This rabbit hole goes deep. Tons of other artists ripped off in this Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheGeekFind/items LOTR by Jimmy Cauty. Name of the Wind (title?) by Marc Simonetti. Eddard Stark with Ice by Michael Komarck. The Gunslinger by Steve Stone. Dark Tower (title?) by David Finch. Please identify the artists and spread the word. 374 products in their shop. I’m exhausted.


Demons of Amonkhet, without Razaketh. You’ll notice the first three bear an uncanny resemblance in their facial features to a certain Dragon…

I’ve also added a few non-Amonkhet Demons, Ixalan Demon, which I don’t believe was ever published, but he looks awesome, and Rune-Scarred Demon from Magic 2012 and Iconic Masters. And Dread Cacodemon from Commander Anthology.

“There are no happy endings. There are no endings, happy or otherwise. We all have our own stories which are just part of the one Story that binds both this world and Faerie. Sometimes we step into each others stories–perhaps just for a few minutes, perhaps for years–and then we step out of them again. But all the while, the Story just goes on.”
   ― Charles de Lint