Dan Dos Santos, Urban Huntress

- Implied lines

suggestion of division 

difference in contrast or light or dark 


negative spaces OR BOTH (use a combination) 

- Dan Dos Santos, Poison Sleep 

Design Driven Tips 

- How can you design imagery

Thumbnails (they are IMPORTANT)

design well, execute well 

big decisions first : portrait/landscape/ratio/whats the intention, whats the image for!!??

widescreen for environments

intentions is important!!

primarily think in terms of bold value masses

try doing small thumbnails using only shapes to get the composition. Means that you wont be focusing upon the main subject detail.

Overall Design 

crop and isolate 

look at the image objectively 

don’t neglect the idea of inverse cropping 

- Ryan Church 

- Dan Dos Santos, Wild side 

- Asymmetry 

stop putting things in the middle 

push it at least 50% more that feels comfortable

zoom out OFTEN are you fixating upon something that dosent matter? 

flip horizontal 

vertical it makes a difference to your eye

if it still works in terms of composition then you have something strong!!


have a break look again with fresh eyes!

mind wandering/take a bath 

sunset bol brick test (interesting study!) 

take photographs, camera not phone

ability is useful because of composition 

no choice/only choice

photography stuck with whats there

libraries (reference) very useful also texture libraby ( you can build your own) 

futher Reading 

BBC horizon how to b e more creative

also on website “five ways to be more creative”

Miyamoto musash - The book of five rings

- George Leonard Mastery : They key to success and long term fulfillment. 

Marvel Digital Unlimited: Ghost Rider, Invaders & More

Marvel Digital Unlimited: Ghost Rider, Invaders & More

Marvel Comics have updated their Digital Unlimited catalog!

All-New Ghost Rider #8 Smith, Scott

All-New Invaders #11 Robinson, Komarck

All-New X-Factor #15 David, Anka

Amazing Spider-Man #8 Slott, Camuncoli

Amazing X-Men #12 Yost, Barberi

Avengers #37 Hickman, McKelvie


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